Sarallouse looked out the marble window to the vast depths of the ocean. He had been the ruler of this underwater city for at least two hundred years now. It was something he enjoyed doing. Being the ruler of the Sarconian city Saragii was an honor in it and of itself. Taking on the Title of Dawnstar was an even greater honor. Mako Dawnstar was starting to get up in the years now and had decided to relinquish his title as Dawnstar. He had been chosen to be the next successor to the throne. The next to receive the title of Dawnstar. To relinquish his own family name and take on Dawnstar was the greatest honor of his life. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see his best friend smiling there. Her blue skin was shining in the light of the sun coral lighting the room.

“It’s time to go meet with the Dawnstar Sarallouse.”

He nodded and they swam down the white marble hallway to the large door at the end. She opened it with her long tail letting him enter. Sarallouse entered silently. Looking around the room he admired the smooth white marble pillars, floor and wall. The whole city was white like this being as the marble was the best mineral suited for houses in the city. This was not the Capital city but it was still in a harsh part of the sea none the less. The constant coral storms and volcanic eruptions proved a nuisance to day to day life. The marble city held up though and it has been for three thousand years. He looked up to the throne seeing the Dawnstar, his skin had started to get wrinkles all over and the three crystals on  his tail had started to form cracks. Mako looked at him with aged eyes.

“Sarallouse Lurkoona! From this day on you shall be known as Sarallouse Dawnstar Leader of the Sarchonian people, your decisions will guide the people and keep or future safe. Do you accept this title? Do you accept the responsibility that comes with it? Do you pledge your life to the people?”

Sarallous nodded,“I accept my Dawnstar!”

Mako stepped down from the throne and slowly swam over to him. He drew a knife made of pure golden hecronium and pointed it at him. He flipped the knife now holding the blade offering it to him.

“Take my life with this blade and claim your rightful place as Dawnstar!”

Sarallouse accepted the blade and drove it into Mako’s heart. His red blood seeped into the water. Two of the guards in the room swam over catching Mako’s body as he slowly fell. They carried him out of the room silently. The remaining guards all knelt before him

“Your Orders my Dawnstar!!”

Sarallouse smiled. “Prepare to leave for the Capital! We go at once!”

The End

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