The day of the game.Mature

           Kamina's eyes fluttered open, it was six o'clock, she had gotten in the habit of waking up early over the years.

Kamina sat up in her mossy bed, "Today is the day I get rich." Kamina stretched her arms over her head and let out a deep yawn. Looking around her home, she got up and walked over to a trunk, she had sitting in the corner. The Trunk had a mirror hanging over it, that was encrusted with runes from Whale Island.

Kamina looked at herself in the mirror, her black hair was in shambles, and she had a small yellow ring around the iris of her right eye, it made the purple in her eye seem darker than normal. "Great now I have to do my hair." She walked over to the fresh water river and stripped off her nightgown stepping into the freezing water. The moment she immersed herself, a shock went through her system, the water was ice cold. Kamina  waded over to the far side of the river and punched in a brick, the brick wall started shift in, to reveal a smaller chamber, that was a round semi circle with Red Hecronium embedded into the floor. Water instantly rushed in, filling the room, at least 4 feet deep, the water started to warm up instantly. Kamina grabbed a bar of soap from a shelf in the room, and started to attack her hair, making sure to get every curl.

When she was finished soaping her hair, she waded over to the main stream and let the current rinse her hair out. When Kamina was satisfied that she was clean, she waded out of the pool, and pulled herself out of the freezing river stomping on a small pressure plate, to close the heated room of water. The wall closed, all the water that was in it started to filter out of small holes, through the brick wall, back into the river. Kamina walked over to the heating pit and let the Hecronium dry her off. She then proceeded over to the trunk in the corner and popped it open.

Inside the trunk was an assortment of clothes, Kamina picked up a black, skin-tight jumpsuit, made of micro wool, it was a material meant to be worn under armor, it never got hot, was almost impossible to tear, could not be burned,  and its waterproof. She put the suit on and used her shadow to zip up the back.

Kamina walked over to the wall just beside the trunk and pushed in the loose brick that was there the wall flipped around to reveal a set of Merarmor, a gift from Sharky last year on her birthday. The armor was made entirely of tempered diamond links, and was light blue and white  but was lighter than 5 pounds, it was incredibly sturdy too. Last summer she and Sharky had gone to Whale Island to see a friend of his. Well things had got out of hand, and Kamina took a fireball to the chest and not a small one either. Lucky she had worn the armor because it absorbed the whole blast, she didn't even have a bruise. Kamina smiled fondly and donned her armor. After making sure every tiny link was in place and that there was no open spots, she put her shadow on her hands another trick she had learned to do.

Kamina grabbed her sword and attached it to the diamond link on her back and started to climb the ladder to the roof of the abandoned guild hall. When Kamina reached the top of the ladder she stepped out into the light.

She stretched out her arms and sighed deeply, "Yup time to go round up the gang."

Kamina Dashed South to the Central district passing shops and guild halls as she made haste. She came to a stop at the edge of the Central district, she was standing on top of one of the radio towers. Looking over the district she spotted a large fire pillar shoot up at one of the tea shops on Rivint Street. "Making a scene as always I see" Kamina had a grin on her face as she dashed in that location, when she reached a rooftop overlooking the scene, she saw a young looking girl standing over some poor helplessly burned guy shouting at him.

She had long red hair that reaches all the way to her butt, and deep pink shaded eyes. Freckles dotted her face and her shoulders, for she wore an open shouldered tank top, and torn jeans. She was about 5 foot 4 and had a very nasty temper.

(note I do not condone violence but I do find it hilarious)

“TRYING TO COP A FEEL DIRTBAG?! I OUGHT TO ROAST YOUR ASS FOR THAT!!” The man whimpered in fright and started to stutter frantically, “I I I I I'M SOOOORRRRYYY” the man was crying now and completely scared shitless.

Kamina smiled and hopped down from her perch walking over to the angry redhead, "Lilyanna hot tempered as ever I see."

The girl turned her head over to look at Kamina and her mood instantly changed. " oh hey Kamina" She turned her back to the man and snapped her fingers. A cage of fire sprouted up around the guy instantly.

"What brings you to central, you, the infamous shadow stalker."

Kamina smiled,"well I just got challenged to a game of hard core cops and robbers by a guild." Kamina's face got serious, "figured you would want in dangerous things are always your forte."

Lilyana grinned devilishly, "Yeah I'll play just let me finish up here." By this time a crowd had begun to form around them.

