Rix, Page ThreeMature

Rix though the offer over for a moment. It wasn’t something he was really opposed to. He nodded to Garuk who grew a wolfish grin.

“Right then, Let us go fight. I ‘ave feelin you be good warrior.”

he followed Garuk out the open door ready for whatever he saw. Stepping out into the cold freezing air he saw something frightening. It was an armada, a full on air and ground assault by the enemy, or rather his former employer. Rix let out a shrill cry alerting all those around him. He generate wind close to his feathered body warming the air around him, sorta making his own atmosphere. He then held out his hand concentrating the wind so tightly it created friction so strong her produced a lightning blade. He couldn’t control the lightning itself, but the wind he had constantly swirling around it kept it shaped like a blade. He looked to Garuk who nodded.

“Remember agreement. Fly up to air bombers an star sheeps attempin landin and start takin em out. Go now, fight.”

Rix Stretched his wings and flapped hard sending himself up on his own air current. He zeroed in on a group of air bombers coming in to make a pass over the base and sliced one in half with his lightning blade. The ship exploded and its debris took out two others flying in their formation. Several of the air bombers broke formation in time to avoid getting hit. Rix looked around at them seeing that their were at least ten left. The were circling around now to engage him. He smiled, fighting in the air was something he had always excelled at. The first air bomber to star firing probably regretted it considering Rix sent all of its plasma blast at its buddies taking at least three more out. He flew up higher the rest still hot on his tail feathers. One of the larger cruisers was just above him the auto guns started firing the moment he got in range. He found himself laughing as he flew like an arrow dodging plasma blasts from the turrets and getting the air bombers that follow his kill in the blasts of their own allies. Rix whipped his lightning sword at some of the auto turrets sending bolts flying off the blade at them. He looked back seeing that only one air bomber was left and quickly opened his wings against the air current he was riding letting the ship fly past him. He whipped his sword at is blowing it up. He smiled and looked up seeing the under belly of the cruizer completely devoid of auto turrets now. He started flapping to stay afloat. Stretching out his hand that he was holding the lightning blade in he concentrated on the wind around it condensing it even more making the lightning grow out of control. The lightning straightened for a split second and Rix heaved it upward splitting the whole cruizer in half. It started to fall to the ground into separate part, but Rix had plans for them. HE spotted another air bomber squadron bombing some of the base to his left and created a giant tornado under one of the halves of the cruizer and sent it flying into all twelve of them and crashing into the snow just outside the base. He quickly created another tornado lifting up the other end of the split star cruizer and sent it flying into another Starcruizer above him. The debris exploded on impacting causing the other Starcruizer so start smoking and slowly descend crashing into the snow out side the base. Rix looked up seeing the huge armada of Starcruizers, and the thousands of troops that were beaming to the surface or leaving in air bombers. This battle was just getting started.

The End

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