Journey to GothicaMature

The three midday suns of Everray warmed Bae's cheeks and flooded into the tiny slits of her half closed eyes. The gritty texture of sand dusting the hard rock formation underneath her body made it easier to wake from an unpleasant sleep. She groaned as she pushed herself up onto her knees. She was sore enough that she was sure she would be bruised on her back and legs.
She gathered her clothes and did a routine check for the few items she possessed. Tied to her leather pack was a rolled up canvas tent. Her canteen hung off of the other worn strap of the bag. Inside the bag were a few stolen power bars. They weren't meant for humans but for more powerful species. Bae ate them regularly even while knowing this information. 
The power bars made her stronger, more resilient, focused and overall a better fighter. Sure, Bae was fast and stealthy but her slender, feminine frame gave Bae a disadvantage over her opponents who were mostly of the male variety and containing an endless supply of natural power. 
In this world humans were not yet viewed as equals or treated with the same respect. In Everray if you wanted something you fought for it.Bae was taught this at an early aged and trained rigorously to gain the respect that her parents never had here.
Hungrily, Bae ripped open the shiny metallic wrapper and tore into the power bar. It wasn't much as far as taste went, but Bae was both hungry and weak. Life as bounty hunter does that to you. Bae knew the rules and she rarely challenged them. As a hunter your job was never done.You only slept when and where you passed out from exhaustion. Bounty hunting wasn't glamorous but it was money and one of the few respectable jobs that a human could hold in Everray.
Bae washed down the power bar with the remains of her Canteen. She allowed the cool water to trail down her neck and chest where beads of perspiration were forming. Even though she had picked an obscured area to sleep in the three suns still warmed her golden skin to the point of discomfort. She snapped her canteen back into place on her carrier pack and dug out her white cloak. The fabric felt smooth and cool on her arms and legs. 
Making sure her Francesca was still concealed at her hip, Bae continued toward her destination. A large aircraft was stationed about five miles away and Bae had less than an hour to make sure she was on it. Her legs protested and the muscles in her thighs and calves tightened mercilessly. 
She sighed begrudgingly. She wanted nothing more than to turn around and go seek a comfortable place to sleep. In fact it would have been the logical thing to do. Who knew what kind of dangerous quest she would be walking into this time. Her since of obligation kicked in before she could turn back around. She paused standing there in sand covered rocks. She couldn't turn her back on a bounty hunt. As it was she was one of the most entrusted, highest ranked hunters in Everray, and she was human and only eighteen at that! If she turned her back on this mission she could kiss her job goodbye. Suddenly Bae was all to aware of the heavy satchel bag, weighted with rubies at her hip.
Before she could continue on her path a soft rustling of footsteps behind her captured her attention.

She closed her eyes. It was a scalper, she was sure. She stole a moment to clear her head. She focused on listening to the intruders calculated movements. She couldn't hear any weapons jangling about him. He was walking with well measured steps and in fast pace so it wasn't likely he had a gun at his hip. Which mean the was either unarmed or pointing a sword or gun at her back. He was only a couple a yards away, unless he was a lousy shot Bae guessed it was a sword in his grasp.
Bae reached for her Francesca. The beloved battle axe was a family heirloom.

"No sudden movements," A raspy voice rang out."Turn around slowly." 

Bae did just as her offender ordered. She turned around slowly taking advantage of the opportunity to size him up." Crovexian!" Bae spat in disgust.

The half crab half man leered in amusement. The creature was shaped like that of a man, though his skin was as red as a crab and he had claws that extended over his human like hands. His head was shinny and bald containing holes where a human's ears would be. Bae peered into his beady eyes. They were so full of hate and bloodlust. He was repulsive. There was nothing human worth saving in this creature so Bae raised her franseca high above her head to gain momentum. In a swift gesture she threw the axe and watched the iron head spiral through the air with enough precision to knock the crocexian's sword out of his grasp. 

The crab man snarled disapprovingly. His sword now lay on the ground behind him. Picking  it up meant turning his back on her giving, her the advantage. He thought about it for a moment as they studied each other in anticipation. 

The crocexian made the quick decision to pick up his weapon. He had greatly underestimated Bae's speed.

In an instant Bae had lunged herself on the creatures back. She fastened her tiny hands around his thick neck. After a minute with him struggling underneath her, his red skin began to fade to an ashen shade of blue as his life faded. He toppled completely to the ground in death. 
With haste Bae picked up her ax and his rapier which was probably stolen to begin with, and carried it with her on her way to the Airship headed for a world known as Gothica.

The End

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