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Coraline followed Nicolas around one of the larger buildings in the city as he showed her around. She was a bit confused at why he was being so nice to a complete stranger, but she didn't complain. They stopped in a room where a lot of people were running around working machines and doing other miscellaneous things that looked complicated.

"This is where we look over data received from all over the universe. Things like bounties, criminal activities, and reports from other branches of the Galactic Alliance."

Coraline was impressed. She had never seen organization of this level in all her life. The Galactic Alliance was indeed dedicated to its mission for peace. Nicolas started to walk again, Coraline quickened her pace to catch up to his side.

She spoke inquisitively. "Who is the leader of this whole operation?"

Nicolas gave a laugh still walking as he answered. " Well that would be me, but major decisions are made by a group comity. All I get is final say so. I can't decide on something and then have it law, but if I'm Against something it doesn't happen."

Coraline thought this over. " Ok, I have two things to say. First, why would the leader come out to greet an intruder? Second, I find your for of government here interesting. You being the leader have a lot of power right? But to counter that power you can't make your decisions law without a comity vote, but you can veto decisions you don't approve of."

He gave a short laugh before answering. " Well, you ask a valid question. I try to be there for every security matter. Even though it risks my life who am I to send other to do something that I won't. Hell sometimes I'll mop floors with the trainees."

He stopped walking, they were standing before a large set of steel doors. Nicolas walked over to one side and placed his hand on a keypad. The doors swung open reveiling a large dome room. There were people standing here and there sitting or talking. In the center of the room was a huge holo map of the universe. Suddenly a large spear shaped ice sickle came flying at Nicolas from the other side of the room. He caught it, twirled it in the air and sent it flying at a large man with spiky red hair that was talking to someone else. He also caught the ice sickle without looking at it and sent it flying to the other end of the room at some guy with dark green hair who was sitting on a bench reading a book. He dodged letting a girl behind him catch it and send it flying to a dark skinned man talking to a group of people near the holo map. He caught the ice sickle and smashed it  on the ground. When he did several people in the room let out boos of annoyance. The large red haired man turned and complained to him.

"Matt why did you smash it? It was going to be Dustin's turn next."

Matt turned and faced the spiky red haired man. "That is exactly why I smashed it. Last time we let Dustin have the ice sickle he teleported it into Jesse's foot. I mean seriously can't he just throw it like the rest of us?"

At this a guy wearing a black rode that was sitting in the corner spoke up. " But throwing it is so tedious."

Now the guy with the dark green hair reading the book broke in. " How can catching and throwing be tedious Dustin? I would imagine using your Darkness is more tedious."

The four started to argue back and forth now. Nicolas sighed walking toward the center of the room. Coraline followed him uneasily. She felt a little nervous being in this room with all these people who seemed to be very highly skilled in one way or another. Nicolas stopped in the middle of the room and raised one of his hands. A lightning blot shot out of it hitting the ceiling. The whole room went quiet.

"Everyone I would like to introduce to you Coraline Carpathia. I would also like you to stop arguing because I'm getting a headache."

The quietness last a few seconds and then everyone went back to what they were doing before the argument. No one seemed to show any interest in Coraline. Which she was happy about, because she hated attention. Ice started to coat Nicolas's left arm and a woman stepped out form behind him. She was almost as tall as him and had teal colored hair and teal and silver eyes. She was very pretty, the dress she was wearing made her even more so. The aura coming off of her was very protective as well. Nicolas turned to her and they kissed. It wasn't long or intense, but the way they kissed you could tell they were in love. Nicolas drew away and introduced her.

"Chelsi I would like you to meet Coraline. Coraline, this is my wife Chelsi."

Coraline responded by raising her hand slightly.

Chelsi raised and eyebrow at her while defrosting Nicolas's arm. " Where did you come from Coraline."

Coraline looked away nervously. She didn't want to reveal anything that would lead to question about her powers.

"I- I can't tell you that."

Chelsi eyed her suspiciously. " I won't pry or anything, but if you run out to be a spy or something I will kill you." Ice crawled across the floor toward Coraline stopping short just before receding.

Coraline thought the threat would seem scary if she could die.

Nicolas scowlded Chelsi. "That is not a very nice way to treat a guest. I i thought she was a spy at all I would have had her locked up." He looked at Coraline with a smile. " I can tell she is a very kindhearted person."

Nicolas picked Chelsi up who giggled hard as he did and started to walk with her out of the room. " Don't mind us Coraline, if you want a place to stay talk to Mike over there he will help you." He was pointing with his free hand at the man with the red spiky hair.

With that he carried Chelsi out of the room. Coraline felt nevous being in the room with a bunch of people she didn't know. She looked over to Mike who was now swapping licks with another large man with brown hair. Coraline walked over and took a seat next to them watching them play. Mike was obviously the stronger man but the guy with brown hair wasn't all that bad. Someone tapped her shoulder. Coraline turned to see Dustin standing behind her.

"Would you care to accompany me Ms. Coraline?"

Coraline got up and started to follow him, but Mike called to them as they walked away.

" Dustin! Don't be getting that young lady into any trouble. Oh, and take this." He tossed a key over to Dustin who caught it with out turning around. " That is the key to her room. Make sure you show her were it is."

Dustin kept walking not answering him back. Coraline did not like the aura coming off him. It was sadistic, like a rabid animal. Even though she still followed him out of the dome room and down the hall. Questions were going through her mind as she followed. Who is he? Why is he wear a robe? Why would someone like this be aquainted with Nicolas and his crew? She had a feeling that her question would be answered soon enough. They rounded a corner and stopped. Dustin turned around to face her taking off his hood. Her had short black hair and deep purple eyes. It was pretty obvious that his power was darkness now.

He spoke in his raspy voice. " So why are you here now Coraline Carpathia? Don't say that you can't say. I'm not as dense as Nicolas. I know you are a lot older than you look as well. I can smell it."

Coraline felt frozen his gaze was intense as if he were holding her with it. " I..." She trailed off not wanting to reveal to much. In the past she had been used to force peoples powers to awaken for the purpose of war, and the result was the Terra Empire. She didn't want to be forced into that position again.

Dustin placed his hand on her shoulder. " You can trust anyone here. What ever you may be running from has no influence here. I may not be all good but everyone else here would be willing to put there lives on the line to protect another. Even if they are a total stranger."

She felt a little better hearing his words. "My power allows me to help other so to say, but it never turns out to be good. In the past I have been used as a tool to fuel war. I don't want that to happen again. I will tell you though, my power lets me unlock the powers of anyone I kiss if that person already unlocked their powers it can amplify them. Additionally I gain the powers that I unlock." Coraline kept quiet about how her powers activated on their own when she was in serious trouble.

Dustin looked  at her taking in everything she said. "I don't see how that would affect you staying here. The Galactic Alliance fights for peace. We don't need to exploit others for power. you have nothing to fear from us so don't worry, and I won't tell anyone your power ok."

He turned away from her and motioned for her to follow putting his hood back up as he walk away. Coraline was actually happy hearing what he had said. This would be a nice place to stay...for now.

The End

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