A Summer StrollMature

The pleasant warmth of the sun on Yesubi's cheeks felt wonderful. Ahhhhhhh, nothing can beat a summer on Sarathose. As she walked on the forest path she spied a tree full of ripe Gwilla fruit. Gwilla were extremely sweet, purple, crunchy fruit that grew in the glorious summers. Juice ran down her chin as she crunched and continued on her stroll. Suddenly, behind her, she heard a rustle of grass and she whirled, startled. Ready to defend herself from any oncoming danger, she discovered that her "attacker" was just a doe and her faun.
          "Why hello there!" she said a smile upon her face. The doe blinked at her and stood there immobile. "Where are you headed to?" she asked the doe. The doe blinked again and turned its head to the left. To the left where the doe implied was the Borodro River. That must of been where the doe was going, probably to get a drink with her faun. "The Borodro River?" she asked to confirm her theory. The doe blinked again, and ever so slightly inclined its head, as if nodding "yes." The two deer bounded away and Yesubi continued on the path. 
          Finally she came to the dead end of the dirt path and her home sweet home. Her home was a rickety old abandoned shack in the middle of Shersil Woods. It hurt to think about how she had come to live in these woods, brought back too many bad memories. Her race, the Aerostriders, an almost human race with powers over air and wind, were a secluded and hostile race. As a young child she had disliked and even objected these ideals, and the customs of her kind, so she was disowned from her family for her difference.
          In those days hunger became a regularity, and she had to steal to get food. After time see was sought out by the authorities for thievery so she fled to the safety of the Shersil Woods where she stumbled across the shack where she took up residence. As she was lost in thought she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"Hello Yesubi"

She turned once again to see Tarathan, her werewolf companion behind her with a basket of fruits and vegetables. "My goodness you startled me! Oh, I see you found the things I sent you out for." she replied. 

"Yes." he answered in his deep, bass voice. He was only 15 but due to his werewolf genes his voice was as deep as a 40 year old. "The produce is plentiful as usual." Tarathan had only been a newlyborn when she had found him. He was laying in the middle of a cluster of bushes crying out, with his mother nowhere to be seen. He had been extremely sick, on the brink of death. She had taken him back to the shack not knowing what to do, and then was when she had first discovered her holy mystic power of healing. 
          She had healed him, and he fell into a peaceful sleep. Later that day he had woken, and she named him Tarathan, and from then on she had raised him. They had become dearest companions, with an everlasting bond between them. So here they were today, surviving together in the woods, living a peaceful life.

"Would you like to accompany me to my training?" she asked him once the food was stored in the shack.

"I'd be glad to," he replied. They both walked back down the trail, and took a right into a clearing, also Yesubi's personal training area. Down on the far end of the clearing were a cluster of logs standing vertically on top of small boulders. She stood, 100 yards away, and took a deep breath. Suddenly she flung her arm out and summoned her power. Out of her palm shot out bolts of pure light that all hit the logs shattering them to splinters. She dove to the side and rolled in a somersault and came up firing a couple more bolts. More logs were exploded, and went flying in pieces.
          In her next phase of training, Tarathan held a buch of small rocks in one hand, and with the other, using his great werewolf strength flung them one after another at Yesubi. She dodged one and then created whirlwind around her flinging the rocks aside. After a couple more hours of rigorous exercises, she collapsed on the ground sweating and breathing hard.

"Thats enough for today" she told Tarathan. As she sat there catching her breath, the doe from earlier burst through some bushes outlining the clearing and came skidding to a halt infront of her. The doe's face was panicked, and it was huffing for breath. Its nostrils flared and it reared up on its hind legs.

"What is it?" she asked confused. It stomped the ground with its hooves and indicated back towards the trees.

"I think it need help Yesubi!" Yesubi looked back at the doe and it nodded its head affirming what Tarathan had said. 

"Well lets go then!" she said urgently. She jumped to her feet, and the three of them raced back to the trees.


The End

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