Uh oh

Siver stared at the woman in the doorway. Not once in however many years had she seen a face with anything but apathy. Okay, maybe this person didn't look particularly kind but then, kind people didn't often go sneaking round places they weren't supposed to be. Particularly prisons.

"Who are you?" She repeated her question. The woman still said nothing. She was obviously thinking hard. Suddenly she made to leave.

"Wait!" said Silver, hauling herself upright. She stood facing the person who was several inches taller thanher, though nowhere near as thin, which was a good thing.

"If you're going, please take me with you," she said, more speech coming back to her as she talked, having not spoken for a long time.

The woman looked slightly shocked.

"Oh, hell. Fine," she muttered, grabbing the younger girls wrist. She pulled her into the corridor, closed the door, turned and started to run.

Straight into the guards who were coming the other way.

The End

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