The FBI has a chat with the school's principal

Darren went to school the next day and found Chelsea drinking some water from a water fountain in between 3rd and 4th periods. "You did a number on my computer yesterday. Would you care to explain how you destroyed my hard drive?" Darren said with a grin on his face. Chelsea smiled back "How about I tell you when we watch a movie tonight?"

"I never said I was going to go to a movie with you."

"Oh, really? You could have fooled me with the ways you were staring at me during 2nd period. C'mon! It'll be fun!"

"Fine, I guess I'll pick you up at around sev-" Darren stopped mid-sentence. He saw a man with an F.B.I. sweater walking down the hallway. He put his hand over Chelsea's mouth and pulled her into a stairwell. "Don't scream" he whispered, "The F.B.I. Is here and I'm pretty sure their after me." He took his hand off her mouth. "Why would they be after you?"

"I don't know, maybe it's about me taking down the school's server?"


Principal Fred Jenkins was not happy when he heard the news about the school's server. He was even less happy when he heard that the F.B.I. Wanted to conduct an investigation on his students.

However Drake Howard was convinced he would have to

"Hello Principal Jenkins, I'm Drake Howard from the Government Server Security division of the F.B.I. As you may know, someone took down your server at 8:00 last night, as you may also know, we believe it is one of your students."

"Yes, I am quite aware of the F.B.I.'s intention to violate the students'  privacy by accessing their personal records and spying on them"

"Listen Mr. Jenkins, there is no other way to find the person who hacked your system, plus, we believe we have narrowed it down to 3 suspects: Darren Sornato, Chelsea Sanchez and Jim Powers. We'll need your cooperation and if you don't cooperate, we'll just investigate ourselves."

"Darren Sornato?! That's a surprise to me! He's one of the best student's we have at this school, All A's, all his teachers say he's a very smart student and a bit of a smart-aleck. However I suppose you have a point, I'll let you have access to their confidential files."

"I was hoping you'd see it our way Mr. Jenkins, now, let's start with Darren Sornato..."

The End

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