Accept Inferno's offer and water your lawn at midnight.

You step out of the shed into the cool night air. The moon is slung low in the sky, casting a grey light over the world making your neighbourhood look like a silent movie. As per Inferno’s instructions you decide to place the sprinkler on your front yard. It’s not much of a front yard, in fact it’s not much of a house but it’s all you can afford working full-time at the local Best Buy. It’s not much, but you can’t afford to lose it. Inferno knew that and it angers you that you really had no choice in the matter, just the illusion of choice.

Midnight will arrive soon. You stand staring at the wisps of water spraying from the sprinkler on the lawn. The occasional passerby would look at it, falter in their stride, and continue. Much like at the diner, at one minute past midnight car pulls up to the curb and sits for a moment before Basilisk steps out of the passenger side door. The man in the tan leisure suit walks up to your door and instead of ringing the doorbell or knocking, he leaves a package on your doorstep and returns to the car. As you retrieve the package, you watch the car drive away.

You place the package on your coffee table and stare at it as you sit down on your beige leather couch. Slowly, you remove the contents from the envelope. The first page is the profile Inferno showed you earlier. Reginald Magursky looked to be a fairly successful middle-aged man, short brown hair with a few flecks of grey, brown eyes, and rosy cheeks. The file says he is the manager of the Grand Carlson Hotel, a five-star establishment in the downtown core. The next page is about his family: his wife Antoinette, and his two sons, David and Francis. Antoinette was a dentist, and both David and Francis were in grade 10. Apparently they are twins.

With one more glance into the envelope, you find another business card. It is exactly the same as the card Inferno gave you in the diner, but on the reverse has the sequence ‘aE98c6’. You fumble in your pocket for the other card and stare at the IP address printed neatly on the back. Inexplicably, you stare blankly for a moment before you spring to your computer and jump online. The address brings up a box that says:

    “Please enter username:”

...followed by the blinking cursor.
What the hell is the username? You say to yourself, the cards resting to the left of your keyboard. And then it hits you...


...and you press enter. It works and as expected a second window pops up asking for a password and you type in the sequence on the back of the second card. And again, it works.

A video of Inferno greets you.

“No doubt you have put together the significance of the business cards and have read the dossier on Reginald Magursky. However, you still have no clue what it is that we require. At this point, I must apologize as Basilisk and I weren’t completely truthful. We know how to crack the security system and his guards obviously will not be a problem. We want your Xavier virus on his corporate computer. What your copy of the dossier doesn’t tell you is the side business Magursky is involved in. We know he is a part of a top secret organization and we know its influences are global. Who is involved is what we need to know. We have reason to believe that his computer will hold more information. Essentially, we want to copy his hard drive on to an external and use your Xavier virus to wipe out the information on his computer. The nature of your virus, from what we can tell, will make Magursky think the virus activating would be his fault.

“I hope you were making notes,” she continued, “As this server will self destruct upon disconnection.”

The image of Inferno disappears. You contemplate the message in silence. Then your doorbell rings. But this early in the morning?

“Police! Open up!”


The End

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