Check out the body

You have to help him you decide. You aproach carefully, watching where you step. You have been in places like this before, and you knew that even a stray hair falling could be your undoing. You reach down to feel this mans pulse. He's completely without any vital signs, and what's more is he's already started to go through Rigor mortis. That's when you noticed a dull sound from behind you. Police sirens more than likely. This was not your day. Then you quickly go into an examination train of thought. It was a balding man, probably late thirties, slightly over weight. No wallet, but upon further examination you find some keys on his belt and a plastic keycard tucked in his shirt pocket. It's too dark to get any information like a name or company logo. The sirens sound like they're only blocks away, so you grab the envolope on the counter and rush toward the door.

Damn it. The police are already outside. The only thing left is to run to the back of the building, or risk being seen coming out the side door.

The End

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