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He waited for at least an hour, but it paid off. Jackel watched gleefully as a group of Lotoshin approached the Cart from the road. This is what he had been waiting for. A chance to kill some filthy lizards, he had always been racist to all the other species in the universe. Especially the fucking Lizard ones. They pissed him off the most, he didn’t know why but every time he saw one he had to kill em. He watched carefully as they sorted through the bodies and exchanged conversation through their coded clicks of the tongue. Bah fuck their code, I hate when the filth tries to be smart! Jackel squeezed his laser blades anxiously he hated waiting. the Lotoshin finally came to the cart looking over its contents. They tongue clicked a bit then scanned the mushroom tops. The picked up what they could and started to head down the road. One stayed behind for a moment and pulled a small holocom out of his belt and flipped it open. He spoke to the figure in a hoarse voice that was close to human.

“We have the shipment, but it seems out kin was slayed by some Alavardians. The enemy was slain as well though by laser sword. I suspect Deathwillows in the area sir. I advise all future shipments to be on guard for these savages. Over and out.”

Jackel followed him silently as he made his way down the road. He hopped from mushroom to mushroom not making so much as a sound. The Lotoshin stated to pick up the pace and Jackel did the same to keep up. After several minutes of tailing him he came to a large encampment. There were Lotoshin, Oorean traitors, Sachonians, and a few humans. Jackle looked over the small base and cursed under his breath, he would not be able to take it on alone. He scanned the area looking at their defenses and noticed out the corner of his eye that he was not the only one scoping out the base. It was barely noticeable to him but he saw it, there were several Deathwillows on the ground and in the mushroom tops. Their long black willow-like spines and majestic antlers were unmistakable. Jackel smiled to himself, he might be able to attack the base after all. He took out his holocom and the elders face appeared once again.

“Elder, I have located the base, but it is much larger than we expected. I won’t be able to take it alone. I request five of our best fighters for back up. There are Deathwillows scoping the area as well. when they attack I will be able to take advantage of it and wipe out the leaders in the base, and steal plans.”

“Good work young warrior. You may yet redeem you tainted legacy. You shall receive the warriors you request.”

Jackel pocketed the holocom and smiled, he was going to enjoy this.

The End

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