Plan Gone Awry

The sight of the girl in the room almost made the intruder fall backwards in shock. She'd come up here expecting to find some great treasure, for why else would there have been so many guards posted here? It had taken a lot of time and energy for her to work her way into the tower, bribing the sergeant to give her the job and then taking days to painstakingly build a mental map of the tower in her mind. Now, here she was, stolen keys in hand, standing in the doorway looking at, not a horde of stolen gold, but a small skinny girl.

Well, she thought, that didn't go according to plan. The girl looked up at her, and the intruder shivered. The girl's eyes made her uneasy, very very uneasy. She'd never seen such a strange combination, shining silver with pale flecks of gold. The amulet at the girl's throat was puzzling too, and frankly she had no idea what it was for. Brilliant work Gwynne, the intruder thought, you've really put your foot in it this time. Plans scuppered, Gwynne took half a step into the room, watching the girl carefully. She needed time to think now, she had to find a way out of this predicament. It wouldn't be long before the guards came around - Gwynne hadn't hit them over the head hard enough to kill them after all - and she needed to be long gone by the time they came back to check on their prisoner.

"Who... who are you?" asked the girl, eerie eyes wide with alarm.

Gwynne didn't answer, she just stood beside the door, chewing her lip, eyes still locked on the girl. She needed a new plan. Fast.

The End

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