At school the very next day

The next day Darren was opening his locker when he saw a new girl walking around the hallways. She looked to be about his age with black hair, brown eyes and a worried look on her face. "Hello! Do you have some time?" she asked him. "Yeah, what's the problem?" Darren asked. "Well, you see I was supposed to download directions to my classes last night from the school's website, but for some reason my browser kept on telling me that I spelled the address wrong. Can you tell me where room 305 is?"

Darren smiled, "What's so funny?" she asked with a curious look. "Can you keep a secret?"

"Yeah why?"

Darren looked around to see if anyone was listening and then said "The reason why you couldn't get your directions to your class, which, by the way is straight down that hallway to the left..." Darren pointed his finger in the direction of the hallway "Is because I took down the server last night"

"You did what?! How did you not get caught?"

"I'll tell you more later, but class is about to start. Bye!"  Darren walked down the hall with his books in his hands.

"Wait!" the girl called.


"I never got your name!"

"It's Darren, and what's your's?"


"Cool, I'll see you later."


Later that day Darren got home to his computer, "What's this?" Darren wondered out loud. A message box appeared on his computer that said "This is what you get for making it hard for me to get to class. HUGS - Chelsea"

Another message box appeared "HARD DRIVE ERASED". Darren smiled to himself, and took  a back up hard drive from his files.

The End

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