Jackel ColdfangMature

Jackle leaped to the next giant mushroom in the forest. He hated being so sneaky, usually he would just go slaughter his target, but the elder had told him to follow only. He looked down to his prey seeing the six lizards known as Lotoshins driving their carts onward. The Keygerbrue pulling the carts were a cross between the Kangaroos and Gorillas of earth. Hind legs and the head of a kangaroo, and the front arms of a gorilla. They walked on their front knuckles too. It was funny how animals of his home planet differed so greatly from Earths. The Lotoshins stopped to make camp. Jackel could see they were tired, they had been moving all day without rest. Only natural that they would want to take a break. Jackel move back some and grabbed his holocom from his belt, the small round disc lit up at his touch.

The face of the Elder appeared before him. His grey wrinkled skin and long tattered head tales seemed more aged the ever. “Elder Rekeshma the Lotoshin have stopped on the edge of the Great Mushroom Wood. Elder I beseech you allow me to kill these foul disgusting lizards and take the cargo, I can have it done at your command.”

Jackel watched as the Elder considered this, “No young Coldfang. We mustn't let the enemy know we follow them. This be thy chance to find thy enemies base in the Wood. Stay true to thy task and observe. Stay thy blades and keep thy eyes and ears keen.”

The holocom flicked off. “Tsk. He should just let me kill them and send a message, the Elder is too old to see that brute force is what will win us the moon.”

The sound of fazer blasts caught his attention. He moved to the edge of the large mushroom and saw the Lotoshin’s fighting some Alavardians. Jackel touched his head tale piercing in thought. What are those wolf bastards doing off their own world? Do they have a base on Lotosha? If so we may need to call for an alliance with the willows... He watched as the four armed wolves exchanged fire with the two legged lizards. A fazer blast hit one of the carts the Lotoshins were transporting blowing a hole in the side. The cart exploded in a shower of shining crystal dust. Jackel then knew what they were transporting. It all makes sense now. I feel stupid for doubting the elder. They have been transporting Hecronium Crystals! By this time all of the Lotoshin had been gunned down by fazer fire. Jackel couldn’t let the Crystals fall into Alavardian paws. He grabbed his dual sided laser swords from his side and flicked them on the red ethereal energy glowing from the blades. He started to spin them in either hand and smiled to himself. He was going to get to kill something after all. Jackel hopped off the Mushroom tree spinning his blades all around him. He came down on the first Alavardian slicing him up like he was butter. His blue blood sprayed everywhere painting the area. He didn’t give the other two time to think tossing his blades into them both cutting them clean in half at their torsos. He looked around quickly scanning the area for anymore that might be hiding, but it was all clear. He walked over to the two he had decapitated and cut out their claw and teeth for trophies. He retrieved his blades and Scaled the nearest Mushroom tree. When he go to the top of the tree he wiped the blood and fur from his red leathery skin.

"Disgusting wolves have the nastiest blood I swear. The shit stain you to the fucking bone!”

He looked out over the top of his mushroom and wait patiently, he knew that allies of either the Lotoshin of the Alavardian would show up looking for their soldiers. It was just a matter of time...

The End

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