Rix RovenMature

These are tales of heroes in the thousand year Hecronium War.

The cold winter air was merciless it bit into his feathers like a thousand shards of ice. It was more than he deserved, he had killed them after all. All of them, even his sister. Rix looked up at the sky seeing the majesty of the Hecronium Moon. Ice and snow started coating his tattered black feathers. He touched his beak feeling that scar the his best friend Hurse had given him for his betrayal. The look on their faces as he had slaughtered them pierced his mind. The pain was unbearable, Rix stripped off his armor letting it slide off his wings. He no longer wished to live. This war had taken too much from him. The sides didn’t matter to him anymore. He just wanted to freeze to death here in the frozen wastelands of Jandora. What had he been fighting for, the Hecronium? Peace? Fun? He started to fade out of consciousness the sound of foot steps filled his mind. He looked up seeing an Alavardian, he was wearing armor with the enemies crest on it. His fur was white like the snow around him and he had a long scar that went through his right eye and curved under his muzzle. That wolf face of his bore hard unyielding eyes. He bared his teeth reaching down with two of his four arms and picked Rix up. Rix tried to to fight him off with little effort. The Alavardian slung him over his shoulder, and started to march through the frozen landscape.

Rix spoke hoarsely. “Please just kill me...or let me die...I have no more reason to live...”

The Alavardian tossed him to the ground and placed his large foot on his bare chest. The claws on his foot dug into Rix’s feathers.

The Alavardian spoke his voice was deep and thundering. “You shut your beak Garexian! You have no right to choose to die. No more right then I would have to choose an easy way out like that! You would speak of not having a reason to live! Well live for the ones you love! I’m saving you because it’s my warrior way! Do not mistake it for pity scum!”

Rix coughed, “ I have no loved ones left. I killed them, all of them. Because of the fucking war.”

The Alavardian snarled his teeth showing and making him seem feral. “War is war. We do as we are told. I will take you in to my masters." He looked down into Rix's eyes for a moment. " I will call you Qlhemak, one with nothing to live for.”

He reached down grabbing Rix’s wing and dragged him along. Rix faded out of consciousness darkness taking him over.

The End

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