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The night air was nice and cool on her skin. Her shining black hair blew in the wind. She had been traveling with Sarcoblek, Xalanitus, Kinxia, Darkwater and Coo. They were there investigating murders that had been happening under radar of the war that was currently happening here. They stopped moving to make camp. Xalanitus pointed his flame stick to the ground making a fire instantly.

    Sarcoblek yelled, “Hey! Hey! You can’t go burning the grass like that! I can hear it screaming in pain Xalanitus!”

    Xalanitus just rolled his eyes, Sarcoblek’s ability to talk to all living things was a pain for everyone sometimes it got really annoying.

    Jessica sighed smacking Sarcoblek in that back of the head. “Don’t be stupid Sarco. Even if the grass is in pain do you really think it matters. As long as the roots are intact it will grow back, we are on Volcaina right now the earth is rich and the plants are hardy. Lava has probably gone over this spot at least a hundred times.”

    Sarcoblek just sighed which in turn made Darkwater laugh. It was always good to see some amusement during these hard times. Kinxia ruffled her brown feathers and stomped the ground with her foot making a small pit around the fire and some seats around it with her power of earth. All the seats had grass on them so they were felt nice to sit on. Everyone took their seats around the fire except Kinxia who stood behind Xalanitus.

    Xalanitus clapped his hands together. “Ok, so this is what we are going to do. We are going to split up into groups of two. Me and Kinxia will go to the east and check the villages there for the killers, Jessica you and ummmm...Darkwater, yea you two will go west.”

    Sarcoblek instantly raised his hand. “I object to this! I would like to travel with Jessica instead!”

    Xalanitus sighed shaking his head. “If I let you two go together you will just kill anyone you don’t like and spend the rest of the trip glued to each others faces. Fine, you two can travel together.”

    Sarcoblek smiled broadly while Jessica accidentally made a triumphant “YES!”

    Xalanitus eyed here evilly, his deep black Eyes menacing. “Anyway the final group of course will be You and Darkwater, Coo. You guys will head South. So everyone I want you to be careful. We are hunting our own kind, a rogue group of vampires and werewolves, they will not be easy to bring down. If they are revealed to the public the war here in The Hecronium sector could become a bigger mess than it already is. Oh, one other thing, if you happen to find some Pink, or blue Hecronium get some for Maria. She wanted a souvenir.”

Kinxia stomped her foot the fire going out. Everyone stood up as their seats receded into the ground.  Jessica walked over to Darkwater grabbing her hands. Her short black hair was shining in the light, and her catlike eyes glinted as well.

“You take care of yourself night sister. I don’t want to have to find another battle partner.”

Darkwater smiled her pointer fans showing in the light of the Hecronium Moon. Jessica knelt down to coo looking him straight in his beady eyes.

“I know you know Volcaina well being an Oorean and all, but you better not lay a finger on Darkwater of so help me I will pelt you.”

Coo smiled at her slyly. “That is quite fine Jes, but I’m not really into kitty cats, or humans for that matter.”

Coo turned away from her his twin head tail piercings jingling as he turned.

Darkwater waved and followed him as he started walking south. Jessica scowled looking over to Sarcoblek who just shrugged. Xalanitus walked over placing his hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Coo is a very honorable werewolf. Regardless if Ooreans are selfish by nature he seems to have gotten over that kinda thing.”

Jessica sighed, “Thank you master, I wish you and Kinxia the best on your journey.”

Jessica turned to Sarcoblek who had his hands behind his head and was seemingly leaning on air. She walked over to him grabbing his arm and dragging him along. He stumbled for a moment and moved her hand to his. They started walking west getting out of sight out of the others.

The End

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