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The convoy was already to leave the city, a force of Sarchonian clad in diamond link chainmail, wielding alumo steele halberds. Sarallouse grabbed his friend Sonashi’s hand. He looked her in her deep black eyes and smiled. He was glad she was coming along, he honestly didn’t like the idea of going somewhere not knowing anyone. The idea was a bit overwhelming. The twenty-seven guards that formed their convoy stood at the ready of their captain. The captain swam over to him.

“Sir we are ready to move out and meet up with the Mergerdian whale pod the will serve as our cover. If you haven’t seen a mergerdian whale up close sir I suggest you stay in the center of the convoy. They can be quite hostile.”

Sarallouse noded to him and the captain swam ahead out of the city. He follow behind him Sonashi holding his hand as they swam. The guards formed a full cylinder around them positioning so that they could defend for all sides top and bottom even behind. The swam low to the seafloor near the coral to avoid the savage galamite sharks above. They were known to deliberately hunt Sarchonians, and could bite one in half easily. Being twenty feet long and having razor scaled skin with ten fins and ten-thousand teeth meant you could go any where in the sea and kill anything you wanted, well except for the super sea monsters like the Mergerdian Whale, which was five thousand feet long and had skin that was at least eight feet thick. Hell their teeth alone were eight feet long, harder than diamond, and sharper than any blade known to the hecronium sector. To have a set of armor and weapon made from their teeth and bones would be amazing. Sarallouse smiled at the thought. The guards halted as a giant thunder eel shot out of the coral below and grabbed one of the galamite sharks dragging it flailing down into the depths of the reef. Lucky for them thunder eels weren't interested in small creatures. The guards resumed formation and they swam on. Sonashi tugged on his hand.

“Isn’t this amazing Sarallouse! I have never been outside the city before. Not only am I out on the reef now, but I also just got to see a thunder eel. Wasn’t it amazing!”

Sarallouse laughed. “Of course it was. That eel was at least thirty feet long. Biggest eel I ever saw!”

The guards stopped moving now silencing them both. Sarallouse looked ahead of them seeing the largest creature he had ever seen. It took up the whole field of his vision. Dark blue skin and giant fins, its body was massive as well and it was moving through the water it a giant fluke. I was at least half the size of the city. They scariest thing about seeing it was that there were several other ones swimming around it. They were the Mergerdian Whales.

The End

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