A New Home and the Boy Who Falls From the SkyMature

When Kamina woke she was in a bed, her armor was gone, and her sword was leaning against the bed. Kamina sat bolt upright, taking a look around, it was a small but humble room, a low hanging ceiling fan, spinning rather fast, was suspended in the center of the room. There were dressers along the far right wall and a full sized mirror on the left wall.

"Where am I?"

Kamina slipped out of bed to find herself wearing only the bandages on her chest and some night pants. She walked over to the dresser to see some clothes laid out for her. Kamina slipped them on quickly, and headed for the door.

Kamina turned the knob and opened the door, it lead into a vast hallway with red carpets and gold walls. Kamina could hear people talking down the hall to the right, so she walked toward them. As she got closer she could make out Lilyana's, and Rontal's voices. Kamina Entered the room she heard everyones voices in. She saw at least thirty people gathered around Guv, Lilyana, Rontal, Terry and that Kendra Chick. Everyone was laughing and talking having a good time.

Kamina looked around at the room it was a great hall it had a bar in the far right corner and a big board in the corner to her left in between them was a giant double staircase leading up to a second floor.  In the middle of the room were several tables,  a few of them game tables. The floor was adorned with many different colors like a mosaic painting. On the Far right wall across from where she was standing there were several pictures of people she didn't recognize.

Kamina walked over to the crowd of people, Guv instantly looked her way.

"Ah look everyone here she is, the little girl that beat the shit out of Ryan."

Kamina was dumbstruck, "w-what, I lost how can you say that."

Guv laughed, "ok well lets put it this way you came out of the fight with a gash and some minor burns, Ryan however had eight broken ribs, a broken jaw, fractured arm, torn tendons in his foot, and a sever problem with his own shadow."

Kamina frowned, "well I still lost cause I dropped first, but how did everyone else fair did we win the challenge?"

Guv laughed, "well you would have if Rontal hadn't forfeit after kicking Holly's ass.

" Kamina was shocked, "WHAT! RONTAL! WHY DID YOU FORFEIT!"

Rontal started to giggle "well I beat Holy so bad cause I wanted to fight her. I was about to dash away when I realized."

Rontal looked at Kamina sharply " It would be good for you to join this guild you, Terry, and Lilyana."

Kamina sighed, "Well I guess it's settled, but wait! How in the hell did you lose Lilyana there isn't a scratch on you?"

Lilyana frowned, "well Guv is kinda, ummmm, well he...."

Kamina Glared "SPIT IT OUT!!!"

Lily jumped in her seat. "OK!! OK!! HE'S A FUCKING DRAGON! K?"

Kamina was taken aback " W-what a dragon!" Kamina turned to guv he simply nodded at her puffing smoke from his nostrils.

Kamina did not know what to think they had all lost, (except Rontal) they never even stood a chance, and the only one who did had forfeit. (bitch)

"Kamina do you want a tour of the guild hall, you are our newest member after all"

Kamina looked at Guv and sighed, "well I guess so."

Guv got up and walked past her motioning with his hand. Kamina followed him up the grand staircase to the second floor which had blue carpets and hard wood walls. There was a large pot at the top of the steps with gold coins in it.

"What’s with all the gold there Guv?"

Guv looked back at Kamina, "well that is how we pay for the guild its not all free you know, after every job 20% of what your paid goes here."

Kamina had a puzzled look on her face. "Why in the hell would you leave it out in the open like this!?"

Guv just laughed and kept walking. They came to a long corridor that had doors going all the way down guv explained that this was where the members who didn't have a home to live in stayed. Kamina was surprised to see that they actually cared about their members. They continued on around the balcony of the second floor till they came to a set of double doors.

"And this, is the library."

Guv opened the doors revealing a massive library with a giant viewing window in the back, overlooking the square. Kamina was in awe as she looked in. The library had black shaggy carpets,and red walling. A beautiful chandelier hanging in the center of the room made of blue hecronium was letting off a very calming aura.

“This is amazing.” Guv smiled, “yes I know. It took me at least a thousand years to build this collection.”

Kamina walked in running her hands across the numerous volumes of books. She could only imagine how many lifetimes it would take to read all of these.

"Well that is the tour anyway well of the places you're aloud to go. We have a  full attic and eight underground floors, but those are just training grounds, workout rooms and such."

Guv started walking away motioning her to follow. When they made it back to the first floor and over to where everyone was sitting Kamina noticed Ryan sitting with them covered in bandages and his mouth wired shut.

"Oh hi ryan you seem to be having a good day" Ryan made an evil face at Guv like he was trying to kill with his glare. Guv laughed "I just showed Kamina where she is allowed to go." Ryan rolled his eyes.

Kamina’s gaze drifted over to the wall that had all the pictures on it. "Hey Guv what are those pictures about." Guv looked were Kamina was pointing "Are those past guild masters or something?"

