First Mission: Part 1Mature

The next morning came quickly. Kamina couldn't remember the dream she had last night. Just that it was about someone important to her. Kamina sighed, she had been having the dream for the last month, but she could never remember it. Except that it was important. Kamina slid out of bed and walked over to her dresser opening the top drawer. She pulled out a white undershirt slipping it on. It was tight around her chest but she couldn't help that. She had to borrow clothes from Cream Lupon a little girl only about 9 or 10 that was in the guild so it was it was a bit small on her. Kamina fished out a black mesh shirt from the bottom of the drawer that actually fit her pretty well not to tight not to loose. Kamina slipped on the pair of jeans that she had yesterday and headed out to the main hall to get her first job.

Walking out the door and down the red carpet hallway she could hear that some of the guild members were already up and about. Kamina made it out to the main hall to see that a few people were having breakfast and talking. Guv was over at the bar standing there talking with Holly. Holly seemed to be in a very good mood this morning. Kamina walked over to meet Guv but was intercepted by a Morfoe.

(Morfoes are very secluded creatures. They are very dragon like but walk on two legs instead of four and are very intelligent they don't usually have wings in fact only very few do. They stand about 6 to 9 feet tall and can have scales ranging a great many colors.)

He was about 6 foot tall with Orange scales he had a set of wings that were folded onto his back, his eyes were deep red and very disconcerting.

"Hello there my name is Zem Blusterblade. We haven't met officially but I'd like you to meet a few of your guild mates."

Zem had a huge grin on his face that showed off his many sharp unforgiving teeth. Kamina smiled following him over to a table were at least 5 people sat.

"Kamina I would like to introduce you to Casandra Remmington." Casandra winked at her. She was Human about 20 to 23 years old she seemed to be the same height as Lily, Her hair was an ocean blue and fell into a well done braid down her back reaching down to the floor, her skin was rosy pink and her eyes were the deepest of blues.

"Your kinda cute if you want we could spend some close personal time together just you and me girly."

Kamina shivered " I think I'll pass on that." Zem coughed making Casandra grumble.

"And this is Darken Malidon. Darken nodded his head. He was also human from what Kamina could tell he was 6 foot 7 and wore a black full body robe with the hood down his eyes were the same as Kamina's dark purple with a small yellow ring around the pupil of his left eye opposite of Kamina's. His hair was jet black an cropped short above his eyes, he had a scar that went across his left cheek stretching down to his lips.

Darken smiled a little. "I can see you will be a very interesting addition to the guild I  look forward to working with you."

Zem continued with his introductions. "The big beef stick without a rational mind is Lu Von Bu. He was massive, his arms alone were at least 3 feet wide, and he was at least 9 feet tall. He wore winged hussar armor and was covered in scars he had a braid that had all his hair in it styled in a very Japanese manor, and His eyes were green and cold. He was truly frightening if there was anyone she wanted to avoid it was him. Lu waved her away not saying anything continuing to wolf down his food.

Zem grunted. " Don't let his attitude get to you he is a very mean person around here so he does this to everyone no worries. So last but not least the two love birds making out at the end of the table are Shika Minatoshi and Lormenski Vladamire. They were both Spirits and very obviously in love considering how far their tongues were down each others throats. Shika had green hair and green eyes like Kendra She had a dimple under her left eye and her hair fell to her shoulders. She was the same size as Kamina and wore a blue plaid dress. Lormenski was the same height as his lover and had short black hair and red eyes. He also had a scar that went from his chin and diagonally down his neck.

Lormenski turned to Kamina " Oh sorry Love I didn't see you there. I hope thats quite alright we look forward to..." He didn't get to finish his sentence Because Shika pulled him back to kissing her once again.

Zem rolled his eyes. "Those two need to get a room."

Kamina nodded her head. " Have a seat Kamina eat some breakfast." Kamina smiled. " Thats all right but I kinda need to talk to Guv and see about my first mission."

Zem smiled . "Ok then, off with you."

Kamina started to walk away and could hear Cassandra shout. " Don't forget about my offer cutie I'll make it worth your while." Kamina shivered and trotted over to Guv.

Guv was still talking to Holly when Kamina reached him. " Yea they said the other districts are getting nervous about it."

Kamina wondered what Guv was talking about he seemed a little concerned. "Morning Guv."

Guv Turned to to face Kamina with a smile. "Hey Kamina whatcha doin up so early." Kamina gave Guv a hostile look. "I want my first job now, so that I can start getting some cash. Work before anything, got it!"

Guv put his hands up in front of him. "Whoa easy now, your getting ahead of yourself first things first we do things in groups of three or more, ok. Secondly I want to explain a few things before I turn you loose."

Kamina sighed she knew that it would be complicated being in a guild but if she wanted to make Rontal proud of her she had better do her best.

Guv continued. " First things first we do missions in a ranking order, the first level is Starling that means you are still new or don't perform well on missions you and 5 others are Starlings. The second rank is Proton this means that you are good at performing your missions but lack the judgment to lead a team." Kamina nodded taking it all in. " The next rank is Newtron this is for people who have swift judgment and can perform to some of the best standards. The last normal rank is Nova this rank is for the elite those who excel in all accordances. The hardest missions are for them."

Kamina spoke up. " Wait what do you mean normal rank?"

Guv smiled. "Well we have one more rank that is not measured on leadership ability or anything else except strength it is called Vector there are currently 9 of them they are me, Holly, Ryan, Sashire Shrist, Kendra, Darken Malidon, Lu Von Bu, Cream Lupon and Blitzen Boekin."

