The trip to the zoo does not go according to plan, as Hairy talks to a very boring snake

Hairy shuffled along behind them as they laughed at the caged animals.

It wasn't long before Hairy spotted a very pretty zoo atendant walking around. "Im going to the loo." He told his uncle who promptly ignored him.

She went into the dark snake house and he quickly followed.

When he got in there was nobody to be seen. She must have gone in a staff only door in the exhibit somewhere. Hairy was disapointed and his spirits lowered. Slowly he turned back to the door to trudge out again. All of a sudden he heard a rather wispery and seductive voice.

"Hello there handsssssom." His whole body went rigid as he tried to puff himself up to face the pretty girl. Much to his suprise there was still nobody there.

"Over here." It wispered again.

"Oh. Your a snake." 'Not again' he thought slouching again.

"Try to ssssound a little more enthusssiassstic." It huffed before going on about how cruel it was for a snake to be in a zoo.

Hairy zoned out and thought about pie.... mmm lovely pie. He didn't get what the snake meant, I mean it had a bigger room than him and it was probably given a mate without even having to try at all!

He wandered off bored while the snake cried its slimey tears. It wasn't long before his fat cousin found him watching the pengiuns. Hairy liked pengiuns, he often wished he could talk to them instead of boring old snakes.

"What you doing hairy? Dad annoyed want you pay lunch." The lack of grammar made hairy mad, really mad.

He would have picked his cousin up with his mind but he was too heavy so insead Hairy made him fall through the glass divider. Laughing as his cousin slowly struggled to the surface he willed the penguins to attack.

After they got home Hairy's Uncle sent him to his box and began the punishment course.

'Its Ok' he thought I needed to start a diet anyway.

The End

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