Rina DarkenclawMature

Rina gripped her greatsword tightly rushing out into the freezing air. What she saw was something that boiled her blood. A huge Armada was above their heads and beaming down troops just outside the base. On top of that the armada had at least thirty Massive Starcuizers. He roared to the soldiers standing around like idiots.

“Oi! Mover asses! Set up e Ground ta Air turrets! Get lead from asses!Go! Go! Go!”

Alavardians scattered around and started to attempt to mount a defence. Rina growled a low growl, the enemy had caught them with their pants around their ankles they were in no way prepared for this. An explosion came from the main gate. Enemy troops were attempting to force their way into the base. Rina rushed forward growling under her breath. She got the the gate just as it was breached. She meet a large Volcainian face to face. His rough scaly hide was a deep reddish black and he was much taller than her putting him at about fifteen feet tall. He whipped his tail around thumping her in the chest and came down on her with a mighty battle axe. She blocked it with her greatsword. They held there for a moment blades locked together, it too all four of her arms to counter his massive strength. He breathed in her face as he troops ran past them leaving them to their fight as they engaged her own troops with laser fire and melee weapons.

“Yousa die! Little puppy girl! Ias pelt you when I slay you!”

He snapped at her with his short lizard like muzzle. His breath was rank and smelled of rotted flesh, the smell burned her sensitive nose. She opened her muzzle biting down on his nose hard, his dark blood filled her mouth with its rancid take and he screeched in pain flailing backward ripping out of her bite and breaking the weapon lock. He stumbled back a few steps and held his nose with one hand while looking at her.

“Elkla kran toorak Alavardian!”

She hacked on his blood for moment. “Same ta you filthy scum. Come ‘ere I needs new boots!”

The angry Volcainian charged her with his mighty battle axe raised high. She smiled knowing anger had clouded his judgement and she thrusted her greatsword into one of his two hearts. He screeched in pain blood coming out of his mouth and she closed the gap and thrusted her hand into the other side of his chest and ripped out his other heart. He looked at her hate in his eyes as he died and fell to the ground. She yanked her blade from his chest swinging it around and beheading a Volcainina that was coming up on her for the left. Just then a loud screech pierced the air. She looked back to see that damn bird standing there without any armor. He formed a sword made of lightning and opened his large wings, shooting up to the sky destroying four of the air bombers. She growled low knowing she would have to scold that Garuk later. She turned back to the fight dodging a laser blast and deflecting another, this battle was going to have to be an outlet for her anger for now.

The End

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