Darren was busy typing at his computer, his eyes fixed on the monitor.  People shouted at him"Hey man! Stop hacking the game!" " Get some skill and a life while your at it!".  Darren smiled, knowing he did enough damage.

He then closed the game and opened up a new window. "Hey Darren" was posted on the screen.

"Are you ready to do this?" Darren typed.

"Yes, when should I start"

"NOW" Darren hit the enter key and opened a new window.  It contained a textbox, in which he typed the URL: www.manchentcountypublicschools.edu and clicked a button labeled "START".

Darren opened the chat window again and typed "I have started my attack, have you?"

"Yes, It should be down in about 2 minutes."

"Good, I trust you won't tell anyone about this ?"

"Is there a reason I would do that? We've been buddies since the 3rd grade! Why would I rat out on you after 6 years?"

Darren smiled and typed "Your right Jim, I was just being paranoid, Let's check on the website shall we?"

Darren opened up a web browser and typed in the URL.  He recieved a message: "ERROR 404: Host could not be found, check your spelling and try again"

Darren knew he didn't need to check his spelling, He and Jim had taken down their school's webserver.



The End

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