First Mission: Part 2, Death.Mature

Kamina and Lilyana followed Cassandra down the hall and out to the main square where she turned around and started to talk to them.

“Ok this mission is important. We are going to the slums in the south part of this district. There are reports of space pirates there. This is a very serious situation I don’t want any fuck ups.” Kamina and Lilyana nodded. “Good lets get going.”

Cassandra walked over to a large door in the alley next the the guild hall. Cassandra proceed to open the door revealing a bunch of hover skifs lined up. (Hover skiffs are a type of low flying bike that most use as a regular means of transportation on Gothica.) Kamina stared in amazement she had never seen so many skiffs in one place before. There were at least 30 of them.

Lilyana spoke up first. “Wait a minute, why are we taking a bike.”

Cassandra scowled. “Because I'm not gonna fucking run the whole way there.”

Cassandra pulled one of the skiffs out to the street and hopped on it.

“It seats three so hope on.” Kamina hopped on sitting right behind Cassandra and Lily sat right behind her. Kamina put her hands around Cassandras waist and prepared to take off.

“You can move your hands a little higher baby.”

Lilyana shouted from the back. “CASSANDRA!!!!” And they were gone like a bullet.

Kamina had never traveled so fast before she gripped Cassandra tighter for fear of falling off. Damn her she is only doing this to make sure i’m holding her. Kamina chanced a glance back at Lilyana because she didn't feel her arms around her and to her horror Lily had her hands in the air waving them around with the biggest smile on her face like she was having the time of her life. Kamina turned her head back toward the front and cringed for her life never having moved this fast before. When they finally stopped Kamina was relieved she had never wanted something to end so badly in her life. Not to mention being that close to Cassandra was creepy as hell she liked it way too much.

“Well Cassandra we are here. What now.”

Kamina gave Lilyana a swift smack to the back of the head. “That is a stupid question, the first thing we do is-”

At that moment a huge explosion happened right behind Cassandra throwing her forward on top of Kamina. Lilyana as on guard while Kamina was still trapped under Cassandra who was a little dazed.

Cassandra shook her head do recover her from her daze and noticed where she was. “You know Kamina i like being on top.”

Kamina shoved Cassandra off of her. “Get it together Cassandra!”

Cassandra scowled and stood up dusting off the dust from her skirt. Kamina stood up as well getting a look at her surroundings they were in an alley the right wall was blasted open revealing a long warehouse with cat walks boxes and lots of machinery.

“Well I don't think that explosion caused itself What do you think Kamina?” Cassandra butted in abruptly. “There, ripples on the rubble suggests that a molecular bending power something that can tear atoms to cause a small controlled explosion.”

Kamina looked at Cassandra in surprise. She couldn’t believe this girl could be that smart. Lilyana smirked and muttered under her breath. “Nerd.”

Cassandra shot her a glance that was completely hostile. Kamina quickly took control of the situation. “Enough! Lets just do what we came here to do and investigate this warehouse to see who or what caused this explosion.”

At that moment Kamina felt the shadows around her screaming like they were telling her to leave. It happened  so fast Kamina started to turn to Lilyana and Cassandra bringing the shadow of the alley with her wrapping it around them pulling them all into a tight cocoon of shadows. Explosions started to rock the alley rubble bounding off of their shadow cocoon.

Lilyana shouted. “WHAT THE HELL!” she was cringing hard and Cassandra had her arms around Kamina holding on for dear life.

When the explosion stopped Kamina released the shadows protecting them to reveal that the whole alley had been destroyed rubble lying everywhere.

Lilyana stood up first shaking her fist. “This was no accident! Someone tried to kill us!” Kamina tried to stand up but realized that Cassandra had her face buried in her breasts. “Cassandra the explosion are over.” Cassandra only nuzzled her face deeper into Kamina’s chest. “Five more minutes.”

Kamina struggled to get Cassandra off of her and finally Lilyana had to come over and drag her off. Another explosion rocked the area of inside the warehouse.

