First Mission: Part 3, AftermathMature

Kamina could feel herself floating upward. At that moment a dark figure grabbed her and pulled her down. “Kamina darling it is not your time. I’m not going to allow you to die yet not again. I won’t lose you again.”

Kamina turned to get a look at the mans face but she couldn’t see it he had turned to hide. She was being pulled back into the darkness away from the light then all was dark again. Kamina opened her eyes Cassandra was fighting Vordigan and a Lotoshin Raven was fighting the Crovexion Havic, and an Oorean. Lily was fighting three humans at the same time The battle was fierce and powers were shooting off in every direction. Kamina moved her hand up to her throat not so much as a scratch remained. Her hand moved up to her face the skin was smooth like nothing ever happened, she was completely healed. Kamina stood up she was angry now. She had almost died and it was Vordigan to blame Kamina Reached for her sword which seemed to hunger for Vordigans blood and she dashed to make her strike the shadows all around her bent to her will erasing all friction between her and her target. She made her slice right across Vordigans back. His blood sprayed her face it was a cold blood that definitely wasn’t human. Kamina tasted the blood and knew instantly what he was. Everyone in the room stopped fighting staring at Kamina. Vordigan turned around to look at her surprise written all over his face.

“ W-what I k-killed you.” A smile swept across Kamina’s face Kamina swept her sword back up in a criss cross motion cutting Vordigan open once again his blood sprayed the floor of the ware house. Kamina brought her sword up for the finishing blow when a foot came up into her chest sending her flying backwards into the nearest concrete pillar. The woman who had kicked her was as tall as Guv and had long flowing blond hair. Her skin was flawless except for claw marks that covered the right side of her neck. She had large claws where her fingernails were and the teeth of a vampire.

Kamina cringed grabbing her stomach. “Who the hell are you.”  The girl looked down at Kamina. “Well you are an annoying little pest aren’t you.” Kamina gritted her teeth standing up. The girl began to speak some more. “It is very impressive that you defeated Vordigan with such ease I’m impressed truly, how about you join me  and my lover Valgren in the fight against Kiskanu?” Kamina was confused. “You are fighting against who now?

She smiled and explained” Kiskanu Rose, son of Valgren Rose who is the son of Sarcoblek Rose.”

Kamina was dumbstruck. “Why would he want to kill his own son?!” The girl started to laugh. “I don’t know and i don’t care I follow my loves wishes I’d do anything for him, even die.” At that moment a lightning bolt flew at the girl. She dodged with ease like it was nothing to her, she turned to Raven and began to laugh.

“Come now Raven we have known eachother for way to long to be playing this game we both know you are stronger than me but I’m much faster than you right now because you are exhausted.”

Raven smiled wickedly. “You always were full of yourself you know that Valentina, and I wasn’t too fond of the way you always obsessed over my brother Valgren he really doesn’t need you slipping poison into his ear.” At this Valentina smiled. “Why don’t you just join us in fighting your nephew” Kamina was dumbstruck again. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing this boy was related to Sarcoblek the man who was friends with Guv and the man who is married to Rontal’s sister.

Raven smiled “Yeah like i want anything more to do with the Rose family. Tell Valgren I’m not interested.”

Valentina walked over to Vordigan and picked him up getting soaked in his blood she turned to Kamina and smiled.

“I’ll be seeing you darling.” Then she was gone Vordigans crew with her. They had fled the warehouse. Everyone was still for a moment till Lilyana broke the silence. “Kamina I-I thought you were dead.” Lilyana was on the verge of tears she fell to her knees right beside Raven tears forming in her eyes. “I - I - I thought I’d lost you Kami I don't know what I would have done.” She was crying now Raven knelt down and held her she continued to weep in his arms. Kamina walked over to her and shoved Raven off of her.

Kamina took Lilyana’s hands in her own. “Its fine I’m fine and nothing is going to happen to me.”

Lilyana stopped crying and looked up to Kamina and sniffiling a little bit. “I’m glad you’re ok.”

Cassandra broke in on the moment. “This is all fine and dandy but I think we are forgetting the fact the this boy here knows the people who attacked him and almost killed Kamina. Now, I suggest we take him in for questioning.” Everyone looked at Raven who reacted by shrugging. Cassandra took at step forward and wrapped her water around Raven in an attempt to restrain him. “You’re coming with me little man.”

Raven smiled “Oh really.” He flexed his muscles and the water around him evaporated. “Are you forgetting that I have the power of Lightning.” He raised his hand sending a bolt up to the ceiling destroying it. “I am no ones captive.”

At this Lilyana grabbed Ravens hand and pulled him down into a long kiss it seemed almost lovely until Raven fell backwards passed out cold.

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HIM LILY.” Kamina was shocked she had no idea her friend was capable of such a thing.

“Well I just kissed him and heated the air inside his lungs causing him to pass out.”

Kamina laughed well I think you just wanted to kiss him.” Lilyana blushed a little bit making Her laugh harder.

    When everyone made it back to the guild to report the mission events to Guv. Raven had waken up luckily Darken and Zem were there to help restrain him. Kamina reported to Guv who was worried about her considering the fact she had almost died. He immediately sent her to Sashire for examination.

