The icy wind blew through the tower, hailstones smashing into the few panes of glass left in the rotting wooden frames. Not that this mattered, of course. Even if every window were a hole, escape would still be impossible.

In the highest cell of the tower, a girl sat shivering, huddled into the corner furthest away from the window. Her gold flecked silver eyes followed a drop as it slid lazily down the cold stone wall. She couldn't bear much more of this cold, but she didn't have a choice. The magic in her bones had kept her alive in this dank cell for so many years, far longer than she would have survived without it.But that was all she could do. The nature of the jail made it possible for only the free beings in it to work magic.

She raised her hand to her neck and wrapped her fingers round the necklace, with the fire symbol on one side and the air symbol on the other, which allowed the wearer to use these powers. They hadn't been able to take that from her. Or her name. Her eyes widened. What was her name? She panicked, until a beam of moonlight shone momentarily through the storm. Silver, that was it.

 The thick oak door suddenly creaked. The quiet click of a key being turned in a lock.

The door swung open.

The End

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