Sources Of Power

Silver was terrified of the horse.

Oh, she'd seen them before. Many times. She was a fairly good rider.

But the last time she saw one was when she was being dragged behind one, into the prison. So she didn't like them all that much.

She hung on for dear life to the woman. Whoever she was, she evidently wasn't hostile, so in Silver's books, that was as close to 'friend' as she appeared to be going to get.

The burst of... whateveritwas that had knocked out the guards in the corridor had taken a lot out of her. Her strength was about half down, and to be honest she hadn't had much in the first place. And she had a headache from it too. Brilliant.

She prayed that she wouldn't fall off, that she'd get away from here.

Then she blacked out.

The End

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