Silver jerked backwards. She was used to a solitary life with the  occasional guard to beat her or just check that she was still there. She was not used to this.

"GET ON WITH IT!" the woman yelled at her. She drew her bow and fired an arrow into the chest of the nearest guard, which was quite an achievement considering that they were in a narrow stone corridor.

Silver saw the flash of a long knife, or maybe it was a short sword, she couldn't tell. What she could tell was that it was heading for her unknown rescuers stomach. She yelped and threw herself forward, twisting the mans wrist till he dropped the knife-sword. She snatched up the blade and slid it though her strangely still there decorated belt. Because it had belonged to a non-prisoner for so long, it momentarily released the nullification spell on her. The magic, having sat unusable for years, saw it's opportunity. Energy burst from her arm and knocked all the guards unconscious.

"What did you do?" the woman asked her.


The End

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