Kamina walked down the hall to Sashire’s office Sashire was a powerful Ancient in the Guild who was also very skilled at healing. (Ancients are humans with a specific mutation in their DNA that lets their cells constantly reproduce allowing them to live for exceedingly long periods of time until they are killed by someone of something.)  Kamina stopped at the door to Sashire’s office. It was adorned with gold trim and had a large red plus on the front of it. She turned the Knob and stepped in to a small room with white walls, tile floor and a white ceiling as well. Sashire was standing in front of someone giving them a check up.

Kamina craned her head to see around Sashire to see who it was getting the check up. “Cream?” Cream looked over to Kamina with a huge grin on her face. “Oh, Hi Kamina!” Cream hopped off the check up table and ran  over to Kamina stopping just in front of her tilting her head up looking Kamina in the face with a grin that made her look overly goofy. “Oh you got in trouble didn’t you Kami. I can tell your soul is quivering right now.” Cream started to giggle and then ran out the door with her arms spread out like an airplane whooshing out the door. Sashire turned in her chair she was beautiful she had rosy skin and long red hair with black streaks running through it that reached her shoulders and those rainbow colored eyes of her’s were mesmerizing.

“How can I help you Kamina?” Kamina got straight to the point explaining everything that happened on the mission. Sashire Sat there in silence then moved so fast that Kamina never even saw her get up. Sashire was holding Her face tilted to the left examining her neck where Vordigan had cut her jugular. Sashire tilted her head down and started to examine her face.

“I see so thats why you came back to life.” Sashire reached over into a crystal cup dipping her hand in she brought up her hand covered in a clear gel she backed away from Kamina. “ Take off your shirt and bra and lie on the table over there.” Kamina did so, and walked over to the table and laid down. She could hear the sound of the door closing and Sashire’s footsteps as she walked over to where she lay.  Sashire spread out Kamina’s arms and strapped them down she then fastened a strap over Kamina’s forehead.

“Ummm Sashire what are you doing?” She didn’t answer. Kamina was starting to get scared. “Ummm Sashire what are you doing?”

Sashire put her hands on Kamina’s stomach they were slimy and cold she started to spread the slimy gel across Kamina’s breasts and moved up to her neck and down her arms.

“This is a gel that enhances the effects of magic. I'm going to use it to investigate your Aura. Aura investigation is actually very difficult so I have to use enhancers to help me.” Kamina was starting to get a bit nervous Sashire had managed to cover her whole torso in the substance.

Sashire stepped away from Kamina and walked over to the sink cleaning off her hands.

“Sashire?” She walked back over wearing gold finger spikes that were dulled off at the ends. “Kamina I must warn you this is going to be immensely painful I need to strike all of your Aura points on your torso.” Kamina braced her self for what was going to happen. Sashire struck the first point, and it started feeling like her whole system was on fire her senses were going nuts as Sashire continued to strike her Aura points she could feel herself losing her connection to the shadows then all at once it was over she could feel nothing it felt wrong not being able to feel the shadows around her not even able to move.

“S S Sashire I....” “Don’t talk, it puts too much strain on your system just let me work I'm not going to hurt you Kamina.”

Kamina watched Sashire work. The first thing she did was start up a chant that made her hands glow when she was done chanting she place both her hands on Kamina’s stomach and shouted “ VELK NA MOLZ EKER!” Kamina’s stomach started to glow a bright purple. “This here is your Aura Kamina this is what allows you to use your powers everyone has an Aura some people have the same kind some have different kind what kind of Aura you have determines what kind of powers you will have and what kind of personality you will have too.” Sashire walked over to her desk and picked up a phone. “Yes Kelly I need you here right now  I have a code 5h4d3 and I need you for extraction.”

Sashire put the phone down and walked back over. She then started to massage her stomach moving up her torso until she got to her shoulders. When she was done Kamina heard the door open then close she could hear brisk footstep coming closer. A girl that looked the same age as her peered over her head at her. She had deep brown eyes and full cheeks small pouty mouth and a stubborn chin.

“Hi  I’m Kelly. Kelly is a medical expert.” The girl started to giggle, she put her hands on Kamina’s chest and ran them down over her breasts to her stomach. “Kelly sees that you have already prepared everything for the extraction Sashire.”

“Yes Kelly I have and I will be healing her when it is extracted.” Kamina tried to speak again.

“S-Sashire p-please don't let Cassandra in h here.”

Kelly giggled again. “Kelly knows how you feel. Cassandra is obsessed with kelly as well. That aside Kelly will now commence extraction.”

Kelly then thrust her hands into Kamina’s glowing stomach. Pain was not the sensation that she felt in fact it felt like this girl was using her soul like play doh she could feel her insides twisting.

“Kelly has it!! Be ready Sashire.”

Instantly Kamina felt pain and started to scream at the top of her lungs. The pain was like nothing she had ever felt the last thing she saw before she blacked out was Kelly pulling a black shadow out of her stomach and then darkness.

The End

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