Lilyana didn't seem to care she walked over to the fire cage that contained the quivering man. "SO WHAT’S IT GONNA BE HOW SHOULD I PUNISH YOU FOR GRABBING MY ASS" the man went pale white, sheer terror on his face. “OH!! I know I'll just burn your manhood off that will keep you in line.”

By this time some people had pushed their way through the crowd “ Dom! Guys! This bitch has Dom in a cage shes gonna roast the poor sap.” The first to emerge from the crowd was a tall Beef stick and two more guys, a Lotoshin and an Oorean.

(Ooreans are a small species native to the planets Lotosha and Volcania they are much like a small land version of Sarconians except they have two head tales and a short bobbed off butt tail. There skin range to a great many shades of grey like Reddish grey and bluish grey)

The Oorean stepped forward "Let Dom go now and we will forget this ever happened."

Lilyana started to laugh very evilly, it sent a shiver down Kamina's spine. Kamina turned her shadow into a chair to took a seat reclining as she watched the show. “And just what are you going to to if I don't, this little prick touched me, so now he belongs to me, till I say otherwise.” Lilyana snapped her fingers and Dom's right hand was burned to a crisp.

The man started screaming in agony, it was horrible blood chilling screams, Kamina loved them. “ DOM!!!!!!!!!!!” The men were all agitated now, the beef stick in the front charged at Lily and went in for a punch, but Lilyana ducked under it and threw him over her shoulder, the man landed on his back dazed. In one swift motion Lily engulfed her leg in molten fire and brought it down on the man's right arm burning it off at his elbow, the man yelled in agony as he watched Lily pick up his severed arm. She frowned "Oh I'm quite sorry was this yours you should know better than to leave your trash in the street.”

Lily gave a malicious grin, it was almost pure evil, she then proceeded to burn the flesh off of the arm till it was nothing but bone. "Here you can have it back."

Lilyana tossed the arm on top of the Beefstick’s chest, he hollered in rage, " YOU EVIL BITCH!!! GUYS!!! DON'T JUST STAND THERE HELP ME!!!!! " The man's friends stood there pale white. {all tho seeing a lotoshin turn pale was kinda weird}

The man in the cage was in the fetal position whimpering coddling the burnt stump on his right hand Lily snapped her fingers and the fire cage disappeared she walked over to the man and kicked him over planting her boot on his groin. She leaned over and whispered faintly so that only he could hear. Lilyana then took her foot from his groin and kicked him in it, and walked back over to Kamina smiling sweetly. "Ok, lets go have some fun." Kamina rolled her eyes and they jumped up to the nearest rooftop.

"So where are we going?"

Kamina smiled, "To get Terry and Rontal duh." They dashed to the east for the Eastern District moving exceedingly fast they were a blur along the rooftops.

"Well not to be a downer Kami but,Terry is not really the best choice for cops and robbers, he might dice the other team to bits."

Kamina punched Lilyana in the shoulder, "Like you can talk you almost crispy fried a guy's penis because he copped a feel."

They came to a stop. "Uh Lily do you know where Terry lives?"

Lilyana rolled her eyes, "You spend way too much time in the South district rob some people here for a change"

Kamina giggled, "well Terry owns a Shop over near the main Square of East District."

Kamina shaded her eyes with her hand, "So he lives that way?"

They dashed off to the main square. Kamina and Lilyana stopped on top of a tea shop at the edge of the main square Terry's shop was nestled in between two rather large slums. It was a little restaurant the seemed completely out of place it had swivel doors in the front and a Cherry Blossom tree blooming out the top.

Kamina and Lilyana Jumped to the street and walked over to the shop going through the green swivel doors.

The inside of the shop was amazing, the tables were shaped like mushrooms, and the roof had the look of a sky with a giant rainbow moon. Kamina walked over to the ordering counter and rang the bell, some crashing could be heard followed by some cursing and more crashing.

A little Deathwillow no more than 4 feet tall walked out from behind the kitchen door, "CAN’T YOU READ, THE SIGN SAYS WE'RE........oh no, Kamina what do you want?"

(Deathwillows are a plant like species that are native to the planets Lotosha and Volcania. A Deathwillow can grow anywhere from 4 feet tall to 5 foot tall. They have spines that look like long hair that sprout from the top of their head and droop down around their body hiding most of their body features from view . Deathwillows’ spines can be black, red, green, blue, or white. The most common color is Black it is very uncommon to have any other color than black. Death willows can also have black horns or antlers that grow from the top of their head as well.)

