FBI monitoring

At his desk in an office of the FBI,  Drake Howard was sleeping at work. His job was to track traffic incoming to government websites.  As it happens, public schools are included in this tracking as well.  An alert box pops up on his computer telling him there is an abnormal amount of traffic going to a specific set of servers.  "PING!" The annoying sound wakes Drake up.  "What the heck..."

He looked at the amount of traffic this set of servers was getting and that it was all coming from something looking suspiciously like a bot-net. "Oh crap,  some school kid has decided to play war games with his school's website."

He ran to the director of Government Server Security's (G.S.S. )office and told him the news. "Well don't you read your job description? Your supposed to stop it!"

"Yes sir." Drake said and ran back to his computer. However it was already to late, the damage had been done and the server had overloaded. Drake started using words I cannot use without flagging this story mature, and his boss used even worse words. However, it did not change the fact that Jim and Darren had practically destroyed their school's servers.

The End

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