The days almost up. God, I've been waiting for what feels like ages.

In the middle of my science class, I had a vision of me standing up and tripping on something, accidentally stabbing someone else with my pencil. When I had gotten up and apologised I knocked into the beaker and hot plate, sending a flaming bit of copper onto a pile of papers. As we were engulfed in flames I awoke to the shouts of my wonderful teacher asking me what, "The type of reaction you get when putting water and salt together."

When ever you ask someone how their day was, you run the risk of getting the "It's been a long day" response. Well, I constantly have "long days", and if I don't say it's been a "long day" then I usually say "I'm pretty tired." You know, it's hard being a touch insane. It gets to ya to try and be normal. What is normal anyway?

To my locker, to my backpack, to Alexis's locker, to the car, to home! Home sweet home!

"I don't feel like going home just yet, would you like to grab a cup of coffee at the Brew Ha-ha across the street?" My face is composed like that of bambi in headlights. Alexis never extends invitations like this, and I certainly could use a change from the same old mold.

"Sure, I would love that. I haven't had an ice cold Carmel Latte recently, and I think I'm quite due for my next."

"Lovely." She smiles at me. God I love her smile. "Let me grab my things and talk to Mrs. Reed."

"Oh god, what for?" I shudder at the name, and she laughs.

"I have to talk about this scholarship thing."

"Don't be in there too long, she'll suck the creativity out of you." Off she trots, pack on back, coat in arms, leaving me to walk myself up to the lobby. Today'll be a good day, I'm sure.

So I'm waiting, laughing and saying good bye to friends, counting out the five dollars over and over again, wondering if I can get that extra shot of espresso I love so very much. Just waiting. Maybe I can twiddle my thumbs a bit. Oh look, Mr. Board. Strangest name for a man, as strange as his goatee is. He looks like that one guy from Star Trek.

"Hey! Board! When are you going to go see Metallica?" He gloats about all his concert adventures, taking joy in knowing I'd love to go see it but can't because of a poor income.

"I'm going this weekend. Why? What to see them? I'd take you but... I'm going out drinking before heading over to the show. Sorry. Did the same thing at..." and he starts naming all the bands he knows I would kill to see. Alexis' walking over now to save me. "... Foo Fighters were awesome... Drake." He announces her last name in a sort of, 'playful anger' manner. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I go to the school Board. What are you still doing here?"

"Watch it Drake. See you Jack." He waves to me, and glares at Alexis as he walks away.

"God, he's such a creeper. Let's go get coffee." Arm in arm and skipping all the way, the two of us wander across the road. I'm so much more relaxed when she is around. I'm almost positive I'd have had an episode where I would get hit by a car or something had I tried going along solo. Lucky me, lucky me.

We enter the shop, not another person is in here save the cashier. Since nothing else is taken, we choose a nice table out at the back corner of the place.

"So, ohmygod, today in Reeds class I almost DIED. That was hilarious! 'I tried it both ways and liked it better the second time.' Ha! She almost threw you out though, laughing like you were." Nudge to the ribs, flip of the hair. Today is a good day.

"So tell me about your day. What did you do? I saw you sleeping in science, how did that happen? I never would have thought you to fall asleep in his class. Are you still having trouble sleeping?"

"Oh yea. Well, you know me. Haven't honestly slept a night in years. Just today I was having a day-mare again."

"I noticed your head got really sweaty really fast, and you were twitching a lot. Are you okay?"

"Yea, I'm fine." Lies. Such total lies, but could I really explain what happens to her? I mean, I can't actually prove my powers, and unreasonable insanity is certainly a no-no in the public eye.

The Cashier shouts, "Two iced lattees!". As a reflex Alexis scoots back her chair, aggressively bumping into the unstable shelf behind her and everything slows down. She can see it falling, turns her head forward and closes her eyes for impact. I look up to see the glass frame toppling down on top of her, and react as best as I can.

I didn't even have to think about it before it was being done.

There was no way in the world I could reach around her and push the shelf away, or toss the glass across the room. No way I could have directed all of the falling debris away from her by hand.

And maybe the damage to her wouldn't be so bad, maybe my gut instinct was a tad overdramatic.

I threw the shelf and all parts associated across the room with my mind, and I did so with such force that everything shattered against the wall.

Today was going to be a good day.

The End

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