"Jack, you seem really panicky. Are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm fine I'm fine. Let me focus on the road please."

"Okay... You know it's not fair for you to freak out like this. It's not like you almost died or something." Yea but my world almost did. "Tell you what. Let's go back to your house and watch a movie. We can watch Fight Club again."

"You really didn't see anything right?"

"What was there to see? The thing almost fell on top of me. I kinda turned away wishing it would... just decide not to crush me I guess." Red light, same as earlier this morning, just we're on the other side. I drum my hands on the steering wheel, she runs her hand through her hair staring at me. Her concern could melt hearts.

"I'll turn to mush if you keep looking at me like that." I turn red trying to change the subject to something lighter. Put yourself in an awkward conversation, way more appealing than accepting you almost screwed up your best friend.

She's quick to reply, and chuckles, "Thats good. We need to soften you up a bit, you get too tense." Her eyes narrow and we're yet again boomeranged back. "Actually, you're never this tense. Jack. Tell me what has got you so freaked." Maybe I should tell her.

"Apparently nothing." No need to sound crazier than I'm acting. What I need to do is just get time to think about this. God, if it really is just that no one else can be looking, then how can I test that? What if I'm wrong and I go and destroy someone else? "Alexis, do you know of an open sanitarium? We could go visit someone to see what they're like. It'd be a fun field trip! You've always wanted to meet other people like yourself."

"Jack. They wouldn't take us in. We've got a superior level of crazy. It's our super power." Such truth to those words.

"It was just a thought." We're home. I open my door, walk to the trunk to get my stuff, and we head inside. "Mom! We're home!" No reply.

"I bet she's taking a nap. Come on, I'll put the movie in. You go get the popcorn." Alexis throws her stuff to the corner, kicks off her shoes and ambles through towards the television.

"Thanks for bossing me around in my own house!" I shout back at her.

Faintly from the other room, "It's basically my house too, so suck it up princess!" I mutter a few choice words and wander off to the kitchen for popcorn. Got the bag in my hand and the butter on the counter. I call the butter to fly through the air to my hand, think open the microwave, and put both inside. Pop. Pop. Pop-pop, pop!

What should I do about this? Maybe... animal testing that's what I'll do. How exceptionally inhumane of me to think so, but frankly it's the safest way possible. Could I handle that though? I mean, with what happened to Mr. Bubbles and all...

When I had first encountered my powers, if you do recall, I had tested them out on my guinea pig. His name was Mr. Bubbles. He was a good piggy, happy and as carefree as I think one could be. He always chirped and squealed when I got home, ran around the floor when I took him out to play. Mr. Bubbles would squeak happily when I pet him and scratched him behind his ears. That is to say, he did all of these things up until that night.

Once I lifted him up, all those things changed. He would bite and scratch at me when i got too close. He wouldn't run around much at all. He was constantly running around his cage, leaping and attacking things that weren't there. Occasionally, Mr. Bubbles would stop eating, would stop sleeping, would stop moving, and just sit there watching. Looking around the room at things that moved, squeaking little by little every once in a while. These symptoms came in waves, cycling from anywhere between hours to days.

Nothing can withstand a change in reality. Absolutely nothing.

I must be the exception to the rule.

Bing. Popcorns done and I've formulated a plan. I'll get some mice and pose a test. The butter splashes over the sweet erupted kernels; soaking in and melting away.

"Ready for Fight Club!"

"Shh. Remember rules one and two!"

The End

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