A Day in the LifeMature

My life's not really to special. My little curse doesn't have much bearing on what I do and do not do since it's all about choice, but damn does it hurt when I really want to use it. I'm driving to school right now, got the windows down and the wind blowing in my hair. I'm running early, like I always do. Sleep doesn't seem to hold me for very long, and that's fine by me.

Oh shit.

I screech to a halt at the light, the guy in-front of me was plowing through so fast I had assumed it was green. Halfway through the intersection, a truck twice the size of that ass's mustang slams into his right side, spinning the two of them round and round in circles. The twisted figure dances around the road, twirling and rocking towards other cars. It overtakes the people to my right, fire catches, and a large explosion comes.

I can feel the heat on my face and my body being lifted up. My car is being turned over by the force.

And I blink.

There's a cold sweat on my face, the person behind me is blarring their horn, and there is no great traffic travesty.

Maybe I haven't stayed as sane as possible through this. No matter, I move my foot to the gas and go on. It doesn't matter now, it's done and over with. These little "visions" are never real after the fact. Nothing really bad has ever really happen around me, I just sometimes go into a really really strong... day dream I guess you could say.

My locker is down the first set of stairs from the foyer and straight across. It's the one without the lock. I don't really see a point since I never have anything valuable with me, and I would never think to leave it alone in that vile locker of mine. Seems nonsensical at any rate. No less, I have to get a few books for my starting classes. I grab them, kick my locker shut, and walk them to homeroom. The doors open, I lazily toss the books to a table, turn around and leave.

So is my morning every weekday.

And just on schedule, there she is. My best friend in the whole world. We've not been friends for that long really, only a year, but boy have we hit it off. People find me a tad eccentric, but she doesn't seem to care much. We're funny, we're weird, we're nice, and we hold some of the strangest conversations you will ever hear.

"Good morning."

"Good morning!" Her eyes twinkle and her face brightens as she sees me walk up. "How are you?"

"Tired as hell really. How about you?"

"I'm alright. I've got coffee this morning." She holds it up to show me, and I give her an approving smile.

"Going to try and not fall asleep in class this morning?" She gives me one of those you-know-the-answer-why-even-ask-god-you're-such-an-idiot looks in reply. So I smile harder.

So is my morning every weekday.

So I ask her what she's doing later, she says taking a nap and homework, I ask her what she's doing this weekend, she says she doesn't know. I ask her if she'd like to see a movie, she says she'd like that very much.

Of course, there's nothing special to this relationship. Just to let you all know. I guess thats fine though, I spend most of my time by myself so I get to actually play around with my toy.

And if you'd ask my darling friend Alexis, she would say I was no more unique than anyone else. Save for my eccentric nature.

The End

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