Answer the phone

Pensively you enter the store and reach for the phone, then remembering that this could be a crime scene, you cover your hand with the sleeve of your overall before picking up the receiver.

Holding the handset up to your ear, you listen silently, not wanting to give away your voice.

"Hello. You are going to be late for our meeting if you aren't careful. Congratulations though on following the trail this far, you're quite the sleuth. I'll be wanting to talk to you about those skills as well."

It's Inferno! It's some kind of setup.

"One last test before we meet. The police have been called and should be with you shortly, soon to find the body of the poor shop keeper. Yes, that's right, he's dead. Perhaps now you'll realise how serious this is and hurry along to our little meetup, if you can avod getting caught. Chop chop, is that sirens I hear."

You want to scream down the phone, but before you can respond the line is filled with laughter and then clicks off to a dial tone. Damn it!

You'd better get out of here, chances are Inferno cleaned this place of any evidence you could use anyway, then again, the androgynous voice on the end of the phone sounded cocky, over-confident. Maybe they made a mistake. In the distance, you hear the faint cries of a police siren.


The End

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