Out of the Tower, Into the Darkness

Gwynne looked at the girl, slightly worriedly.

"Alright," she said. "Good work, now let's get out of here. This lot won't be the only ones up here and there might be more than your little "something" can cope with if we're not careful."

With that, she turned and bolted off down the corridoor, the girl hot on her heels. They skidded through the doors and down long flights of spiral staircases until, at last, they reached the main door. There was some clattering coming from the floor above - this was the main room where the sentries stayed - and Gwynne did not like the sounds she was hearing. Giving the door a nudge, they slipped out as silently as they could. Around the back of the tower was a large brown horse, nothing spectacular, but her long legs and arching neck gave her a fierce look. Gwynne strode over and stroked the horse's nose:

"Easy girl," she whispered. "Don't go making a fuss now, good girl."

The horse snorted in Gwynne's face, but stood compliantly still as she swung herself up into the saddle. Taking a firm grip on the reins, she reached down to pull the girl up with her. The girl looked at the horse nervously, not wanting to get any closer. Gwynne rolled her eyes:

"She's not going to eat you! Now get up before the guards get out here!"

Reluctantly, the girl grabbed Gwynne's hand. Using all her strength, Gwynne dragged her up behind her, turned the horse and dug her heels into its sides. Within moments they were cantering towards the dark outline of the forest, the night wind whipping around their faces as the horse ran. Gwynne focussed on the road, barely feeling the girl's arms around her midriff. As she'd always done before on escapades gone wrong, she stuck to her strategy:

Run now, ask questions later.

The End

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