Skull Cracker(s)Mature

Through the streets of Gothica there are many alley ways for people to get lost, mugged, beaten, or other assorted things. In this particular alley way there seems to be just that. A werewolf with mangy hair and bald spots has cornered an unsuspecting young woman.

“I finally caught you my star crossed lover I’m never letting you get away.”

The werewolf drew closer and closer on the girl. She had her face down and some strange rock in her hand. The werewolf thought the rock was to defend her with. As the werewolf drew up on her the young woman started to laugh.

“What is so funny? Do you not realize your situation here or have you just given up,” the werewolf smirked as he closed in on her.

The woman stopped laughing and put on a pouting face and started to walk up to the werewolf. She was pleased with herself with what she was about to do.

“No mister werewolf I’m just surprised.”

“About what,” The werewolf said with contempt and a hint of annoyance.


The woman showed her face and the werewolf was terrified to recognize her as the hot headed and greatly tempered, TNT of Gothica, Tanya Nicail Terrata. He started to run away but the alley way was blocked by a parked truck. He was not surprised by how this was going to end. He had heard rumors and stories of how Tanya would lure perverts like him to alley ways just to crack their skulls. Tanya raised her obsidian rock in the air and it turned into a mace. The werewolf became worried now because he heard about her weapon changing mass to do more damage.

“Time to go golfing you sicko.”

Tanya slammed the mace to the ground and buried the werewolf neck deep using her earth powers. The werewolf was afraid now because he realized what the statement she made meant now that he was buried neck deep. Tanya’s mace took on the shape of a 9 iron golf club. The werewolf new that the 9 on the club stood for tons. With her superhuman strength Tanya took the club and at full force made contact with the side of the werewolf’s head. Tanya let loose her earth power so that on contact the werewolf went flying into the air not knowing where he will land.

After her long day of reverse stalking Tanya went back home to rest. She finally makes it home when her father scolds her for going out. He starts crying saying how dangerous it is for to be out there alone. Truth be told, Tanya is stronger than her father. Her father is a werewolf with extrasensory powers. The only thing gene whys that her father gave her was the werewolf gene and the extrasensory powers. She gets her superhuman and earth powers from her mother who is off on important missions with her guild right now.

Crying like a baby her father says, “I just don’t want my little girl to be hurt that’s all.”

“I’m fine dad I’m not hurt in any way plus I have your werewolf gene to protect me”

Her father decides to calm down and go to the kitchen to fix a snack for his “little ruffian” as he so calls her.

“What’cha making dad,” she asks with a cheesy grin on her face.

“Your favorite, I’m making skull crackers.”

The End

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