Missions that go wrongMature

Bartholomew Haose was born on the planet Lumariah on December 24, 2520 his parents moved to Gothica in search of work. Instead the were brutally murdered. The Infernal Knight took him in after that and he has been making a living with them ever since. To this day the blood of his ancestor Dustin Haose causes him to have and uncontrollable blood lust making him a psychotic killer. He struggles with controlling it every day. This story will take place in the year 2539.

Bartholomue treaded quietly as he stalked his target. She was moving through the streets rather quickly, so following her was a chore especially trying not to get caught. His mission was to only observe, so he was finding it hard to control his blood lust. As he followed her, he admired her . She had gorgeous flowing red hair that reached to her butt. She wore a leather jacket and a short skirt that showed off her long legs. She really did have pretty hair, Bartholomue toyed with the idea of going down to her and killing her so he could play with it for awhile. He quickly shook the thought away. The last thing he needed was to let himself wander into his own thoughts. He focused on the task at hand jumping to the next rooftop while following her. She turned off into an alley and stopped. She turned around looking straight at him, and smiled.

“Catch me if you can!” She took off like a bullet leaving his vision.

“Bitch! She knew I was following her the whole time!”

Bartholomue took off after her. She was really fast, he was forced to jump down to street level to keep up with her. She was weaving through the alley effortlessly, but he was gaining. In a swift motion he jumped at her tackling her to the ground and pinning her there. Bartholomue sat up he was sitting on her back keeping her pinned to the ground.

“Now talk, what is one of the Star Blood Vectors doing so close to the Infernal Knights Guild hall!”

The girl started laughing, She rolled in place so that she was facing him now and he was sitting on her stomach.

“What’s wrong sir knight did I break a rule or something? Can a girl not take a walk through the city.” She gave an innocent smile.

Out of the corner of his eye Bartholomue noticed a red flashing light on her wrist. He looked up to see she was wearing a tracking bracelet, and she had activated the panic button. Batholomue stood up as she started laughing.

“I guess that means I got you doesn’t it, Knight! She jumped to her feet, and swung a punch at him. Using his power he deflected it with ease. His power of Kinetic Manipulation kept physical attacks at bay, it also kept the heat, the cold, and sound if he wish it to be at bay. The girl stumbled back surprised.

Bartholomue let a grin spread across his face. “You know my mission was to follow you, but i guess if i were to be attacked that I would have to defend myself. Bartholomue held up his hand and blasted her with a superheated beam of light. His second power was Light he could create light and use it as a weapon he could also bend it around himself to make himself invisible. The girl stumbled back into a fence. The beam had burned off the upper right side of her coat exposing her arm and shoulder. She had a flower tattoo going down her arm.

Bartholomue grinned sadistically. “That is a pretty tattoo. I wonder how many more I’ll get to see if i keep blasting you?”

She had a shocked look on her face now. She was trying to get up, but Bartholomue wasn’t going to have that. He pointed at her arms and legs, light sprouted from the ground grabbing her wrists and ankles binding them there. She was trapped now and struggling to get free. Bartholomue turned his fingernails on his right hand into tiger claws. He walked over the her and knelt down beside her stroking her cheek her skill was freckled all over. Seeing the numerous freckles on her beautiful skin made him want to kill her that much more.

She spoke with a shaky voice. “ You can’t kill me you know it will cause a war between the Vectors and the Knights. Trust me a district war is not something you want!”

Bartholomue ran the tip of his claw down her neck to her chest and started to slice her jacket and shirt off. HE couldn’t control it anymore his blood lust was taking over the only things going through his mind was torture and slaughter. He cut through the rest of her jacket and shirt flipping them open exposing her chest and stomach

She screamed a name. “ RAAAAAAVVVEEEEENNN!!!”

Thunder sounded overhead, but Bartholomue didn’t care, he wanted to see her blood. He ran the top of his claw up her stomach between her breasts and to her throat putting it's point there.

“Lets find out what color you bleed, shall we dear?”

The second he put pressure on her throat and enormous force blasted him side ways. Bartholomue flew like a rag-doll into the side of the alley.

His vision was blurry now he could only hear the sound of a male voice. “How dare you lay your hands on her.”

More thunder sounded. A barrage of lightning bolts start to strike Bartholomue. When the barrage ended he couldn’t move, and everything was spinning. He tried getting up to no avail. When he looked back at where the girl was all he saw was a fist and then darkness.

The End

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