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A full day on the ship and Victoria was enjoying herself. They were only half way to Gothica and she had already met a fourth of the people on the ship besides Penel of course. Just about everyone was here for the self defense program. There was Jerry Rivingshaw who was a Human that was going to be teaching Jeet Kune Do which was a lost art much like the Roman style she herself taught. Jerry was a terrible liar and liked to hit on Penel, but he was pretty cool regardless. His brown hair and blue eyes were enough to catch her own eye, he wasn't super attractive, but he was ok to look at. His power was Superhuman so it did make it hard to spare against him in the training hall. Another trainer she had the pleasure of meeting was the Deathwillow Makiisha Gradclaw. She was teaching defense against Deathwillows. Her spines were a dark red mixed with brown, and her antlers were small and undeveloped. All the same she was fun to talk with and made a point to enjoy lunch with her and Penel. Lenard Toarfal was a Human that was going to teach Naginatajutsu. It used a long spear like weapon and martial arts. Victoria didn't really like the style but she had to admit that it produced results in combat. Lenard was bald and had teal blue eyes. His power of ice made him very deadly in battle and using that with the long Naginata he used, well it was extreme. The latest person she had met was a Sarchonian named Creed Bloodreef. His skin was a deep black and his eyes were blood red. He was going to Gothica on behalf of the Empire of Hecronia. He was going to be teaching the arts of Lotshinjutsu, Covina, and Volcanis. He knew all styles within his empire and was only permitted to teach those three. From what Victoria had seen Lotoshinjutsu was best used by a species with a tail, but could be used by anyone. It originated from Lotosha Developed by the Lotoshins. Victoria had major respect for the style. Covina was an underwater fighting style that got around being slowed down in the water. It could be used to break the skull of a shark with a single palm thrust. The Technique was developed by the Sarchonians of Lotosha about five thousand years ago, and is still being taught today. Vocanis was a style that you needed a lot of muscle to perform. unfortunately Victoria couldn't pull off any of the techniques. Yes the people she had met were interesting so far but she had yet to meet them all.

Victoria shifted her position. Sitting at the cafeteria table with her was Penel, Jerry, Makiisha, and Lenard. Penel was sitting across from her with Lenard to her right Makiisha was to her left, and Jerry was sitting on the left side of Penel.

Jerry took a long swig of his drink before speaking. " So have any of you guys met the guy teaching Hwa Rang Do. I heard that he comes from a long family of people that teach the art."

Penel giggled hearing this. " Well, I don't know about that but there is a girl on the ship who isn't teaching anything. Apparently she got special permission from my father to board going to Gothica. That's not all! I heard she knocked out one of the Guards when they asked for her boarding pass."

Victoria was intrigued by this, thinking that it would be cool to go one on one with her. " Do any of you know her name?"

Naturally no one at the table answered making it quite obvious that no one knew. Jerry spoke up breaking Victoria's train of thought. " Oh look there she is sitting in the far corner over there!"

Victoria looked over seeing the hooded figure of the girl that had been mentioned. She was sitting alone at the table closest to the entrance to the cafeteria. Makiisha grabbed Victoria's wrist obtaining her full attention.

" You aren't thinking of confronting her are you? She is bad news Vicky you should just leave her alone." Victoria thought it over weighing the pros and cons of fighting her.

"I don't know i think fighting her would be fun. Besides she could know any number of fighting styles, even if she's not here to be a teacher." Everyone looked at her in shock like she had just stabbed herself in the face, well everyone except Lenard that is. He was cool and collected as always. He spoke up in a rather happy tone.

"I Agree with Victoria here, I think fighting her would be rather fun. You don't mind if I go after you do you Vicky?"

Victoria rolled her eyes. " I didn't say I was going to challenge her I just said-"

"Said what?" Victoria turned to see the girl standing beside her. She hadn't even seen her walk up. She was fast and more than that, she was quiet. Victoria responded to her question with bewilderment. " Umm nothing we were just talking about how it would be interesting to fight you that's all."

