The Thief Who Steals From MercenariesMature

Kamina Ichigawa Born May 31, 2520 She grew up on the Planet Gothica as a street rat stealing for a living never knowing her own parents. This story starts in the year 2539 while Kamina is 19 it will follow her exploits to a certain point.

It was dark, Kamina could feel the sharp pain of hunger in her gut, as she looked down from her spot on the rooftop, She saw two Lotoshin talking below her, she could see the coin pouches hanging from their belts. All she had to do was take them without anyone seeing her, then she would be able to eat tonight.

(luh-toe-shin) (Lotoshin - are usually 6 to 8 feet tall lizards that walk on two feet there skin can be many different colors. They usually have a large fin going down their back, and they are native to the planet Lotosha and are the main sentient species there)

Kamina slowly slipped off the roof top and enveloped her self in the shadows of the alley, a trick she had learned to master if she'd wanted to survive in this city, hell this planet. Gothica was as bad as they got, mercs, slavers, bandits, pirates, hunters, and thieves like herself, and to top it all off she lives in the most dangerous city on the whole planet, home of all the Mercenary Guilds, Haragrof City.

Kamina crept closer to the two Lotoshin, when she got within grabbing distance, she swept past them taking coin pouches, weapons, and jewelry. She darted back into the alley and up to her perch, then turned to listen to the two Lotoshin once more.

"Ye I can understand that we gots some of those back at the clan hall in fact I gots one on meh..... hold a tik, what the hell me pouch is gone! someones done gone and made off with me coin pouch! And me watch!"

The other Lotoshin patted himself hurriedly. "Hell same here! DAMN STREET RATS COME OUT 'ERE AND GIMI ME STAF BAK!"

Kamina turned and depositited her loot into her carry-on pack, shouldered it, and started to make way for home. The shouts of the two lotoshin faded as she lept through the roof tops.

Kamina zipped through the city, like a shadow, "Hmp that mark was too easy." She stopped and looked up to the sky, "I wonder if I’ll ever get off this damn planet, oh well." She continued on home, passing the Carvath Guild hall and The Hashvor Blades hall, till she found her home. Its not much but it beats sleeping in the rain.

Kamina dropped into an alley next to the abandoned Guild Hall that used to be for the Spearhead Clan, a Group of alumoes that for some reason was wiped out and disowned by there own race. She walked to the back of the alley and punched one of the bricks in, and hummed a 7 note tone. The ground and wall in the back of the alley began to shift, revealing a tunnel that led under the abandoned Clan Hall. The tunnel opened up to a small room with White Hecronium lighting on the ceiling, brick walls and a soft mossy floor. The room also had a Red Hecronium Heating pit, and a natural fresh water river that flowed through the far right corner. Kamina sighed. She was home.

The tunnel entrance started to close up, Kamina walked over to her stone chair and placed her loot out in front of her. She had made off with two fazer swords, one plasma blaster, a gold watch, and 45 gold pieces, a good hall. This would feed her for two weeks maybe less she thought to herself. Kamina stuffed the loot back in her bag and tossed it in the corner. She gathered up the coins and went to a ladder in the corner to her right. She scaled it all the way up opening the hatch at the top that lead to the roof of the abandoned guild hall.

Kamina looked out over the square that was in front of the guild hall there were five buildings in the square not including this one there was Sharky's Restaurant sitting at the north end of the square beside it was the Mot`air bakery it was a red building with large glass windows in the front that displayed all kinds of bread from traditional to the breads you find on other worlds.

On the East side of the square was a small apartment slum a lot of this district's poor lived in run down slums this square had two of them sitting side by side in the east side.

The West side of the square had one of the larger buildings it was an active guild hall it belonged to the Star Blood Vectors a rather famous guild its building had large pillars in the front the architecture was of ancient civilization one Kamina had never seen before. The pillars rose up to meet the entry hall roof that also held a large room that had a giant glass viewing window overlooking the square. Kamina could see rows and rows of books lining shelves on the inside of the room.

And on the South end of the square was the very guild hall she lived under, the hall that belonged to the lost Spearhead Clan. Kamina walked over to the gutter pole and slid down it into the alley. She walked out onto the sidewalk and crossed the road over to Sharky's.

Shark's was an open faced restaurant that had 9 stools in front of the bar where they served the food, you could order almost anything and Sharky would cook it right in front of you, he was one of the best cooks Kamina had ever met and a good friend of hers.

Kamina walked up and sat down at the bar, "Hi Sharky "

Sharky looked over to Kamina with a huge grin on his face, "AH! KAMINA! how are you doing, haven't been up to no good, have you?" He gave her a swift wink. Sharky was a Sarconian except his skin was a light blue instead of the usual white and he did not wear the traditional gold rings on his tail, head tail or his arms. His eyes were deep black, not a hint of white, and he had a mouth full of razor sharp teeth they looked rather scary when he grinned.

(Sarconians are a marinelike species and have skin that can be either white, blue, black, or grey. There skin is also like that of a dolphins or a whales. They don't have hair on their head instead they have a tail growing out of the back of it. They wear gold rings on all of their limbs including their head tail and butt tail. there butt tail has three crystals on it that are usually blue.)

