The Journey from Platform Nine and Three Quackers

Hairy glanced at his ticket for the platform Nine and Three Quackers. There must have been some mistake. Horrid had disappeared - somehow - and he couldn't ask anyone at the station because they were Muddles - 'non-magic fo'k', as Horrid called them. the train station was swarming with them - lots of fat little kids begging their parents for chips. Hairy was reminded of Dumbo and had to choke back a wave of vomit.

Hairy was just beginning to follow a rather fit bird to the reception desk, when he heard a woman say, 'Muddle' and turned round. Standing before him was a rather big lady whose head appeared to be on fire. Then Hairy realised it was just the style. Her children also had fiery hair, and appreared to be running through a solid stone barrier.

Hairy stepped back, positioned his trolley and aimed.


Hairy picked himself off the ground, bewildered. A guard pointed at him.

'Wrong barrier mate,' he said. Hairy nodded and pointed his trolley towards the right barrier this time, ran and passe4d through it.

On the other side was a train platform, and standing in the station was a grubby looking train - probably a monorail or similar. He stepped on, spotting a red haired boy. The boy looked at him and waved franctically at him, so he sat down.

'Rod Queasy,' the boy said, shaking Hairy's hand. 'Great to meet you mate, I've read all your books.'

'What books?' Hairy asked, puzzled.

'Your books. And you know, the films? There was that one with the guy from Lord of the Rings?'

'Sorry,' Hairy said with a cough. 'You must be thinking of someone else.'

'Can I have your autograph?'

The End

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