The Girl with the Purple EyesMature

The first thing to register in Bartholomue’s mind was the fact that his whole body was in immense pain, oh and he couldn’t move. Slowly his hearing came back to him. He heard voices, at least three of them to be exact two girls and a guy. He couldn’t make out what they were saying because his hearing was still fuzzy. the voices started getting clearer the first one he was able to make out was that of a young girls.

“Honestly Lily that was reckless you should have had back up! He could have killed you if raven hadn't been there fast enough.”

The girl sounded pretty angry. His vision was starting to come back. Fuzzy at first but it cleared up. He was sitting in a white room tied to a chair by some black substance. He looked in front of him to see three people standing there talking.the girl he had been following, a guy with dark blue hair, and a girl with jet black hair standing with her back to him. Bartholomue coughed hard blood spewing from his mouth. The lightning had really messed him up. Regardless he was at least happy that he was stopped before his psychotic self was able to do any real damage.

“Kamina he is awake!”

“So it seems Lillyana.”

The sharp point of a sword was under his chin now. Bartholomue looked back up to see the black haired girl looking directly into his eyes holding a black bladed sword to his throat. He smiled at her. She was very pretty, purple eyes silky black hair and a great figure. He started to wonder what screams of pain she would make. Bartholomue coughed hard again more blood spewing forth. He looked down and away from her shaking the thoughts away. He didn’t want to lose control again. The point of her sword forced him to look into her eyes again.

“Why did you try to kill my friend here?”

His hearing was fully restored now. Her question rang through his mind loud and clear.

He coughed slightly. “ You wouldn’t believe me if i told you.”

She was staring deep into his eyes now, no his soul. He noticed her right eyes had a small yellow ring around the center of the iris. It was clear to him now she was seeing into his aura. She obviously had grand sight a trait passed down only to the most powerful of darkness wielders only three could exist in the universe at a time. To think one was standing in front of him right now. He couldn’t help but think how much fun it would be to rip out her eyes for trophies and wear them around his neck. He turned his attention to the red haired girl she was wearing a large overcoat now. It would be fun to see how many holes he could put into her while she was wearing it. He look at the guy now admiring his hair which seemed like a nice trophy, yes he really wanted to scalp him. Bartholomue closed his eyes and vomited blood regaining control of himself. He needed to get back t the guild hall and drink his medicine to suppress his blood lust. The point of the sword left his throat.

“Raven! I’m going to need you to untie him.”

A small explosion sounded in the back of the room. “ Are you fucking crazy Kamina. This guy stopped one of my punches without lifting so much as a finger.”

Kamina started o laugh. “ Thats because he has the ability of kinetic manipulation physical attacks. heated attacked freezing attacks, and sound attacks won’t affect him. On top of the power he has the power of light and he worships the Star God. So he can even multiform. Probably something with claws seeing what he did to  your jacket.”

Bartholomue was surprised, she had learned so much about his powers just from looking into his eyes and reading his life aura. Her ability, Grandsight was impressive indeed. Raven walked around behind him and untied the strange ropes.

Bartholomue was confused, “Why are you releasing me?”

Kamina looked into his eyes again. “The girl you almost killed, her name is Lilyana, and she is my best friend. This isn’t a matter of vengeance or anything. It’s a matter of I need to know if you were you so I know what to blame.”

Bartholomue was shocked, had she figured out his secret that he loses control. What else had she figured out? Did she see guil plans could she see his thoughts as well? Kamina motioned for him to follow her as she walked through a door the appeared on the left wall of the room. Before he followed he noticed Lilyana giving him a look, not one of hate but of fear. He must have really scared her when he lost it.

“Hey! Lets go!” Bartholomue turned to follow Kamina.

Through the door was a large open room that seemed like some kind of training arena. Kamina stopped at the far end and sheathed her sword.