Kamina giggled, "Well no more than usual, the marks around the Southern district are to easy."

Sharky folded his arms and gave a hearty laugh, "Well one of these days you're gonna get caught you should save yourself the trouble and join a Mercenary Guild."

Kamina stuck her tongue out at Sharky. Sharky started to laugh again, "Well what will it be tonight, you can have anything it's on the house."

Kamina grinned, "Ok then I'll have Zothen rice with Gorboteon Hog meat and Keegerbru chops."

Sharky picked up his spatula and started to work he was amazingly fast at cutting the meat adding seasoning and frying the rice.

Then about the time when Sharky was done with the rice, someone walked up and sat in the seat beside her. He was tall with short cut brown hair and deep blue green eyes,he had a star symbol under his right eye and wore a unbuttoned shirt that showed off his abs, he had a sword strapped to his belt that was a multitude of colors from blue to gold to every color she could think of, it also had a star on its hilt.

"Yo Sharky how you been old man?"

Sharky turned back to look and grinned, “I'll be right there Guv let me finish this for the little lady.” Sharky swept his hand over the food and it all caught fire and died out quickly "DONE!!!!  Here you go Kamina, I hope its to your enjoyment."

Kamina grinned "Thanks Sharky."

She grabbed her fork and tried the Keegerbru. The meat was very sweet with a slight onion flavor and a metallic finish the taste was exquisite. "Wow Sharky this is amazing."

Guv looked over to see what she was eating "Yeah that does look good can I get the same order, minus the rice."

Sharky look sternly at Guv for a moment and let out a deep sigh "you really need to eat more than just meat, you know that Guv, it's not very healthy "

Kamina giggled and moved on to her rice, it was sour with a hint of mint with a spicy aftertaste. Kamina was three bites into her rice when Sharky spoke up, again, after handing Guv a large plate of Keegerbru meat that looked almost raw.

"You know, Kamina, Guv here is in a Mercenary Guild. You should talk to him about joining."

Kamina smiled and swallowed her food, "I don’t think I need the work, I'm not really strapped for cash at the moment. Plus I haven't really found a guild that has a fair set of members, almost every guild has all it's members on a power trip, like they run the city. I don't like it, that is why I steal solely from mercs."

Guv glanced down at Kamina with a kind of intimidating aura and then turned back to his food. "Well Kamina you may be right, but not all guilds are like that."

Kamina turned back to her food, "I highly doubt that. Anyway I'm not going to get caught. None of these guild have anyone good enough to catch me." Guv and Sharky gave hearty laughs.

Sharky was still laughing hard when another person walked into the restaurant. He was slightly shorter than Guv, he wore a long scarf that looked like a pair of three fingered hands that dropped to the ground, his hair was jet black and covered his eyes, he wore a strange moonlike armor over his chest, but it didn't look very heavy, in fact it looked super light, like it promoted mobility. He wore a sword at his waist that was shaped like an axe, and he wore a kilt that reached all the way down to the ground. The kilt was adorned with moons of every shape and color. He walked over and sat beside Guv. Kamina smiled to herself. Here she had two potential marks, and they were definitely loaded.

Sharky ceased his laughter, " Oh dear, Kamina you really can tell them you know."

Guv grinned at her and looked over at the person that had just walked in. "Hey, Ryan, this girl here thinks that no merc in the city can catch her." Ryan started to give a slight laugh, and craned his head around Guv so he could see her.

Kamina could tell the man was sizing her up, "Ok little girl, how about we play a game of high stakes, hardcore tag."

Kamina smiled, "How about we change it up to a game of cops and robbers. You catch me, and three of my friends within an hour, I'll join your guild. But, if we win we get your gold, your gear, and your guild hall." Ryan was a little shocked at her statement,and she could see it written all over his face.

Guv started to laugh, "How about we make it a no holds barred game too. Anything goes except killing and leaving the city."

Ryan smacked Guv in the back of the head, "You can't bet the whole guild!"

Guv laughed again, "Yes I can Ryan, I am the Guild Master after all!"

Sharky spoke up, "Well, well, well, Kamina looks like you are going to have some fun, eh. Do you even know what guild these guys are in?"

Kamina looked up, "Actually, no" She look over to Guv, "What guild are you guys in?"

Guv gave her a playful smile, "Why the Star Blood Vectors, of course."

A shiver of excitement went up her spine, she had wanted to go to the building for as long as she knew. The Star Blood Vectors were the most powerful guild in the North district of the City, they controlled this district, oversaw the protection of shipments in and out of the District. No one stole from them, no one beats them.

Kamina grinned sharply, "Well I'm in, four on four, my team vs yours, winner take all."

Guv started laughing, "you're on, I'm Guv Lando Zia"

Kamina smiled, "I’m Kamina Ichigawa."

           Guv offered his hand to her. Kamina accepted it with a firm grip, "Well, Kamina we can start tomorrow, at noon."

           Kamina smiled and finished the last few bites of her meal, "Fine then, noon it is." Kamina thanked Sharky and headed home.

The End

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