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Coraline is lost by time. She is cursed with immortality and forced to live her life watching others die as she never dies. The story will take place just before the Alumo War in the year 2169

Coraline fell backwards lying in the hot sand. The group of Crovexians she was traveling with continued on. She sat up watching them walk away, their red skin glistening in the harsh light of Everray's three suns. She hadn't been on the planet for more than half a year. She fell back down lying on her back once more. Thinking of the people she was traveling with. Grawmeraw was the only Crovexian of the group that remotely tried to make her feel accepted by the. Even though she had just been with the group for a week, Grawmeraw still tried his best to make her feel welcome.

Coraline sighed under her breath. " looks like i need to part ways before I get to attached."

Coraline sat back up again. Gawmeraw was breaking off from the group and making his way back her. The claw over his right hand was broken from a sand wurm attack he had survived when he was young. It made him seem odd among the rest of the Crovexians. They usually took pride in their claws getting tribal markings on them and keeping them clean. The hands they hide inside of their claws allowed the to do all kinds of fine handy work, most of their art is crafted from sand so... Coraline laughed to herself for letting her thoughts ramble on. Gawmeraw stood over her offering his hand to her.

"Yer naut gerna lie dere all day is ya Caraline?"

Coraline smiled, she always thought his speech impediment was cute. She took his hand letting him lift her back to her feet. They walked together to the rest of the group that was now waiting for them. The heavy cloaks and hoods they were wearing made them seem like homeless people. Although they were nomads so it does fit. They took a few more steps and the ground started to shift beneath Coraline's feet. She reacted quickly knowing exactly what was going on. She pushed Gawmeraw away as the sand around her shot up creating a sinkhole beneath her. Gawmeraw shrieked in horror as she sank, desprately trying to save her. Just as the sand completely overtook her, her powers kicked in teleporting her to a random place in the universe again.

Coraline was looking at a night sky now lying on her back. It had happened again. Every time she got close to someone, something bad happened and her power whisked her away. Her power was an unusual one. She had the Ability to unlock other peoples powers. Not only could see do that but she could also use all the powers she has come in contact with. She was also immortal which was  a fact about herself she hated, but what she hated the most was that whenever she was about to be quote on quote completely destroyed by something her power activated on it own and teleported her somewhere. Where she was now she had no clue. The air was cool here, she sighed as a tear rolled down her cheek. Being ripped away from the people she got to meet was always painful. Coraline sat upright looking around to see were she was. She was sitting in a vast meadow with a city that could be seen on the edge at least ninety yards away from her. Coraline sighed as she got up sand rolling over her clothing from the sink hole she had been sucked down by. She didn't know what planet she was on now, but she guessed she wouldn't be here long. She started walking in the direction of the city.

"I hope Grawmeraw will be ok. He didn't have any other friends."

As she got closer to the city it looked more and more like a military base to her. She sighed again realizing that she was going into more trouble. She kept walking anyway, there wasn't anything they could do to kill her even if she wanted them to. When she was at least twenty yards away for the city base or whatever it was she was greeted by a platoon of soldiers. They pointed their guns at her forming a half circle around her. The person who seemed to be the the squad leader. Coraline looked him over, he was well built and had some decent muscle tone. His hair was dark blue and fell to his brow.His eyes were a mix of blue and white like lightning they seemed to swirl as she looked at them. The man spoke up addressing her in a respectful tone.

"State your name power and business here ma'am."

Coraline sighed. " I really don't see the point is telling you my power but ill give you my name for yours."

The man smiled slinging his gun back over his shoulder, and signaling for his soldiers to do the same. " My name is Nicolas Lightningbane." He held out his hand offering it to her in a handshake.

She didn't take his hand instead she hide her hands behind her back. "My name is Coraline Carpathia. I can't tell you my power but I can say that it has something to do with why I showed up here. While I'm on that topic where is here?"

Nicolas smiled. Gesturing to the city base behind him. " Welcome to the city of the Galactic Alliance on Shath.

The End

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