At the Movie Theater

Darren was waiting outside Chelsea's house, checking his watch every 5 seconds. She comes out of her house, says "Bye!" to her parents and walks toward Darren. "Your 15 minutes late."

"Pushy, Is there a reason why your being a time fascist?"

Darren half grins "Your not the one who's afraid the government is tracking him."

They start walking together while holding hands, "I'm curious, what do your parents think about this?"

"They don't"

"What do you mean by 'They don't'?"

"They don't care, they've never cared about me, I can do as I please and they don't care as long as I don't cost them any money, with the exception of food of course."

Chelsea hesitates to ask her next question, she bites her lip "Do you like it that way?"

Darren thinks for a minute, smirks and then asks "What about your family, what do they think of you erasing my hard drive?"

"Well, they don't know about that either, I guess if my Father knew he would blow up, trash my computer with a baseball bat, threaten to hit me with the baseball bat, my mother would tell him to calm down and he would shout at her to go back to the kitchen, he would then have another shot of tequila. We're what you call a dysfunctional family."

"Wow, that sucks" They get to the movie theater and find their seats in the back of the room.  "Changing the subject just a little bit, what would you do if I said I had my suspicions that the F.B.I. was investigating you?"

Chelsea smiles and looks directly into Darren's eyes "I already can't pass the lie detector test because of you, I hacked your computer so that way you would go out with me, would you think I would really care - or not even know - that I was being investigated because of you? Plus I don't really have a home life to miss if I get sent to jail."

Darren smiled and cocks his head sideways just slightly"You sure? People who get involved with me probably don't get parole."

"I'm sure"

Chelsea slowly leaned in, Darren leaned in as well, they both closed their eyes and they kissed.

"Wow, there's a really lovefest between you two isn't there?" A boy in the row ahead asked with a smirk on his face.

They stopped kissing for a second, Darren recognized the face almost immediately.

"Jim, go take a hike will ya?"

The End

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