Lilyana thumbed the direction. “Lets go see why we weren't invited to the party.”

Lilyana took off running in the direction the explosions were coming from Kamina bolted after her with Cassandra following close behind. Running through the warehouse was like running through a maze right turn here left turn there oh wait another explosion double back and make another right. It was very confusing, but Kamina followed Lilyana because she seemed to know where she was going. Lilyana stopped abruptly. They standing in an enclosed area with giant metal shipping containers to the right and left up ahead of them was a group of people like six or seven armed to the teeth. facing down a single boy that was standing beaten up at least 15 feet away from them. Something was familiar about that boy but Kamina couldn’t put her finger on it.One of the men in the armed group stepped out obviously the leader. He had black hair that reached to his nose and he had a mouth full of sharp teeth he appeared to be human but his left arm made it hard to tell it was in the shape of a crab claw except it had lots of silver spikes sticking out of it the spikes continued up his left arm and stopped at his shoulder. He carried a long heavy spear in his right hand the blade was layered with what seemed to be steel and bone. he was the same height as Lily so he wasn’t that tall.

The man spoke to the boy standing alone. “Well what's it gonna be you come with us real peacefully or we take you by force and let me tell you Havic here wants to take you by force.”

At this a Large Crovexion stepped out. ( Crovexions are Humanoid crab creatures that have most human organs except for the fact that they have two hearts and large claws that surround their hands other than that they are completely human looking. except that they have thick red skin. Their origin planet is Everray.) The Crovexion pounded his claws together.

At this the boy  started to laugh. “You think you're gonna catch me Vordigan?”

His laughter continued. The man with the black hair twirled his spear and charged the boy. The boy then launched an arch of lightning at him the lightning traveled up his spear and proceeded to electrocute him very thoroughly when Vordigans spasms stopped he started to cough up smoke.

“Well that metal skeleton of yours must be a bitch when you get shocked.”

Vordigan pounded his claw into the pavement. “HAVIC KILL HIM NOW!!!” The big crovexion turned his head questioningly. “But King Valgren wants him alive?” Vordigan started to flail about like a child having a seizure. “Oh yea about my lightning it has a nasty after effect that will persist in a normal human for about 48 hours you however it will take about 96 hours.

Then it dawned on Kamina. “Wait thats that Raven douche.” Lilyana turned to Kamina. “Really Kami it took you that long to figure out who it was.”

Kamina just put her hand up to her face. “I’m sorry i didn’t remember him right off the bat like you because I don’t have a crush on him.”

Raven started to walk away from the group when Vordigan regained his senses and launched his spear at him. Lilyana screamed launching herself at the spear tackling it out of mid air. Raven turned around complete shock across his face, Vordigan was surprised too. Everyone held their ground. “L-Lilyana?”  A smile crept across Vordigans face showing all his teeth there were silver and they were vampire  “Well, well, well, someone I can kill.” Raven stepped in front of Lilyana his hands spread out as an energy blast came at Lily hitting him instead. Kamina was up in a flurry covering herself in shadows rushing toward Vordigan she drew Kai-Mun-Soi-Get-Sue Thrusting it into his Back. He cried out in pain as Kamina Twisted the blade. Vordigan swung his Claw around Bashing Kamina in the face. She could feel the skin tearing off of her as the spikes from Vordigan’s claw raked her. Kamina fell to the ground sword in hand.

“WELL WELL WELL ANOTHER LITTLE BITCH JOINS THE PARTY. ANY MORE OF YOU CREEPING ABOUT!” He pinned her to the ground with his claw, slowly closing it around her throat. The moisture in the air grew heavy droplets of water started to float all around Kamina and Vordigan. Vordigan Clamped his claw around Kamina’s neck and picked her up throwing her at Cassandra before she had time to finish her attack. Kamina could feel the blood flowing from her throat. She was dying and she knew it. Vordigan had ripped her jugular open everything was going dark, darker, and then nothing.

The End

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