What A Day

"Oh for the love of-" Gwynne swore under her breath as she felt the girl's grip slacken. She had ridden pillion many times before, and she knew when her companions showed signs of falling off. This was one of those times.

Siezing the reins in one hand, Gwynne twisted in the saddle and pulled the girl around in front of her. She swore again as she felt how light she was - as small as she was, she must be very skinny. Gwynne had spent enough times in prison herself to know that inmates weren't often well cared for, but this was simply ridiculous. And what had the girl done to wind up in there in the first place? She couldn't be much older than Gwynne, and with skin like that she had obviously never done a hard day's work in her life. Aristocrats weren't often thrown into towers but it wasn't unheard of ... where did this girl come from?

They kept riding deep into the forest, the horse barely needing Gwynne's guidance at all as they travelled along the familiar, if labyrinthine, route back to her makeshift camp. The girl showed no signs of stirring, which was fine by Gwynne. She'd never been much of a talker anyway.

Swinging out of the saddle, Gwynne heaved her new charge into her arms and deposited her beside a pile of supplies camouflaged in a patch of undergrowth. Then she set about seeing to the mare, the horse nosing her hand as she pulled the bridle off over her head.

"Good girl." said Gwynne. She and the horse had been together a long time, and the beast had more than once saved her from a hanging. Never mind that the animal had been stolen in the first place, she seemed to realise that Gwynne needed her. Even at night, the horse never wandered off on her own.

Satisfied that the horse was seen to, Gwynne turned her attention to making a fire. She knew the guards wouldn't dare venture this deep into the forest - after all, the place was supposedly haunted by worse than ghosts - so she never had any fear of being found. The girl showed no signs of stirring, so Gwynne decided to leave her to rest.

"What a day." she mused out loud. "What a day indeed."

The End

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