A Drink And A BeatdownMature

Daedalyn swung his fist and slammed the Volcanian in its snake-like head. The Volcanian stumbled back clutching his face where he just got hit. It turned back around, blood running out of the corner of its mouth. It charged him and swung its bulky fist at him. With his right he caught the fist, and with his left and hook punched it in the face again. As it stumbled once again he took a step forward, slammed it in the stomach, and when it hunched, uppercutted its lowered head.
          The Volcanian fell to the ground unconscious and the crowd went wild cheering. The ref came up and raised his hand. A man came up and presented him the champions belt. They fit the belt around his waist, and the crowd went wild again. After the celebration was over Daedalyn traveled back to his home in Marcreace, the capitol of Sarathose. Daedalyn was one of the few Deathwillows on the planet Sarathose. He had come to be here because of his grandfather. In the Alumo War his grandfather Korasan's parents, his great grand parents were both killed, and Korasan orphaned and left for dead as a baby. However, on a campaign, Nicholas Lightningbane himself had found baby Korasan, and ordered him to be sent back to his, and the Galactic Alliance's home planet Shath. When Sarathose was moved and populated, Korasan was sent to there to live.
          When he arrived back home he locked up his prize money from the match in his secret safe behind a painting hanging on the wall. He entered his bathroom and cleaned himself up. When he was finished, he left his house and got into his sleek white hover car. He turned the power on and sped down the road. After a short drive he arrived at Margwen's, the local, and best in his opinion bar in the city. He entered and was greeted by Margwen.

"Ah, Daedalyn, good to see you, how have you been doing lately?"

"Good, good, and you?" he replied.

"Ive been getting along." she answered.

"Thats good." he said. She nodded and asked him;

"So whatcha want to drink?"

"Cocktail please." She got his drink, and he took a sip, careful not to reveal his face under his spikes. His race the Deathwillows were born with spikes that completely covered their face, and they revealed their face to no one. When he finished his drink he asked for a refill and started to drink that one when he heard a commotion in the bar. He turned and saw two Lotoshin yelling and arguing with each other. He got up and crossed the room and laid a hand on the shoulder of the one. The Lotoshin turned around and flung his hand off, and yelled;

"Hey! Whats your fucking problem!"

"Why dont you stop yelling and leave, your causing enough trouble here." he answered calmly.

"You cant tell me what to do, ya hear? Why doncha just fuck off and leave me alone?" the Lotoshin yelled. It turned back around to keep arguing, and Daedalyn put his hand back on its shoulder. It whirled back around screaming.

"HEY! WHAT DID I TELL YOU!!!" It swung its fist at him, and he sidestepped, tripping the Lotoshin as it stumbled by. It got to its feet nostrils flaring in fury. It charged him, and he crouched ready for it. Just before it made contact, he reached out and grabbed it flipping it over his back. It hit the floor hard, and he placed his foot on its chest, pinning it to the floor. He turned to the other Lotoshin who took one look at him and ran out of the bar. He bent down and picked up the other one, opened the door, and threw its body out of the bar. He watched it get up slowly and stumble off.
          He re-entered the bar and went back over to Margwen.

"Sorry for the trouble," he apologized.

"No, you dont need to apologize, thank you for helping me out with those ruffians," she replied sincerely.

"No problem." She nodded and returned to her work and everybody in the bar went back to what they were doing. He left the building and climbed into his hover car wearily. Boy what an eventful day this has been, he thought to himself as he turned on the ignition and drove off.

The End

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