Do Something!

Oh damn, thought Gwynne, staring at the guards, who themselves seemed more shocked than anything else. For a moment the two parties stared at one another, both seemingly too startled to move. Then one of the guards drew his sword:

"Detain the prisoner!"

He advanced on Gwynne, but her reflexes were faster than he was and withing seconds her bow was in her hand. With a wild shriek she smashed the heavy stave - specially thickened for just this purpose - into the side of the guard's head. The guard  went down like a ton of bricks, but before long his four companions were hurling themselves into the fray. Gwynne ducked and plunged as best she could, but the guards outnumbered her. She managed to knock another one down, but the other two were wearing her down.

"Do something!" Gwynne shouted back to the girl. "Unless you want to wind up in that cell again I suggest you move!"

The girl jumped, as if just woken from a stupor. Gwynne snarled and kicked out at the nearest guard, hitting his steel-plated shins with her boot without much effect.

No, she thought, this was definately not a good idea. She shouldn't have opened that bloody door in the first place, she shouldnt have let her blasted curiosity get the better of her. Now, unless she could get out of this in one piece, she might never live to see another day. Death was not high on Gwynne's priority list.

"For gods' sake girl, DO SOMETHING!"

The End

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