Guv had a sad look on his face. “No, Those are all the friends we have lost over the past few thousand years.” Rontal looked over to the wall studying all the photos.

Kamina exclaimed, "wow can you tell me who they are?"

Guv shrugged "Sure." He walked over and started to point to them one by one. “The first one is Nicolas Lightningbane one of the original Highleaders in the Galactic Alliance. He helped start the whole Organization.”

Nicolas had long dark blue hair that covered his eyes and he wore a lightning bolt around his neck. He also had a goofy grin on his face in the photo.

"The second is Angelo Sundacul a good friend of mine he was a gun expert. He could use any gun with the utmost precision." Angelo had blond hair and blue eyes and scar under his right eye going perfectly horizontal all the way to his ear.

"The third one is Jak Stargazer." Jak was a Deathwillow His horns were huge and curved in the most amazing way like some kind of deer antlers. His Spines were not all black but more of a mix jumble of black, blue, red, and white.

"The fourth is my sister Darkwater Zia."

At this name Rontal shot up. "What! Your Darkwaters brother! Shes not dead!"

Guv stared at her for a moment. Rontal ran over to the wall. "This one is Sarcoblek! Right? He isn't dead either! They both live on Sarathose! In fact Sarcoblek is the Guardian of Sarathoes, and his son is the king!”

Guv was completely dumbstruck. " H-he's alive?" Guv fell to his knees tears forming in his eyes. "All this time. All this time he was alive, I was sure he died in the Star Village in that explosion. Him and Darkwater." Guv stood back up "Ryan go get Sashire and have her finish healing Holly's bruises." Ryan got up and hobbled off to a hall that was on the second floor. Guv Turned to Rontal " How are they doing? Are they ancients too? Is that how they lived so long? How did Sarco become a Guardian? Where did you meet him? Tell me everything please!” Guv had a look of desperation in his eyes. Kamina could see it all, the pain, the sorrow, and the happiness.

Someone pulled Kamina's arm she look over to see Kendra, Terry and Lilyana standing. “Lets give them some privacy. I'll tell you what happened.”

Kamina, Terry, and Lilyana followed Kendra out of the guild hall and over to Sharky's. Kendra sat down and ordered drinks for everyone. An Alterian Bombshot for herself and Space Angel blood for the rest of them.

(Space Angel Blood is a kind of suicide drink that is an actual mix of a lot of non alcoholic drinks usually very sweet not actual blood :P)

Kendra started to explain. “Way back when Guv was still a teen, his village was razed and destroyed. Guv had survived because of his dragon powers. So he looked all over the village for survivors, alas he had found only one and that was Holly Rose. Holly is Sarcoblek's sister they are twins. Sarcoblek was a good friend of Guv's in fact they did everything together. Now there was another person that didn't make it out and that was Darkwater, Guv's sister. Guv thought the two of them dead and everyone else in his village (cept Holly) So he and Holly set out to avenge the village and their friends and family. So Holly and Guv destroyed the Sun Village and The Moon Village in the name of vengeance along the way they met Ryan The End.”

Lilyana was furious, “WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!! That isn't a story that is a huge piece of crap. I mean come on surely there  was other things that happened like I don't know the person who organized the destruction of the village.”

Kendra smiled, “nope sorry that's all I know. So you can understand that hearing Sarcoblek is alive is like a big fat punch to Guv's senses.” Kamina couldn’t understand. Losing a loved must be painful something she has seen happen to other people quite often. Something she wouldn’t know.

" Kamina are you ok?" Kamina turned to see Kendra talking to her. "Yes I'm fine I just...nothing."

Kamina turned away downing the rest of her Space Angel Blood "I'm Going for a run to Bleak Water Bay." Kamina stood feeling someone grab her arm. She turned to see Lilyana smiling holding on to her. "I think I'll join you."

Kamina smiled taking off down the street Lily in full pursuit. Kamina hopped on top of the abandoned guild hall running at full speed zipping past rooftops. I never thought the guild master would have such a history. This is all so complicated. “Why do I have to be mixed up in this. damnit Rontal why do you have to be involved in this? Why do you always have to try and look out for me, Lily, and Terry. Uggggg this is so frustrating!”

“Kami slow down girl. I can't keep up.” Kamina stopped she was standing on the border of the Central and South Districts Lilyana was breathing rather heavy. Lilyana walked over to her. "Thank you you were so deep in thought that I thought you would leave me in the dust.”

Kamina laughed, “then you must really be out of shape. Come on fatty lets go."

Lilyana scowled "Oh you're on bitch last one to the bay is a loser."

Lilyana was off running at top speed. Kamina giggled and dashed after her matching her speed with ease and catching up to her rather quickly.

"Come on Lily I can do this speed all day. Fatty!" Lilyana shot a fireball at Kamina's feet causing her to stumble forward off a roof top and into a dumpster.