Kamina smiled to herself {and soon I'll be one of them}.

Guv snapped his fingers. "Are you listening to me?"

Kamina looked up. "Yes yes I'm Listening." Guv continued. "Now since we are the strongest Guild in the North District we have a lot of responsibilities to attend to. Like sometimes for instance we are asked to guard shipments or attend large events and we also work with the law to keep order among most of the guilds in our district.” Kamina nodded she understood that the guild had big responsibilities.

Guv smiled. “Good then I will give you your first mission, but this is the only time you will get one from me unless I want to give you a specific one.  I want you Lilyana and Cassandra to investigate some things that have been happening around the slum sector of our district there have been some random power outages and reports of space pirates in the area.”

Guv Reached in his pocket handing Kamina a piece of paper. “Give this to Cassandra she will understand what to do and then go wake your friend up, Dismissed.”

Kamina nodded and headed off to Lilyana’s room.  Lilyana’s room was in the east wing of the guild hall right beside Kamina’s. As Kamina walked down the hall to her room she pondered the strange report Guv had given her power outages, pirates, What could it all mean. Kamina stopped in front of Lily’s door it was chared at the bottom like flames had licked the bottom several times over trying to escape the room. Kamina grinned and slipped her shadow under the door unlocking it. The door swung open revealing a large room the same size as the one She was staying in it had Red walls that were scorched in places and a pink shag carpet. Lilyana was still asleep in bed sprawled out the covers barely covering her she was almost completely exposed save for her night skirt. Kamina slipped into her room closing the door, and walking over to her sink that was in the far corner to the right. Kamina formed her shadow into a bowl and filled it up with freezing ice water. She then slowly walked over to the sleeping Lilyana and dumped the whole thing on top of her. The reaction was instantaneous. Lilyana shot out of bed landing face first on the floor. Kamina burst into heavy laughter she was doubled over on the floor it was so funny. “ KAAAAMIIINA!!!!” Kamina couldn’t stand she was still laughing. “JUST HOW DID YOU GET INTO MY ROOM!!!” Kamina’s laughter subsided, but she was still out of breath.

“I......Came to get up.”Kamina finally caught her breath. “We got work to do today and I came to get you up, sleeping beauty.” Kamina fluttered her eyes to make a sarcastic effect.

Lilyana rolled her eyes. “Well your lucky your my bestfriend else I would roast you.”

Kamina laughed. “Anyway get dressed we have to leave now I want to get paid so I can eat tonight.”

Lily sighed. I hate this usually i trick people out of there money or steal it. Work is so uggggg.”

Kamina smiled. Look at it  this way you might get to see that Raven guy.”

Lilyana’s face brightened up instantly. “Really you think so. I mean pffffft that guy is so yesterday .”

Kamina giggled. “Ok lover girl get dressed.” Kamina waited on Lily’s soaked bed while she got dressed talking to her about the report that Guv had given her and that they were supposed to go with one of the other guild members.

“So wait who are we going with?” Kamina shivered. “Cassandra.” Lilyana had a puzzled look on her face. “What's wrong with you?” Kamina brushed it off. “You’ll find out.”

Kamina got up and walked over to the door looking back to Lilyana. “lets go.” Lilyana started to follow her out the door. Kamina was about to start walking to the main hall when she ran into Cassandra, who had the biggest grin on her face.

“Oh hello there cutie.” Cassandra pinned Kamina up against the wall running her hands up Kamina’s sides. “Were you looking for me sweety.” Kamina shivered she didn’t like this girl or the way she was obsessed with her, But she need to work with her because what guv said.

“WAAAAAIIIIIT!!!!” Fire streamed around Cassandra ripping her off of Kamina and tossing her away.

“What the hell is this.” Lilyana was standing there confused. “Kamina who is this bitch.” Cassandra was dusting herself off where she had landed.

“How dare you interfere with love you little brat.” Kamina shivered again. Lilyana was obviously not liking the way Cassandra had tried to feel Kamina up. It was clear across her face.

“Love? Lady I don’t know what the fuck you are smoking but it must be strong. Why don't you step off before you get yourself hurt.”

Cassandra responded by sending a huge bolt of water at Lilyana blasting her back into her room. This did not fly with Lily the air around her room started to heat up getting unbearable.

“Oh that was a dumb move you stupid bitch.” Lilyana thrust her fist forward sending a fireball into Cassandra’s chest, but Cassandra was fast she countered with a blast of water that knocked Lilyana to the floor.

Lilyana was getting angrier Kamina could feel the heat rising. Kamina got up and used her shadow to restrain the two pinning their arms to their sides. Lilyana responded by breathing fire in rage.

“ENOUGH!!! Settle this some other time we have a job to do and as much as I’m creeped out by Cassandra she is the person Guv assigned to us.”

Cassandra’s face brightened up. “Oh we are going to have so much fun we can hold hands and kiss and all kinds of fun stuff.”

Kamina shivered releasing them both from her shadow she handed Cassandra the letter Guv had handed her. “OOOH is this a love letter for me i can’t...”

Cassandra stopped when she started reading it her face getting very serious. “I see so he is sending us on a high priority mission.”

Cassandra motioned her hand to Lilyana and Kamina. “Lets go.” Lilyana was sitting there dumbstruck. “Ummm what the fuck was that. Total mood change much?” Kamina shrugged. “Lets just follow suit.”

The End

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