She called out to her friends. “ Raven you and lilyana watch from the observation room!” She addressed him directly. “ You and me are going to fight. I want to see your abilities in action.”

A fight? What is she crazy? Why bring me here to fight me? What if I killed her? Isn’t she scared? Although ripping her apart would be fun, tearing off a limb or two? Maybe I’ll get those eyes of her’s. Bartholomue shook himself to keep the thoughts at bay. He took his stance putting his hands out in front of him and positioning his legs. He looked over to Kamina to see her standing with no stance at all. Confused he decided to make the first move and rushed at her with a tiger strike. He closed the distance quickly and just before he hit her he was dragged sideways and slammed into a wall. Batholomue got up even more confused then he was before he attacked. What did she do? Then he noticed it. His very own shadow stretched out all the way to her and in her hand.

She gave a sweet smile.” So you finally noticed, eh. I have the power to control shadows.” She whiped his shadow up sending him flying into the ceiling then back down to the floor. Bartholomue groaned. She is really tossing me around. Stupid bitch I should just rip her apart now. Yes, I bet the color of her blood is very pretty. Bartholomue got back up swiftly and blasted his shadow with light completely severing Kamina’s hold on it.

Kamina smiled. “You finally let all that blood lust out I see. As only fair I should do the same.”

Bartholomue felt a dark aura coming from Kamina now. It excited him he couldn’t wait to dig his claws into her. He Howled a demonic cry and ran toward her his hands like that of a tigers paws. His first strike slashed her across the face spilling blood across the floor. Seeing its deep crimson color sent vibes of excitement rushing through him. More he needed, WANTED MORE. He followed up with several kicks to her chest and back keeping her in one place and finished with a double palm thrust sending her skidding back. Bartholomue let out a Maniacal laugh relishing in the thrill of battle. He had completely lost control of his blood lust by this point. He was going to kill her, rip her apart and play with the pieces. Bartholomue stopped laughing and looked at Kamina who was just standing there blood dripping from her arms, legs, chest, and face. She looked up at him with a wickedly crazy smile.

“I suppose that is your blood lust, as is fair i think I’ll show you mine.”

Bartholomue grabbed his face and started to laugh like a maniac. “ You stupid bitch look at your self you are bleeding all over you probably don’t even have the strength to land a hit on me. No, you idiot stop, she is going to kill you. Bartholomue ignored the thoughts in the back of his mind and lunged forward to finish Kamina off. When he got in range for a killing blow she grabbed the wrists of both his hands and pinned his feet to the floor with her own.

She looked him in the eyes and smiled. “ Are you ready? I’m going to break you.” Bartholomue watched in horror as her wounds were enveloped in darkness. When it disappeared she was completely healed.

She opened her mouth and darkness started to pour out in the shape of a serpent. It wrapped around his arms and started to crush them.

“What madness is this?! What are you doing?! STOP! STOP!” Bartholomue let out a shriek of rage blasting both of them apart.

He landed several feet away skidding on the floor. He looked up to see she was already walking back over to him. The feel of her aura was maddening like she was going to tear him apart just by looking at him.

She spoke in a dark voice. “ I can taste your fear Bartholomue. I like it. It soothes my blood.” Her words sent chills up his spine, but he didn’t care he just wanted to rip out her tongue and feed it to her. Darkness started to pool around her feet rising up in serpent like forms around her. He smiled doing the same letting his light pool around his feet and letting it rise in serpent like forms. They rushed at each other light and darkness mixing, trading blows, and creating shock waves each time one of them blocked. They continue to trade blows energy starting to form around they from the mixing of their auras. Kamina punched him in the face which surprised Bartholomue. How was she able to hit me?! Kamina punched him several time in the chest and sent him flying with a kick. Bartholomue flew across the room into the back wall. He got up slowly his sanity having been returned. He looked up at her seeing her laughing like a crazed maniac.