Victoria couldn't see her face because her hood was so low over her face, but something told her that she was smiling. " Very well... I'll challenge both of you... at the same time...Two on one... after lunch." With that the girl walked back to her table to finish her lunch. Victoria turned to Lenard who had a big goofy smile on his face.

"Looks like we'll get to have some fun with a cocky little girl, eh Victoria?" Regardless of how it sounded Victoria didn't like the idea of fight two on one against her. It's not like she was afraid of hurting her. She was afraid of getting hurt by her, for some reason that girl let off a very intimidating aura.

After everyone had finished up with lunch Victoria headed back to her room with Penel to fetch her sword. They had agreed to meet in the training hall to fight after they had grabbed their weapons. The whole walk to the training hall was a bore. Penel didn't even gossip a little. The silent walk only made her more nervous about the fight.

Penel finally broke the silence. "Are you ok Vicky? You seem a little pale."

Victoria sighed. " Yes I'm ok Penel it's just I feel a bit nervous. Why would she challenge both me and Lenard out right to a two on one match if she didn't have the skill to back it up?"

Penel giggled. " Well at least she can't kill you. That should make you feel better."

Victoria slumped her head. "Yeah, lucky me."

Victoria entered the Training hall seeing Lenard was already standing in the middle polishing his Naginata with a rag. The stands around the Training hall were filled with teachers and crewmen even the captain was here. Apparently Jerry though everyone need to hear about the challenge.

" Good Luck Vicky!" Victoria turned back to see Penel waving an walking to the stands. Just what she needed a cheerleader.

Victoria watched Penel walk to her seat noticing out of the corner of her eye, a large man standing at the entrance they had come in. It looked like he was wearing a trench coat. She turned to get a better look at him to find he was gone. Victoria turned her attention back to the girl that had challenged her and Lenard she was standing in the center of the hall holding a sword wrapped up in animal furs. Victoria walked to stand beside Lenard he looked like he was already enjoying himself.

"Hello Victoria. Isn't this exciting? I can't wait to see what her fighting style is."

Victoria hit herself in the face with the palm of her hand. " Aren't you just a little worried she might crush you?"

Lenard had a serious look in his eyes now. " I'm never worried when it comes to a fight. I always look forward to fighting a new opponent." He finished polishing his Naginata stuffing the rag in his pocket. "I'm Ready!!!"

Victoria put her sword on her belt and attached the wire connected to its pommel to her bracer on her right wrist. She drew the gladius and took her roman stance. "Ready!!!"

The Ref walked to the center of the training hall and pointed to both sides. " Ok, I want a clean fight that means no killing. Anything else is acceptable, powers are allowed, If you are unable to fight you will be carried to the Medical Center via hover bed!!!" The ref pointed to Victoria's side. "READY!!!" Victoria and Lenard spoke in unison. "Yes!!!" The ref pointed back to The Mysterious girl. "READY!!!" She gave a thumbs up sign stating she was ready. "FIGHT!!!" The ref jumped out of the way landing in the stands were Penel was sitting.

No one made a move obviously waiting for the other to move first. The girl put her sword down which was still wrapped up in the furs.

" I guess I'll make the first move since you two are still in your defensive stances." Victoria felt like she had just been read like a book. How did she know that I was in a defensive stance. Roman fighting styles were a lost art. The only ones that knew the art were herself, Penel, and her teacher. Lenard let out a loud laugh that echoed through the now quiet training hall. Everyone seemed to be on the edge of their seats.