Terry wasn't like most Deathwillows, his many long spines are actually a deep blue instead of black like most, and he never developed the freaky horns that most Deathwillows had growing out of their heads.

"Oh terry I just wanted to see if you would join me in a game of HARDCORE COPS AND ROBBERS!!!!!!"

Terry stood there motionless his spines started to twitch. "I AM SO IN LET ME GET MY SWORD!"

Terry ran across the restaurant to a weird wall covered in buttons and started to mash them in the most random patterns with his spines. A light on the wall lit green and a drawer came out of it.

Terry grabbed his sword and pushed the drawer shut. "Ok lets go!"

Terry started to march out the door when Lilyana spoke up, "Ummm, actually we kinda need Rontal, and we know that she stays with you when she visits Gothica."

Terry's spines started to raise a little " L-Lilyana I d didn't see you."

Terry dropped his sword turned and launched his self at Lily Tackling her to the ground. The two wrestled around for a minute, then Kamina stamped her foot and picked them up by their shadows.

Lilyana started to protest, "Kamina put me down you're giving me a shadow wedgy."

Kamina dropped them, “aren't we forgetting Rontal guys?”

“Not at all.”

Kamina turned around to see Rontal standing at the Kitchen door with her twelve foot long sword strapped to her back. Rontal was the same height as Guv about 6 foot 1, she had two very different colored eyes her right eye was a swirl of red, pink, and purple. Her left eye was a swirl of green, blue, and orange. She had flawless fair skin and wore a light blue dress that reached down to her ankles. Rontal gave a smile, Kamina could see the two pointed teeth that were trade mark to vampires sparkling in the dim light of the restaurant.

Kamina rushed over and embraced Rontal. Rontal was the person who had given her the place she lived, Rontal may be a human but she is a member of the Spearheads by blood, her father Xalanitus Spearhead was the reason the Spearhead Clan was disowned by their own race, because Xalanitus was the first Alumo to become Human. That outraged the Alumo King, in fact there was a whole galactic war over the matter. The alumoes tried to assimilate the whole galaxy, but they were crushed by the Alliance at least 300 years ago. The race wasn't wiped out, but they killed the king and his followers. In fact the Alliance saved millions of beings and their fallen are honored to this day.

"Rontal I'm so happy to see you.”

“Rontal smiled and embraced Kamina back.” "Happy to see you too darling, so what's this game you're gonna play?"

Kamina explained that she had been challenged to a game of hardcore cops and robbers, and that if she won she would get the guilds money weapons and Hall.

Rontal sighed, "do you know which guild it is?"

Kamina smiled, "why of course I do, its the Star Blood Vectors!" Rontal giggled, but Terry and Lily's jaws dropped.

Lilyana got up and walked over to Kamina "ARE YOU CRAZY!!! THE STAR BLOOD VECTORS!?!?!?. WHAT DID YOU DO TO GET A CHALLENGE FROM THEM!!!!!!"

Kamina laughed out loud, "I simply told them, no guild in this city can catch me."

Terry spoke up this time "The Star Blood Vectors are one of the 5 most powerful Guilds in all of Haragrof City"

Kamina rolled her eyes, "what does that have to do with anything."

Lilyana had a concerned look on her face. "What are the stakes?"

Kamina started to explain the rules of the game. "Ok, it’s no holds barred,  except for killing, and leaving the city. If just one of us can elude them for an hour, we get their money, weapons, and guild hall, but if we lose and get caught, we have to join their guild."

Lilyana face palmed herself, "I don't want to be in a Mercenary Guild. UHHHHGGGGG!!!!"

Rontal started to giggle again. “What’s with you! You think this is funny Rontal?” Rontal gave Lily a stern look. “I think it would be nice to be in a guild. Free work not to mention housing if you don’t have it. So I’ll be able to find you guys rather easily when I visit Gothica.”

Kamina put her arms behind her head and reclined in mid air leaning on her shadow. "Well lets get going cause we need to be there by noon."

Rontal started to walk to the swivel doors, "lets go then I want to meet the guild master." Kamina smiled and dashed out the door after her Lily and Terry followed.  

As They dashed along the rooftops heading North, Kamina and Rontal talked about things that happened since Rontal's last visit. Apparently Rontal was with her sister and her sister’s husband on Sarathose. She told Kamina about the Alliance fixing the planet and making it livable by giving it an atmosphere. Kamina talked about her marks and the trip to Whale Island with Sharky. Before they knew it they were standing on top of the Abandoned Guild hall, and just in time to it was three till noon.