He watched in amazement as she gathered all the mixed energy from their clashing auras and formed it into an orb. She drew her black sword an placed the orb on the blade. The reaction was frightening the sword gained an aura of its own, and the worst part of it was he could see it. The aura looked like a serpent dragon trying to reach him, like it thirsted for his blood. It was a black phantom dragon that had a mouth full of jagged sharp teeth. Bartholomue couldn’t move and she whispered something he could hear in his mind as she took a stance. “ I call this my Secret technique. I can only use it with my sword Kai-Mun-Soi-Get-Sue. Its called spirit crusher!” Her madness exploded in his mind as she finished that sentence. Bartholomue backed against the wall in horror as she twirled her sword and made a dash for the killing blow. To think that I would die here before getting back to lumariah. I guess its only fair for a monster like me to die to a monster like her, bitch. Just as the sword was closing in on him and the phantom dragon was wrapping around him a shock wave of darkness blasted her away. She flew several feet and skidded across the ground coughing. Bartholomue was surprised to see a man standing in front of him wearing a black robe with the hood up. He gave off an aura much like Kamina’sd except ten times more powerful. He had his back to him and was facing Kamina he addressed her in a dark raspy voice.

“Kamina Ichigawa! What do you think you are doing! Do you have any idea what the consequences of your actions would have been if you had killed this man!”

She stood upright and sheathed her sword. “I’m sorry Master Darken, I lost control of myself during the clash. It was never my intention to harm him.”

Bartholomue heard footstep to his left a looked to see four people standing there, a woman, she had long red hair with black streaks here and there and the most amazing rainbow colored eye looking at her he didn’t feel the slightest amount of blood lust, not even the thoughts invaded his mind. She gave off a soothing aura that suppressed his blood lust. Standing to her right was a man, he was tall with short cut brown hair and deep blue green eyes,he had a star symbol under his right eye and wore a unbuttoned shirt that showed off his abs, he had a sword strapped to his belt that seemed to swirl with all the colors in the rainbow. He didn’t give off an aura at all.  Next to Him was another man He was slightly shorter than the other guy,and he wore a long scarf that looked like a pair of three fingered hands that dropped to the ground, his hair was jet black and covered his eyes. He was shirtless, Bartholomue could see a large scar going across his chest. He also wore a sword at his waist that was shaped like an axe, and he wore a kilt that reached all the way down to the ground. The kilt was adorned with moons of every shape and color. He had an intimidating aura that made him shiver. Next to him was a beautiful girl with black hair that reached her shoulders, and from the color of her eyes he could tell she was a beastkin spirit, because they were a deep crimson red. Looking at her made Bartholomue feel like he had never felt before. Her aura wasn’t calming like the rainbow ladies. It was alluring he felt drawn to it like he was meant to be with her. She must have noticed him gawking because she looked at him and rolled her eyes.

The man with the kilt walked over to Darken. “Darken lets finish this later I’m sure she was just wanting to have a little fun.”

Darken let out a sigh. “ I guess so Ryan.” He pointed at Kamina. “Don’t think you're off the hook young lady.” With that he disappeared into a dark pool in the floor.

Ryan looked back over to the lady with the rainbow eyes. “ Sashire can you take Him up to the infirmary.” He gestured toward Bartholomue.

Sashire walked over to him and knelt down. “ I’m Sashire Shrist. I’m going to take you to the infirmary, ok?

Bartholomue craned his head around her to get a look at the girl with the black hair. Sashire noticed and laughed.

“That girl over there is Lucy Evermore.” Sashire turned toward Lucy. “ Hey Lucy I think you have an admirer. Lucy Responded by walking away. Sashire giggled and pick Bartholomue up.

The trip to the infirmary was a long one they must have gone up several flights of stairs and gone down a hundred hallways. The entire trip he only had one thing on his mind, Lucy. She was gorgeous the most amazingly beautiful think he had ever seen. He started to drift into unconsciousness he was really exhausted and soon he was asleep.

The End

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