Victoria: Last day of SchoolMature

Victoria ketp looking up to the clock time was almost up. The professor had been going over Various histories over the week with his lectures and today he was finishing up the year with a good lecture on a comparison to Roman and Greek cultures. He was finishing up the lecture when the final bell rang everyone immeadiatly started to get up.

"Everyone have a seat back down! Thank you, I know this year has been a long one and everyone is eager to be on their two year break, but I want to personally congratulate everyone in this room for passing. Dismissed!"

Victoria was getting up and grabbing her bag when the Proffesor called her to his desk. She walked over reluctanly thinking that was was so close to freedom. She stopped before his desk.

"Yes Professor Levingston?"

He regarded her with sharp eyes. "I wanted to say i am impressed with the career past you have chosen for your self. Choosing to teach Roaman self defencse off world is a bold choice. I just wanted to give you a parting gift before you left for Gothica Today."

He reached under his desk and pulled out a brown package. "Here i had this specially made for you."

Victoria took the package, it was heavy in her hand and she could tell what ever was inside was made of some kind of metal because her electrical powers were reacting to it. Professor Levingston had a smile on his face. 

That was no small matter to get made for you its made of the strongest steel in the universe, Alumo Steel."

Victoria started to unwrap the package revealing a Shining Gladius that had a thick steel cord attached to the handle. She took the blade in hand and examined in closely the craftsmanship was flawless not a single flaw in the blade. She looked back to the professor speechless.

"Now listen to me Victoria this is a parting gift from me to you because Gothica is a hard place to teach for anyone. That planet is harsh they don't have the same freedom we have here on Tochoro. Whats worse i spoke to the King and he told me you were being stationed in Haragroff City. That makes matters worse, but you can look on the bright side Princess Penel is going for the same reasons you are. She will be teaching with you, but she will be teaching the Ancient art of tae kwon do. She will be dealing in hand to hand combat, but all the same it will be nice for you to have someone you know teaching with you right?"

Victoria couldn't believe that the professor really cared this much. "T-thank you Professor I don't know what i can do to repay you."

He opened one of the drawers in his desk and pulled out a leather bracelet and sheath handing them to her. Take these too. This bracelet goes on your sword arm and the cord on the sword attaches to it you can send Electrical currents to the blade using the cord of just holding the handle. The sheath here straps to your side, opposite your sword arm."

Victoria put the braclelt on and attached the cord. Some how it felt right the sword was amazing and so perfectly balanced very suited to her tastes. "Wait a second Professor how did you know the exact sword length and weight that I prefered."

He laughed reclining in his chair. "I can read other peoples minds Victoria. I took the liberty to find out your exact sword preferences, but don't look at me this was all handed down by the King he didn't want anyone that was such a good friend to the princess going to a hostile planet without a weapon to defend herself with. Now be off with you Victoria that is enough congratulation for now you have a ship to catch."

He shooed her out the door hurriedly and closed it behind her. She stood there feeling nostalgic she would miss this place and all the trouble she had gotten into here. Victoria strapped on the sheath and sheathed her new blade. The way it felt on her side was amazing.

Victoria glanced at the clock noticing that she had at least three minutes to get to her ship because it was about to leave for Gothica. Shit! She made a made dash for the exit of the school and ran across the campus Using her electrical power to enhance her muscles so she could run faster. She got off campus and ran up the busy side walk dodging people left and right. She was glad the the space port center wasn't far from were she was and she was also happy that she had had her luggage sent their early this morning. Victoria jumped over the railing that separated the sidewalk from the street and jumped into the traffic avoiding the vehicles as they zoomed by. As she made her way across She ducked under hover bikes and jumped cars. She got to the other side and doubled over breathing heavily. She had made it, she was standing in front of the intergalactic space port of Tochoro.

A familiar voice scolded her. "Honestly Victoria you are lucky I had my father delay the flight you almost missed it!"

Victoria looked up seeing Penel standing there in front of her. She was wearing a pretty pink dress that was not to fancy but at the same time not to casual. It really made her golden hairs seem to glow in a mystic kind of way, and it matched her eyes too.

"I don't like to keep the pilot waiting so shall we go?"

Penel picked Victoria up with her Telekinesis and walked inside the Space port still holding her in mid air.

"You know Penel I can walk i didn't break a leg or anything getting here."

Penel shot her a glance and dropped her. "Fine but follow me. Father go us a special ship for the trip all the teachers going with us are going to be flying on it."

They walked through the space port toward their docking station. Which was apparently in the back. The stepped through the first set of security gates and were question by the guards. Ever since the Galactic Alliance had been grante permission to set up a forward command base on Tachoro two years ago security has been extremely tight not even members of the Royal Family were above them. They did however still get respect that they deserved. The guard asked very basic questions were we were heading, who we were what our powers were, and then had us demonstrate them. When the guard was satisfied that we were who we said we were he let us pass to the Private Port that belonged to the Royal Family.

"So i wanted to ask Penel why has your father taken such an interest in this trip of our is it because you are going on it?"

She just laughed at the question. "That is silly. Daddy would have done all of this regardless if i was on it or not. He highly respects what we are doing. Going to the other side of the universe just to teach self defense as part of the Galactic Alliance's new teachers program. It doesn't really mater that it was me going on the trip. He is not like. That he never pampered or babied me or my sisters at all. "

Victoria smiled she was glad she would be taking this trip with Penel they had been friends for a long time. The professor was right it was going to be nice doing this with someone she knew. They stopped walking and Penel pointed to a very large battle ship that was at the end of the dock.

"That is the ship we will be taking. It wont be maned by the Galactic Alliance though. They are to tied up here for that, instead the royal guard is volunteering for this job."

Victoria shook her head. "I'm guessing that is another pleasantry your father extended to us."

Penel just smiled and started to skip in the direction of the ship. Victoria sighed this was going to be a long trip. She hurried after Penel catching up to her just as she reached the ship. The space port staff were already loading her luggage into the ship. They were the last teachers to arrive. Everyone else was already on board. Penel ran up the boarding stairs with excited laughs escaping her. Victoria stood their. This was he last time she would be on Tochoro for a long time, but looking ahead she couldn't see how anything could go wrong.

The End

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