Jak StargazerMature

Jak grabbed some dirt from her ground and tasted it. Human? Here? He looked at the tracks seeing several set of human and one set of Oorean and Garexian. Something was off about the tracks and he didn’t like it. They smelled and tasted strange. Must be Vampires... He moved ahead knowing he could easily catch the group seeing as the tracks were only a day old. Being a Deathwillow meant that he didn't get tired easily and could go without food for weeks. HE rushed forward over the flat landscape, he was curious to see what these vampires were doing here. He didn’t have much else to do because he was exiled from his tribe for being too intelligent the elder willow saw him as a threat and had him removed. Those savages can stay in their pit for all I care. I just want to go have some fun. after a few minutes of running Jak came across a dead campfire. Tracks lead in three different direction. East, West and south. He looked at the ones going West and smiled, they looked the most interesting. He knelt down taking a close look. The grass around the tracks seemed to be happy in a way, Jak stuck some of his long spined into the ground and touched the roots of the grass. He saw it all. The vampires were here not too long ago. The two that had gone West were male and female humans,and one of them had the power of Silver tongue. Jak stood up an unseen smile on his hidden face. He was finally going to get to learn something new. He took off west following the tracks of the two. It would be much easier to follow them anyway because they were heading toward the stone tree forest.

The End

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