"So where are these posers at Kamina." Lilyana pounded her fist on her chest "I'll beat their asses!"

Terry let out a crazy willow wail "LETS KILL PEOPLE."

Rontal just giggled. Kamina hopped down from the roof and walked over to the Star Blood Vectors Guild Hall. Guv was leaning against a pillar chewing on a rather large piece of meat that looked raw he looked over to Kamina and his face brightened up.

"Ah so you showed up I didn't think you would. Nice armor by the way. Is that Mermail."

Kamina smiled, “yes it is where is your armor you expect to survive with no shirt on."  

Guv started to laugh, "how bout you let your Deathwillow friend stab me with all of his spines."

Terry jumped forward "HELL YEAH!!" All of Terry's spines were up in a flurry as he trusted forward. "WHAT THE....."

To Kamina's amazement none of Terry's spines pierced Guv he was standing the Covered in thick black scales. "I can transform my skin to that of a dragon's, so I'm not worried about dying." Rontal giggled again.

"So let me show you my team." Guv hollered into the guild hall and three people stepped out The first was Ryan, Kamina recognized him from Sharky's, he was wearing a different armor today. It was jet black and looked as light as the last one. With no visible joints the armor looked like it was made to kill in. The next person was a girl, the same height as Lilyana. She had pitch white hair, as in paper white not some old lady hair, and her eyes, well the irises were deep blood red with small blue rings around the pupils, it was very difficult to look her in the eye. She wore an open shoulder tunic and pink jeans all tho she was barefoot like Rontal. She had no weapons on her that Kamina could see.

"Hi I’m Holly Rose nice to meet you."

This girl looked far too nice and sweet to be in this game. Kamina looked behind her to see a small Oorean, he had reddish grey skin and wore the traditional rings all over his arms and head tails. His eyes were black not even white around his Irises just two jet black voids. He wore nothing but brown straps that made up his shirt and pants. A couple of plasma swords were attached to one of the straps were his belt would be.

"I am the Jackel." The Jackel started to cackle evilly. In a flash Rontal lurched forward her giant blade drawn. The blade was two colors, on one side the blade was black crystal, and the other was white crystal, it was a very unnatural combination.


The Jackel had countered with his pair of plasma swords, they were locked against her blade keeping him alive. Kamina could see the tension on The Jackel’s face as he tried to keep Rontal from cutting him down the middle.


The Jackel started to cackle again, “of course, so your with The Order of the Creatures of Night, eh.” Guv was still leaning against the pillar of the guild hall, and Holly had a concerned look on her face. Ryan was just standing there watching.

“You want to know how he died, your little friend?”

Rontal’s blade started to glow. “Your mother also attempted to kill me, my mother, and my father when I was little.”

Hearing this made The Jackel cackle again. "So you’re also part of the Royal family of Sarathose, Miss Rontal Spearhead." That set Rontal off She brought her right hand into his stomach sending him flying towards the entrance of the hall. Then she was gone appearing behind him and kicking him back toward Kamina, as the Jackel flew toward her Kamina saw Rontal disappear again, only to reappear beside The Jackel Punching him into the ground making a small crater in the pavement. By this time Ryan had moved in to keep Rontal from killing the Jackel with her blade. His blade was locked up with her’s, keeping her from driving the end on top of the Jackel’s head.

Ryan spoke up, "That’s enough! He is finished, I know he must have caused you pain, but that is not a reason to kill him. Trust me I know how you feel. He killed a dear friend of mine, and a friend of Guv's to.” Guv nodded, “but he is repaying all of that to us, everyone deserves a second chance so don't take his away.”

Rontal eased her grip on her blade and sheathed it. “I don't know why you even let that scumbag live. You know he also had a hand in Nicolas Lightningbane's death in the Alumo War?" Rontal's face was dark, "if I ever see him lay a hand on Kamina or anyone else that I care about I'll kill him and if you try to defend him, I'll kill you too Ryan Xilantaganish."

Ryan's face was stern I know you would Rontal in fact I don’t think anyone here could stop you."

Lilyana spoke up. "WAIT TIMEOUT!!! You know this guy Rontal?"

Rontal grinned a little bit. "Actually I kinda do, we met on the Alumo Planet during the war. We were in the same unit, we fought side by side with Nicolas Lightningbane and his wife Chelsi Woodro. Nicolas died in Chelsi's arms, he was killed by Phantomblade, and the Jackel helped. He has been against us in every war." Rontal's face was grim.

