Havic: Taking care of businessMature

The Street was quiet, Havic was watching from the alley as the Lotoshin made the deal with the customer that had been talking to him for the last half hour. The Lotoshins green scales were shinning in the moonlight. Havic smiled to himself thinking how fun it would be to dull that shine. The Hooded figure shook hands with the Lotoshin and they exchanged gold, but Havic didn't see the product change hands. He cursed himself for being oblivious. Of course they wouldn't have it here something that rare would be kept hidden. The hooded figure walked away, and Havic decided to step in. He crept up behind the unsuspecting Lotoshin and grabbed him in a choke hold cutting off his air flow with his forearm. He struggled against Havic's grip until he finally collapsed from lack of air. The Lotoshin fell limp in his arms. Havic carried him to an abandoned slum building around the corner. The Lotoshin wasn't hard to carry, training with the Galactic Alliance's best had done wonders for his strength. He kicked open the door that led into a room he had set up for the occasion and threw the unconscious lizard into the middle of the room.

Havic smiled closing the door behind him. "Wake up you stinking black market scum!"

He reached into his pocket and gabed a small bag of powder. The powder was made from the roots of a flesh flower. The flower alone was enough to wake an sleeping person, but the roots now that was something special. Once you used it on someone they wouldn't be able to loose conciousness for at least three days. Havic spread the powder over the Lotoshin. The effect was immediate the lotoshion started coughing heavily and convulsing. Havic smiled and walked over to him lifting him up to his feet by the color of his shirt.

Havic pinned him against a wall with his right arm and raised his other fist. "Now tell me were is the sword!"

The Lotoshin's coughing fit came to a stop and he looked into Havic's eyes. Havic stared back with an intense look. He could tell the Lotoshin wasn't scared of him. He had that stubborn look in his eyes that Havic hated. The Lotoshin averted his eyes looking down to the floor.

Havic let go of him letting him slid to the floor. "Ok lets start slow. How about you tell me your name then."

The Lotoshin looked back at him and sneered. " Gilgovesh Razorfin." He spat the name out at havic like he was trying to make some kind of intimadating statement.

Havic rolled his neck around letting it pop several times. "Ok Gilgovesh, did you know that the walls in this room are completely sound proof, and that they are fire proof."

Gilgovesh narrowed his eyes. "Why would i care in the slightest if they were fire proof?"

Havic smiled. "Oh, you don't know do you? I figured you would have noticed. What with the color of my hair and eyes." He gestured to his Red eyes and fiery red and orange hair.

Gilgovesh started to laugh. It was not the reaction that Havic had in mind in fact it caught him completely of guard. It also made him angry being laughed at. The air around him started heating up. Havic stomped his foor into the floor melting the tiling around his foot.

"What do you think is so funny!"

Gilgovesh ceased his laughter. "You were a fool to think you could get information on the sword from me! I'll drown you in this room. See you may have the power of fire, but I have the power of water."

Gilgovesh threw his hands up water spilling from the air around them. It was filling the room at an alarming rate. The lotoshin stood up while the water filled to room making the room fill faster and faster. Havic wasn't fazed, He stood still waiting for the room to be completely filled, and in seconds it was. Havic could see Gilgovesh staring at him from across the water filled room. It was a known fact that lotoshin could hold their breath for and hour straight. That dn't bother Havic though, Slowly he let his body tempature rise. He was getting hotter and hotter. The water around him started to bubble, just as the Gilgovesh realized what was going on Havic released a massive wave of heat from his body causing the water to started boiling. The pressure in the room was growing with the steam that was coming of the boiling water. Being able to use fire gave Havic a great immunity to heat and pressure, but gilgovesh, not so much. The Lotoshin was squirming in the water and he was boiling alive. Letting out scream that sound like nothing but gurgling to Havic. after a fll minut of letting the water boil Havic smap over to the door and opened it up letting the water and steam out. He closed the door agin and turned to Gilgovesh who was  curled up in a ball whining. Havic walked over to him stopping short to look over him. Gilgomesh's scales were a greenish red color now and he was bleeding from his eyes. No doubt his eyes had been boiled in the water. Havic kicked him in the side. Gilgovesh let out a high pitched wailing sound that probably would have woke every guild in the Central district. When the screaming died down Havic walked over to the nearest wall and leaned up against it.

"So Gilgovesh. Unless you want to loose more than just your eyes I suggest you tell me were the sword is and who you just made a deal with."

Gilgovesh let out a pitiful moan. "F-Fine I'll tell you. I dont know were the Dark  fisr blade is my supplier just said that he would deliver it to who ever I sold it to I paid him in advance so that I could get the blade and sell it for a higher price, but had him hold on to it for safe keeping. I told him that I would give the buyer a pass phrase and his galactic number so he could ship it to them."

Havic felt very annoyed. He had stalked Gilgovesh for two days on a tip that someone would be selling the Sword of Black Fire, Kasai. He had done him homework and knew that he need the sword to accomplish his goal. Havic reached down into the large pocket on the right side of the cargo shorts he was wearing pulling oust a set of gauntlets made from purple hecronium. He put them on feeling their power change the density of his skin making it hard as steel. Havic walked over too the burned up Lotoshin stopping at his tail.

Havic gritted his teeth. " You really piss me off you know that. You aren't even worth your weigh in dirt. What am I going to do with useless information like that?" Havic grabbed him around the neck with one hand and lifted him up.

Gilgovesh made choking noises trying to speak and scratched at Havic's arm to no avail. The gauntlets were making his skin like that of steel. Gilgovesh managed to choke out a word.


Havic smiled releasing the Lotoshin and letting him drop to the ground. " Oh, so you still have some information do you?"

Gilgovesh started to speak shakily. "T-the person I sold it to. She, she lives in the northern district. She is currently living in the newly refurbished guild hall next to the Star Blood Vector's Guild hall. S-she lives there with two other people but one is always away."

Havic grinned, this was information he could use. " What is her name?"

Gilgovesh spoke with a shaking in is voice. "L-Lilyana Vlastrato." Havic turned around taking the gauntlets off and stuffing them back into his pocket He opened the door and turned to Gilgovesh who was starting to stand up. " I almost for got your reward. He held out his hand and let out an inferno that was as hot as molten lava. The Lotoshin didn't even have time to feel pain. " A quick and painless death. Enjoy." Havic closed the door behind him walking away from the slum.

"So the buyer is some chick that lives in the North district huh. This is going to be fun." Havic started waling to the Northern District excited that he was getting closer to his goal.

The End

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