Almost Swift is My PolisyMature

“It’s only been a few hours and I’m already starving.”

Xander was talking to Naga trying to see if she had any ideas on what they should do next. Hey had been a full day but Xander being as empty minded sometimes as he is ate all the rations the day of departure.

In side Xander’s mind he could here Naga speaking. “What would you have me do about it? I only feed on your power I don’t eat normal food.”

“But I thought you could search the ship for the kitchen. The least you could do is that can’t you?”

Naga gets an annoyed look o her face and shouts, "YOU'RE JUST LUCKY I LIKE. . ."

Naga paused in mid-sentence. She looked over to see Xander looking at her with a cheesy grin. Crawled on hands and knees due to the small size of the room and continued his strange smile.

“You what Naga? Were you about to tell me you liked me?” he started to laugh to the pointed where he had to cover his mouth to muffle the sound so no one could hear him.

“That is not what I was going to say,” she told him with what looked like a blush on her face.

“Then what were you going to say,” he asked her while making silly love faces at her.

“YOUR JUST LUCKY I LIKE THE TASTE OF YOUR POWERS YOU MORRON.” She started looking down with a pouting face. “Plus your Morphoe blood gave you skin like steel making it pointless trying to get you with my barbs. I CAN STILL STRANGLE YOU AT LEAST.”

Naga lunges at Xander knocking him to the ground. They playfully fight one another till they are too tired to argue anymore.

Xander decides to look about the ship to see if he can find the kitchen. He opens a grate to look about the hallway before exiting to make sure that no one spots him and he ends up in jail. Looking through the hallways of the ship and is at the bottom level so it will take some time getting to the mid-levels where kitchen is most likely at. Walking down the second hallway towards the stairs he trips and falls face first into a guard.

“Hey, who are you and what are you doing on this ship? I demand you show me your papers”

Xander knowing that this ship is carrying teachers headed for Gothica he hopes to bluff his way out of this situation. Getting a big head being the master con man and thief he is he figures out a clever little lie. Going on the assumption that the guard thinks he is accident prone he pretends to be a clumsy teacher.

“I’m so very sorry sir I am going to Gothica as a teacher. I did not mean to bump into you. You see I was late catching the ship in time due to a nasty fall I took leaving my apartment. I must have dropped my papers when getting here.”

“What do you take me for, a fool?”

The guard crosses his arms and looks at Xander with one eye squinting and leaning forward to loom over Xander trying to intimidate him. Intimidation is not being Xander’s strong points. He tries to hold it together, all the while his nervous reactions making his rouse seem more believable to the guard.

“I-I t-tea-teach . . .,” he began to stutter with nervousness. Xander would claim he was faking it but not even a master thief like him could fight back his age old habit. He decides to take a deep breath and calm himself before restating his sentence.

“I teach the whip fighting style called Latigo y Daga. It’s a martial arts style made by the Philippians that utilizes flexible weapons such as my whip here.”

Xander shows his whip to the guard as evidence of his skill with a weapon and then pretends to trip over it as he shows the guard. In doing so convinces the guard that Xander must be telling the truth because no one that clumsy could be a bad guy.

“Ok well next time try not to lose your papers next time because the next guard may not be so lenient on you.”

“Y-yes sir.”

As the guard walks away Xander decides to go back into the air ducts so that he doesn’t have another encounter with a guard again. Crawling through the ducts he finally finds the kitchen and notice that everyone is gone not even the kitchen staff is there. He looks around and decides it’s safe to go down. He enters the kitchen to find a marvelous sight.

“FOOD! I cannot believe they just left with all this food lying around.”

Xander than hears the sound of cheering and clapping coming from the training hall. Xander scarfs down as much food as he can and then puts the rest in his supply bag. He walks down the corridor to the training hall and stops at the doorway. He sees a girl turn around to look at him. He stands there staring till Naga pulls him back.

“What was that for you jealous old snake?”

“I am not jealous nor am I old. I pulled you away so you would not be spotted by the guards because if you recall you barely got away from the last one.”

“Fine I’ll watch the fight from the air ducts.”

Xander crawls back into the air duct and heads up above the fighting arena to make in time to the two girls locked in combat all the while hoping the one using the electric powers will win.

The End

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