Holly walked up to her and patted her on the shoulder. "Hey come on now lets not let this ruin the fun ok?" Rontal nodded. Guv stopped leaning on the pillar and walked over to the Jackels mangled body picking him up and throwing him into the guild hall.

"Someone clean up this trash!" Guv looked back at Rontal " I'm glad you didn't kill him he owes me a huge debt for killing Nicolas he was one of my best friends in the Empire War, he also killed Angelo Sundacul, one of my greatest friends, but lets not let that muck things up. I'll replace him in the contest.”

Guv walked back into the guild hall and came out with a Spirit.

( Spirits are people who are entwined with either plants, or animals at birth. those who are connected to plants are called Treekin. Those connected to animals are called Beastkin. Their home world is Lumariah and they hate each other. Spirits may look human but they have completely different DNA structures and they also have one main distinguishing factor all Spirits have yellow blood.)

She was 6 foot 3 and had fairly long Green Hair that went to the small of her back. She had two of the Greenest eyes that Kamina had ever seen, and above all she was gorgeous, the most beautiful woman Kamina had ever seen, even more than Rontal, it made Kamina feel a little flustered.

"Hello my name is Kendra Sharth."

Kamina shook her self out of her daze, "its Very nice to meet you Kendra and you two Holly Let me introduce myself I’m Kamina Ichigawa."

Kamina stepped back letting Lily step forward. "I'm Lilyana Vlistrato." She made a circle of fire in front of her and punched out the center making it disappear. Seeing this made Kendra back up a little.

Lily stepped back and Terry stepped forward " I'm Terry Bluespine"

Terry started to step back when Kendra exclaimed " OOOOH! YOU’RE SOOOO CUTE!" She rushed over to Terry and started to touch his spines " I love Deathwillows! How did your spines get so blue? Where are your horns? Were you born on Lotosha or Volcania?"

Terry seemed a little dumbstruck but it was hard to see his real reaction because his spines covering his face, if he has one.

"Ok that's enough Kendra." Guv was dragging her off of Terry who seemed to be in a daze still, "aww, but I wanted to ask him if he thought I was pretty."

At this point Terry walked over to her and handed her a piece of paper. "What's this?"

Terry walked back and stood in line with Kamina and Lilyana. "Why that's my phone number of course ."

Kendra squealed with delight, Guv spoke up. "OK! Now that we all know each other lets get this game on, everyone call a target."

The first to talk was Ryan, " I got the cocky little thief!" Kamina winked at him she was looking forward to this, a chance to knock Ryan down a peg...GRANTED!!

"I want the cute Deathwillow Terry!" Everyone rolled their eyes and while Kendra was jumping for joy, Guv pointed to Lilyana, "you’re mine girl."

Lily smiled and winked, " ok but don’t be trying anything naughty or I’ll have to roast your equipment."

Guv laughed, "well I guess that leaves Rontal to you honey."

Holly smiled oh I can’t wait, this, I’m going to enjoy."

Guv walked over to Kamina, “the Rules are simple no, killing no leaving the city, and stay outdoors we don’t need our battles to destroy the city too much, eh, otherwise anything else is fair. The Robbers will get a head start. Then the chase begins. I want everyone to go all out.”

Kamina looked around the group she didn't expect Lilyana to lose or Rontal but she could probably count Terry as caught. "ON YOUR MARK! GET SET! GO!!!!"

Immediately Lily and Terry dashed away Rontal walked out to the middle of the square and drew her sword "You’d better get going Kamina you don’t want to get caught do you?" Kamina Dashed off heading to the nearest rooftop as she headed South.

Rooftop to rooftop Kamina had never run so fast in her life, dodging birds, wires, and random vents. She was just crossing the Central District line when, she was forced to a stop. She couldn't believe it, he had managed to catch up to her already!

"Damn took you long enough I've been here for at least 30 seconds. So, you gonna come quietly or are we gonna fight."

Kamina couldn't believe it she had a 4 minute head start, and he still beat her here. "Well I will tell you one thing I'm not going without a fight."

Ryan lurched forward drawing his blade in the process. Kamina ducked and rolled off the roof into a nearby alley. Ryan was not fooled though he was right behind her with another attack, Kamina ducked under his swing and slid between his legs grabbing his shadow and pulling his feet out from under him.

Ryan fell face first to the ground and groaned. “Well that is a unique power you got there but it’s not enough. Zolkema nam Telk!”