"So you are familiar with Naginatajutsu. I'm Impressed. Not many have the stomach for it." He lurched forward slashing his Naginata at her face. She ducked easily avoiding his attacks like he was moving in slow motion. Since his first attacked missed he was beside her now and tried to deliver a swift kick to her open side missing and taking the full brunt of her brutal counter attack. She sent him flying with a punch to his face. Lenard flew twenty feet landing in the bleachers opposite to Penel. He was out cold and she hadn't even broke a sweat taking him out. Not to mention through that whole incident she had managed not to reveal her face keeping her hood up. Victoria couldn't understands this girls fighting style. It was like a strange mix of all kinds of fighting styles. The girl turned to Victoria.

"Well he wasn't much of a challenge. I do hope you prove to be better." Victoria changed her stance to the roman attack stance shifting her feet and arms to the right positions.

"Oh? I see you are well trained in the Roman art of war. Very well I shall take the stance too."
 Victoria watched in shock as she matched her own stance perfectly. She formed a gladius out of ice in her right hand. Victoria studied the girl. Using the power of Ice with the Roman art of war is quite deadly, but her own power of lightning was deadly too. Victoria made the first move jumping in the air swinging her gladius in a wide arc. The girl jumped back avoiding the swing with ease and coming in with a return counterattack. Victoria tossed her blade away from her using the wire to wrap around the girls ice gladius. She delivered a punch to her ice sword shattering it in a million pieces. Victoria then brought her right leg up in a round house kick that the girl easily dodged, but the wind from her kick knocked her hood off. Victoria was shock to see what she looked like. She was beautiful, Her hair was blue with teal highlights, and her eyes were the most amazing thing of all. They were both a swiriling mixture of Blue, white, teal, grey, silver, and yellow. Victoria snapped out of her amazment remembering that they were in a fight. The girl double backflipped away getting some distance between them. Victoria brought her gladius back to her with her telekinesis grabbing it firmly in her right hand.

The girl flipped her hair back. " You are a much better fighter than your friend over there." She gestured to Lenard who was still out cold in the stands. The girl smiled. " I can see you are a better Roman fighter than I. Lets see how you fight against Zui Quan." 

The girl took a stance that Victoria didn't recognize swaying back and forth as though she were drunk. It bewildered Victoria she couldn't tell if she had any opening or not. The girl made  the first move closing the gap between them with lightning speed. She hit Victoria three time in the center chest and nailed two pressure points in her right leg making her collapse to one knee. Victoria didn't have time to counter attack. The girl was already in front of her landing a painful kick that sent her skidding across the floor of the training hall. Victoria's vision was spinning. She had messed up her equilibrium when she kicked her. This was bad, her roman fighting style required her total focus and balance. Victoria tried getting up very dazed with her vision still blurry. When she was on her feet her vision was still spinning. She cursed thinking to herself. I can't use Roman in this state I'll have to switch to a Greek fighting style to fight her." Victoria took her gladius in her left hand, still stumbling for balance, and held it out to the side.

" You really do have guts continuing to fight in your condition. Hell you really shouldn't be standing right now. How about this I'll fight you with something else other that Zui Quan. Let's try my own personel fighting style."

The girl took a stance that further confused Victoria. Between this girls weird fighting styles and her own inability to gain balance at the moment she feared loosing the fight. She gripped her blade firmly reassuring herself the she could fight. With her vision still spinning she closed the gap between them half running half stumbling. When she reached the girl she attempted a thrust which the girl dodged with ease, but Victoria anticipated this and forced herself to stumble backwards in a spinning strike. The girl quickly side stepped around her going to her open side. The world still spinning Victoria managed to stick her blade into the ground and step around the girl catching her with the cord of her blade catching her off guard. Victoria managed to deliver a half assed punch to the the girls chest. The girl responded by untangling herself from the cord and standing on her hands spinning around. She was spinning her feet so fast they were like fan. She delivered multiple kicks to Victoria's face and then came out of the hand stand spin to deliver a full on drop kick to Victoria's chest. Victoria landed on her back the wind knocked out of her. She couldn't see straight at all either the world was spinning even more now. The last thing she saw was the girl standing over her, but she couldn't make out what she was saying. Then she blacked out.

The End

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