“Time to catch ’a ride,” I thought to myself as I rushed through the streets to get to the port as quickly as I could. I had recently heard that there was a ship leaving for Gothica. It was a large royal ship with lots of places to stow away in. My parents were killed when I was very young. I was stuck on this planet with no family or friends so I was forced to steal from rich democrats’’ homes and food markets to survive. I’ve been waiting for a chance to get to Gothica were the deeper pockets are and gain a big score to retire early.

The reason Xander had no friends in Tochoro is because of his half-blooded nature. He was the son of a Beastkin and Morphoe. His parents were killed because they said his Morphoe father was a deserter and killed them. He overheard the truth that it was because they believed him to be an abomination and blamed them for mix breeding such a thing. He escaped before they were able to execute him.

“Now time to show off the wings.”

I bring out my wings to pick up speed and fly over the immense crowd. I learned to be able to change my body and parts of it at will. It hurt at first but I was proud to show off my father’s legacy to these single minded fools.

Xander’s wings grew out of his back with a cracking noise. He had put slits in the back of all his shirts for his wings so they would not get stuck or just completely tare off his shirts. The framing of his wings where the bone and muscles were, were as black as volcanic rock. People believed that his bones were just as dark giving rise to their fear of him being truly a bad seed. What worried the town’s people most was the skin between the frame works was a deep, bloody, crimson red. They say it brought bad luck or even death. Xander connected the color with the death of his parents and vowed on it that he would avenge them. His wings were also scarred due to guards trying to cut them off since he was six.

“Time to have some fun Naga!”

Naga was his metallic whip that he held at his belt. He calls her Naga due to the fact that it is a living ancient relic and where he stole her from. He stole her from a museum of ancient beasts. She was originally found in the tomb of a serpent like creature that terrorized people in the past. He was just browsing when he found her and he read the label saying it was cursed due to the fact that all the archeologists that found her died. The truth was that because she was a living relic she fed on power and due to this she was a picky eater. There power was meak and feable compared to her level of hunger. She grew a liking to Xander’s poison and has clung to him ever since, showing her many micro barbs to anyone that ever threatened him.

“Finally,” I shouted as I made it to the port. The ship looked magnificent. I snuck my way onto the ship through the docking gear. No one noticed a thing as a waved to a royal gaud facing the other way. I even threw a pebble at his head. He turned around just as the docking gear closed up. He never saw me.

“Well, was that as fun for you as it was for me Naga?”

The whip’s handle with the shape of a snakes head smiled and shook its head yes.

“Well then it’s off to Gothica, where the pick fish are.”

The End

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