Instantly the whole alley lit up with bright light no shadows anywhere.

" Damn you!" Kamina jumped up to the rooftops again and double back flipped to avoid a fireball and a swing from his sword. Kamina grabbed her shadow and turned it into a whip lashing Ryan across the face.

“OUCH! That really hurt.” Ryan stood there for a moment rubbing his face. “Why don't you draw your blade?”

Kamina smiled sweetly "Because I haven't decided to yet."

Ryan was rubbing the lash on his face "Alk Me Nier Volstor Melnek!"  A white dome of energy engulfed them blocking out the sun, Erasing all shadows and any means of escape.

Kamina started to laugh, raising her right hand and drawing her sword with her left the black crystal blade glinting with darkness. "Well I guess I’ll humor you now." Darkness spread forth from Kamina's hand and coated the dome. "Now that I have all the Shadows I need, my Cursed Sword Kai-Mun-Soi-Get-Sue will tear through you like butter."

Kamina dashed toward Ryan Thrusting her sword out in front of her, but Ryan did the most crazy thing she had ever seen, he used his scarf to propel himself to the right, avoiding her attack. The Scarf continued to carry him in a spiral off to the right of her like a pair of arms.

"I may not be able to see you but I can sense you just fine little girl." Kamina thrust her hand into the shadows on the floor and grabbed Ryan by the foot  and thrusted her sword into his foot. Ryan Hollered in pain and pulled his foot off her sword. "Shit that really hurts. So, you have the power over Shadows and Darkness, no wonder Rontal likes you, but that is not enough to beat me."

Kamina pulled her blade out of the Shadows on the floor and licked the blood on the blade. It was very sweet with no metallic taste at all. "Well from the way your blood tastes you must be an Ancient."

(Ancients are Humans that live forever unless killed by someone or something they can read minds and can share their power with one other person making them an Ancient. What gives Ancients their unusually long life span is their cells. All of their cells have the capability to continually reproduced endlessly without tiring or dying letting them stay young and healthy for as long as they are alive.)

Ryan snickered, "looks like you picked up a lot from Rontal including Extrasensory.”

Kamina readied her blade and Dashed forward, but ryan countered her attack, swinging his blade up and hooking her sword with it flinging it away then bringing his blade down across her chest ripping the diamond links off her armor. His blade burned like fire she could feel it tearing her chest open scratching her ribs as he brought it down.

Kamina was thrown back from the force of the slash and she landed on the far side of the Dome colliding with the side of it. When she hit the wall of the dome her darkness dispelled and the energy field of the dome electrocuted her she could feel the surge go through her body making her convulse. Kamina's only thought was to redirect the energy, she threw her hands up and sent an arc of Electricity toward Ryan, he dodged easily but the electricity hit the other side of the dome causing the whole thing to shatter.

"Impressive, I didn't expect that, you took my attack and still managed to think clearly enough to redirect the energy of my spell."

Ryan started to walk over to Kamina." You fought well I'll give you that, but its over I caught you."

Kamina smiled, as Ryan drew closer she rolled under him grabbing his shadow and pulling it out from under him Ryan toppled into a roll landing on his feet, and swinging his sword at Kamina in a side swipe. Kamina took her shadow and wrapped it around his blade wrenching it from his grip, and sending it flying across the rooftops. Ryan grinned launching himself at Kamina striking with the palm of his hand, Kamina jumped up landing on his arm and swinging her feet around connecting with his face. Ryan flew backwards off the rooftop.

Kamina was breathing heavily that slash from Ryan had ruined her armor and she was losing blood. She rushed across the roof top to her sword Kamina picked up her blade and sheathed it. The pain in her chest was mind numbing.

" I hope you do not think this is over!"

Kamina turned around to late Ryan was already upon her his fist connecting the the center of her chest the contact to her wound was like a thousand blades stabbing her at once. Kamina let out a yell as she flew backward off the building. {Got to catch my balance} She thought to herself. Kamina was gracing the edge of the building just as Ryan grabbed her hand.

"And that is Game."

Kamina smiled and swung her foot up connecting with Ryan's jaw she could hear a sickening crack as she let herself fall to the ground. Kamina hit the ground and stumbled forward trying to get into a run, but she was too weak from blood loss. Kamina found herself lying on the ground the pain in her chest great

"Dammit and I was so close to getting away." She could hear Ryan's footsteps closing in as she was losing consciousness.

The End

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