Rix, Page TwoMature

Rix opened his eyes slowly his wings feeling very heavy. HE could hear the sound of a couple deep voices talking. The light in the room was very dim so it was hard for him to see. Two figures were on the other side of the room talking. He moved his wing, the sound of chain clanging filled his hearing. He looked to his wings seeing that they were tightly wrapped in chains. Prisoner...I’m a Prisoner... The voices stopped talking he looked across the room his vision finally adjusting. One was the Alavardian that had saved him from his death. The other was and Alavardian that had shining black fur and a slender figure, she was shorter than the other, and her tail was not split as much as his. She growled a low growl looking at him.

“What business you ‘ave ‘ere Garexian!”

Rix looked at her with hollow eyes and let out a small shrill chirp. She reached down with her two left arms and picked him up baring her teeth. The larger white Alavardian put his hand on her shoulder.

“Do not let ‘em anger you Rina. As I say before ‘e wishes for death. Don’t be so cruel as tu give ‘em easy way out.”

Rix narrowed his eyes, a swift wind blasted Rina off him and into the back wall. The other Alavardian seemed surprised by this and didn’t have time to block the blast of air that sent him flying. Rix opened his winds easily busting the chains like they were glass. HE broke the bindings on his hands and feet and started to leave the room.

“If you won’t grant me death I will seek it elsewhere...”

He could hear the male Alavardian laughing now.

“Woa now, We cannot be so hasty as to leave so roodly...”

He could feel a cold sensation on his back. Rix turned to see the room becoming Ice behind him.

“Tossing me so roodly... You would do well not to be‘ave in such mannor.”

He tossed all four of his arms up and Ice started to freeze his talons to the cold stone floor. Rix looked at him and anger growing in his eyes. He didn’t like the fact that this wolf was trying to preserve his life. He had no right to live anymore, not after what he had done. Flashes of that moment entered his mind and Rix let out a shrill screech shattering the ice. He beat his wings sending a huge gust of air at the Alavardian. The Alavardian blocked it with a wall of ice smiling at Rix.

“You ‘ave much life still in you. To wais it, nao dis would be a sin.”

The loud sound of an explosion filled the room. Rix turn to look at the door in surprise. Rina got up holding a paw to her hard.

“They strike!”

She got up quickly grabbing a three handed longsword and rushing past Rix nearly knocking him over.

Rix looked out the door she had left swiging on its hinges. War...thats right...We are in a war still... He felt a paw on his shoulder.

“If you no ‘ave reason to live Qlhemak, I give you reason to live. Live for us...If you have no want for your life give to me. I ‘ave use for you Qlhemak.”

Rix looked him in his deep black eyes. He really didn’t want his life any more it was something of a burden to him now.

“What is your name Alavardian?”

Another explosion rocked the room. The Alavardian made a wolfish grin.

“They call me Garuk Silverpelt.”

The End

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