Kamina got up " OH ITS ON NOW!" Kamina shot up to the roof top going at top speed catching up to lilyana easy. Kamina took her shadow and whipped lily's feet making her face plant on a roof top Kamina could hear her shouts of protest as she left her in the dust. Kamina came to the end of the roof tops in the South district hopping down into the warm sand striding over to the beach jumping with joy because she stomped Lily in a race. Lilyana came running up breathing hard.

"You cheater that wasn't fair."

Kamina shrugged skipping backwards. "You started it first."

She was still skipping backwards when Lilyana screamed and tackled her to the ground followed by a giant meteor hitting the sand were Kamina was standing. Lilyana got off of Kamina helping her up.

“That was a close call Kami.”

Kamina dusted the embers off her shirt and pants, Lilyana had a tendency to let her power over whelm her during exciting situations sometimes it got out of hand.

"What the hell is this Kami?" Kamina walked over to it and realized it wasn't a meteor, but an ejection pod.

" Oh Goddess." Kamina rushed over to the pod, it was completely wrecked and the outer shell was superheated. Kamina enveloped her shadow around her hands and tried to pry the door open.


Lilyana rushed over grabbing the super heated door like it was nothing, together they pried it open. In side the pod was one person a boy a little older then Lily. He had black hair tinted blue that fell to his eyebrows. He also had a strange birthmark on his neck Kamina grabbed the boy and pulled him out of the pod.

"SHIT! Lily his skin it’s burning hot." Kamina and Lilyana carried him down to the bay shore and eased him into the water. The cold water touching his skin had an instant reaction Kamina and Lilyana were electrocuted and blown backwards into the water. Kamina got up smoke rolling off her shoulders. She rushed over to the boy and pulled him to the sandy beach. Lilyana was beside her breathing heavy.

"What the hell was that?" Kamina shrugged, "I don't know but it hurt."

Kamina put her hand on the boys head, he groaned his temperature was going down to normal.

“This is crazy one moment he is burning up the next he is returning to normal.” The boys eyes fluttered open they were a deep mix hundreds of shades of blue like lightning. His eyes drifted over to Lilyana then to Kamina. He sat up slowly holding his right hand over his head examining it.

"Well look at me crashing on Gothica after escaping those damn space pirates only to be rescued by a ravishing beauty like you."

The boy turned to Lily offering her some weird black powder from his pocket. He then touched the powder with his left hand and it formed into a black rose.

"Take this as a token of my gratitude. Miss?" Lily was dumbstruck she stuttered out her name "L-L-Lilyana." The boy smiled slowly standing up. He was only slightly taller than her, his shirt was blue with all kinds of rips in it revealing some of his muscles underneath.

“That is a most beautiful name.” He put his hand on her cheek and kissed her it was long and drawn out. When he drew away he whispered something to Lily and disappeared into a lightning bolt up through the clouds striking in the city somewhere.

Lilyana was standing there in complete shock holding his blackrose. Kamina was extremely annoyed " Lily can you believe the nerve of that guy he didn't even acknowledge that I was here. What a prick." Lilyana was blushing admiring the rose. Kamina walked over and shook her. “Hey snap out of it Lily. What did he tell you?"

Lilyana came to her senses. "H-His name that,s what he told me."

Kamina shook her again. " WELL WHAT IS IT?"

Lilyana protested "Cut it out Kamina. Its Raven! Raven Rose!"

Kamina stopped shaking her. "Jeeze one guy kisses you and you lose your self like it was some super amazing thing."

Lilyana blushed "Well.........It kinda was."

Kamina rolled her eyes. "lets go Lily I want to get back to our new home."

Kamina and Lilyana headed back to the guild hall. It was dark when they arrived. They walked up to the entrance were Guv was talking to Rontal.

"Yes I will tell Sarco of your state and arrange for him to meet you ok."

Guv had a joyful look on his face. "Thank you Rontal this means alot to me."

Rontal started to walk away almost running into Kamina. "Oh hey Kamina I'm heading home for a bit but I'll drop in soon ok?"

Kamina scowled. " You never stay very long."

Rontal giggled waving as she trotted away into the streets.

" Well at least she means well eh. Kamina?"

Kamina turned up her nose "Oh shut up Lily!"

Kamina walked up to Guv who had a huge grin on his face. " Where have you girls been?"

Kamina rolled her eyes. "Oh Lily here was just getting a new boy friend."

Lilyana smacked her upside the head. " I was not! It was just a kiss and I didn't have any say in it!"

Guv started to laugh. "let some lulabout steal a kiss huh." Lilyana blushed which only increased Guv's laughter making her blush even more.

Guv's laughter subsided. " Well in any case you two better turn in you take your first job tomorrow." Kamina sighed this was frustrating but she lost fair and square so she had to follow the guilds rules. She and Lilyana went to their rooms and turned in for the night.

The End

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